Tuesday, 16 January 2018

New Rangers signing drops huge hint first day on the job

Rangers’ new signing Russell Martin has dropped the biggest hint possible that he intends to be Rangers captain.

The 32-year old on-loan Norwich stopper discussed his professionalism, and was at pains to highlight he has been captain at every club he has been at, more than implying he fully expects to be made Rangers captain, be it now or in the near future.

He said:

“I pride myself on professionalism, it has got me as far as it has in my career so if that is one of the reasons the manager wants me here, and we spoke about it this morning."

A good enough sign in itself, of course, from a man who can clearly articulate himself well.

But he went on:

“One hundred percent I want to be a role model, I have been captain of every club I have played at at some point."

About as abundantly clear as it gets.

With Lee Wallace still rehabilitating from a knee injury and questions being asked over his captaincy anyway, Portuguese Bruno Alves has failed spectacularly to take the captaincy burden on even when given the physical armband.

However, Danny Wilson has been quietly endorsed by quite a few as a possible captain for the club, given his own experience as Hearts’ leader on the park, and his impeccable current form.

But whether or not Murty’s capture of a man who has stated he is a captain sends out a message of intent or otherwise remains to be seen.


  1. Another Rangers signing with a lot of confidence cannot be a bad thing.

    The more captains we have in the team the better.

    He should be a good signing.

  2. I Wouldn't Give Martin The Armband
    Id Let Wallace Hold Onto It for a Little While Longer

    He Can't Just Come in and Demand the Armband just Because he's Worn it at Other Clubs.
    I Also Think The Captaincy should go on Length of Time Youve been at a Club.

  3. Agree w Stevie. Loan players aren't captains. Wait until you are permanent signing first, then be a first choice in your position, then play and lead to deserve the job.

  4. Well him actually saying that tells me that Murrys already made that choice and told him as such.
    Wallace ain't captain material and I doubt very much if he's going to oust John for the LB position, with the arrival of Murphy that probably puts both them playing to sleep!
    Our supporters better get used to the fact were transitioning to the next level and players such as Wallace Halliday Holt MOH Windass and a good few more will not be fit for purpose, no matter if there one of our own!!
    If U want the Rangers winning the treble U better man up and except that's the direction the club is now heading.
    🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 Queens X1 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  5. Sounds good but i do think you are away off being match fit to play never mind thinking of being the captain some people think the Scottish game is easy a wake up call me thinks.

  6. I think this will a pivotal signing for Rangers as much so as the brilliant catch of Cummings . I like the noises he is making he has played at the highest level and is still young enough for at least 2 or 3 seasons .

  7. It just Gives off a Massive Stink of Arrogance.

    Id Give the (C) to Wilson before Martin if i was Changing but id Prefer Wallace kept it 😁


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