Monday, 15 January 2018

Hibs fans in meltdown as Cummings joins Rangers

As we all know Jason Cummings has neared completion of his loan move to Rangers, with his medical having taken place already and the paperwork just left to be finished off.

But as we alluded to earlier today, the SPL hates Rangers, and Cummings now joins Ryan Jack as a figure to abuse and despise.

Remember when Scott Allan joined Celtic and Hibs fans melted down? No, us neither. But join Rangers and it is a different story.

With Cummings close to returning to Scotland, SPL fans, especially those nice Hibee chaps, have taken to social media to express their hate and outrage, while failing to condemn Darren McGregor of course for playing for us…

Here is a look at the best of the rage, complete with foam presumably running down chins and possibly elsewhere, and have a laugh at how much no one likes us and we don’t care.


  1. Pathetic Folk Nowadays 😂
    ...Hope he scores for us against Hibs that will be classic! 😂😂

    1. He will ! spoonburning scum.

  2. The bread man probably set the whole thing up with the gers board knowing they (hivs) hatred of rangers as wth allan thank fuck mind you. it makes it even sweeter, that they get fuck all in blue pounds. who's laughing now! thanks warbs.

    1. The bread man? U mean the guy that went away to an interview the day we then suffered our worst defeat to hearts?? He didn’t give a toss when he was or manager so doubt he did it


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