Former Rangers star accuses board of ‘unsettling’ rival players in incredible rant


When Motherwell sold Scotland’s top striker outwith Celtic and Rangers recently, few in Scotland made a big deal of it.

Louis Moult, the on-fire Steelman, went down south to Preston for £450K – 25 year old free-scoring striker who Rangers were loosely interested in but whose interest did not manifest as a bid.

So, one would argue the going rate for a top SPL player outwith the Old Firm is probably in that region, right? Especially for a mid-to-bottom of the table club like Motherwell.

Hence Rangers started their bidding at just below that amount, with a reported £350K for Kilmarnock’s Jordan Jones.

Steve Clarke’s arrogant response was one thing – he is said to have affiliations across the city.

But Kris Boyd?

We at Ibrox Noise have praised Boyd’s honesty in the past, and we were one of the few to agree and endorse his slating of Hearts’ appointment of Ian Cathro, and one of those who pointed out the guy was right.

But for all that, his slurs on Rangers today are troubling. Not only is there a bizarre lack of logic and reasoning in what he has said, but it goes further than being critical of Rangers – it strikes us as mildly hate-filled too, and very unexpected in tone for a supposed Rangers man.

“There’s a common theme the whole time. There’s one club unsettling everybody. If they want players then pay the money and come and take them. Jamie Walker was the exact same. There’s a list — we could go on and on. Calls have been made and nothing has been backed up. It’s easy to unsettle players now. But we all know how football works. If you want something, you go and get it. If a deal has been agreed and Jordan is happy with it, then go and pay the price to the football club.”

To attack Rangers over the Jamie Walker saga in a manner which suggests all we were doing was trying to unsettle him is a bewildering, bizarre and frankly illogical comment. We wanted a good player, at a good price. There is nothing wrong with that. It is called bartering. Rangers have nothing to gain by unsettling Walker.

“When Kilmarnock were struggling for money in the last few years there may have been players they got rid of (for cheap).”

This appears to have been a direct response to our point yesterday about Josh Magennis. Problem with it though is while Rangers’ initial bid may indeed have been below market value, to call us out on bidding low rather than immediately paying the asking price is naïve and mildly spiteful.

“But Kilmarnock are not in a position to be bullied any more. We are not stupid — there will come a day when Jordan Jones leaves this club. But the value has to be met and he has been performing at a higher level than the value of the bid. Jordan could be the difference between us finishing in the bottom or top six. And we are not talking about a Kilmarnock youngster. We are talking about a Northern Ireland internationalist. Why would the club sell someone for way lower than they need to when he has a year left on his contract?”

Ok Kris, you will require to explain then why Aberdeen, who also do not need money, sold Jonny Hayes, a Republic of Ireland internationalist, for a sum reported to barely have hit seven figures. Or why Wigan paid only £300k for Jamie Walker? Where is your outrage over these sums?

Boyd’s entire diatribe is not that of a Rangers man. We know we have been incredibly critical of Rangers here at times on Ibrox Noise, but we have never accused the club of the conduct Boyd appears to be.

If his priority is Killie, fine, we can accept that – but he has allowed a media narrative over the years which paints him as a bluenose. Well, today’s comments suggest he is not any more.


  1. All these “low” bids aren’t huge. Most are actually bigger than any other clubs in the leagues entire budgets (bar Celtic) that’s not poor offers, it’s just greedy clubs. And using walker as an example is stupid, we offered 700k and they sold for 300k, the same with Scot Allan, we offered more than Celtic did but they refused ours and took celtics.

  2. I agree with this. I liked the point about Hayes and mentioned that myself after the Walker saga, with walker having a year to run and Hayes having 2 if I remember? Not to mention I think Hayes was twice the player Walker ever was.

    Same as always though. No one likes us, we don't care.

  3. attention seeker,no true blue would come out with a statement like that,what is it with our ex players continually slagging us off,i hate to say it but you don't see much of that coming from bheggar land.

  4. There's an emerging trend going on here though (and i agree with the content of the IN article), which is the proportionality of the outrage and hyperbolic comment from senior and ex-players with the amount of time they spend doing 'meeja' work generally, and TV punditry in particular. 'Constipated Katie' Sutton is the most obvious example, but others, like Boyd who want to get their fizogs on the telly at the end of their careers, are encouraged by Sky, BT etc to hype it up. These wannabe footballing shock-jocks then jump onto their Twitter accounts, and boom bam bosh… endless click bate to serve up to gullible followers.
    Like me lol

  5. Trying to be like his bt "pal"… Tosser Sutton….if thats your attitude Boydy then fuck off…the Rangers made u a rich man and a famous man..hence the bt contract!….dont forget your old arse Kris!!!

  6. Seem to remember killie rejecting a bid for naismith years ago for being too low and calling us on deadline day changing their minds. End of the day Jones ain't worth 1 million. Decent player but hardly going to walk straight into our first 11. They have a valuation of him and we have a valuation, either there is a compromise or there is no deal. End of story, no need to slate one side or the other. Scottish teams have played hardball with us since we came back up, we are entitled to do the same

  7. He has been in all the media outlets for one thing or another nearly as much as brenda when have you ever heard a registered player of a club coming out with comments like this on a transfer fee for a player in the team he plays for seems he is trying to impress the new tim in town or maybe the new weave is overheating his brain

  8. The same people who accuse our club of spending money they could'nt afford to the point of financial ruin,are the same ones who now claim we are unsettilng players with offers deemed derisory at the same time as trying to up the ante when gers come calling. hypocrite bastards the lot of them.

  9. Kris Boyd is just about click bait headlines nowadays. I'm sure it was unsettling or bullying when we were trying to sign him from killie

  10. Everybody in the game knows that Rangers don't have a lot of money to spend but the Ibrox club are expected to compete against the big earning Celtic club, who earn huge amounts from Champions League.

    We have had to come from the 3rd division back to the SPL on a low budget, due to the small amounts paid in the lower leagues.

    Rangers are targeting players they think will help the club get better, but are then criticised by people who should know better, when they want the players for as little as they can sensibly afford.

    The days of huge signings are gone for the time being and we are trying to live within our means – it is as simple as that.

    Boyd has got it all wrong – especially when he of all people should fully understand Rangers predicament.

  11. Good article and agree in full. Boyd has sold his soul to the media devil and within that dwelling he will truly rot!

  12. Boyd Is No Longer One of Us!
    Boyd You are an Arsehole! …Just Remember How Good You Had it Here Prick!

    Jones is Not Worth £1m
    Hes Worth About £700k Max

    • What makes him worth £700k Steve? Don't fall into the trap. Louis Moult went for £450k and he's a better more finished player. Walker went for £300k and scores more goals. Original bid should be our last. That's all he's worth.

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