Ex-Rangers striker to move back to SPL, but not to Rangers; reports

Ex-Rangers striker to move back to SPL, but not to Rangers; reports

Sources have tonight claimed former Rangers striker Steven Naismith is close to a switch to Kilmarnock, possibly on loan, rather than a return to Rangers.

The 31 year old forward is completely out of favour at Norwich City and has bigged up returns to either of his former clubs, but it is alleged Graeme Murty has dismissed any interest in him and has no desire to bring the former Everton striker back to Ibrox.

This has opened the door for Kilmarnock and Steve Clarke to make their move, and claims are being made of a minimal cost switch for the Rugby Park side, which the player did himself say would be the case regardless of where he went.

Depending on how you stand on the Naismith issue as a Rangers fan, it is either excellent or dreadful news, but with the January window now in full flow, we hope Murty and DoF Mark Allen have valid and viable alternatives in mind.

It is also seeming to be the case that Naismith is unlikely ever to return to Rangers, with this being potentially, should the Killie move come to pass, the fourth window in a row where he was heavily linked but did not make the move.

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  1. Day 1 of 2k18 and more great news.
    Have U noticed all the RatPack that deserted in 2k12 not one has been allowed back.
    Don't need any of them. Mark Allan get me a handful of strong winners please and 2 nice loans from the EPL

  2. Naismith back to Rangers splits the fans – but the truth is that as a player he is a class above what we currently have in the squad, and would walk into the team, considerably improving it and solving the problematic No 10 position to boot. If Rangers let him go to Kilmarnock then it is another act of negligence by the current regime at Ibrox. We don't have the resources to secure the marquee signings of the past – but we really do need to start picking up the best of those that are affordable – Moult should have been a no brainer, and so is Naismith.

  3. Don't care, don't want him. Unless he is willing to play for nothing or a small pay per play deal.

    Why? Ask Big Jig or Lee Wallace where they have been the last 5 years while Naismith has been earning large in England.

  4. What makes you think he's worth the risk.he doesn't get a game for an average Norwich team.why would murty alienate half if not most by signin the Judas prick.he was my favorite at one point.lives just up the road.felt let down by his behaviour.let him go to Killie.he ain't better than what we got.wish ppl would stop saying that.

  5. We need a proven goalscorer. We could have had moult,lafferty, now naismith so if he goes to Kilmarnock (brace yourselfs) for the tidal wave of moaning about the dithering board about another one getting away from us. Naismith is a proven goalscorer bags of experience and would fit perfectly with morelos. But if the DOF has someone in mind who fits that bill and is not some untested experiment which by the way we do not need.

    • Proven goalscorer? Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure he has never scored over 20 goals in a season.

  6. I think people are forgetting that 2018 Naismith is not the same as 2012 Naismith.
    FFS, nobody wants Super Ally or Derek Johnstone back – they were better than Naismith, but they are past it. Is Naismith still good? Norwich don't think so. Why? When they see him every day and can judge him better than the laptop loyal?(not a dig, includes me)

    I would have taken Moult, although his stats show he offers little else than his goals. Lafferty? Not good enough for us 6 years ago. Not good enough now. Move forwards, not backwards.

  7. Dont care what Anyone Says in Defence of Naismith…short memories??

    …pretty quick to get out the door in 2012

  8. I think the very fact that Naismith will split opinions so much means we shouldnt. If Gers did go for him then it has to be on our terms for an out of favour and returning from injury Scottish 'star'. I read his interview and his reason for coming back to Scotland was to gain caps. Sorry but thats not a loyalty to the club, he knows his time in England is done. Id rather we went for an ambitious younger player.

  9. Some scars will never heal if you keep picking at the scabs regards Naismith. I honestly think he will do a good job at Kilmarnock linking up with Boyd and Clarke ( Rangers missed that one ). We should be looking at younger players to fill that position that’s why we have an Academy..

  10. No way should any of the traitors be allowed back into Ibrox to watch RFC never mind pull on the jersey again. Don’t care if hes Messi, Neymar and ronaldo rolled into wan, he’s still not welcome. Are there no other players on the planet that we can look at that we must revisit old traitors. There would maybe a case to be made if he was coming for nothing on minimum wages and most importantly had Rangers at his heart to come and help….unfortunately he’s already proven the latter doesn’t exist and for that reason alone he and the rest o them will have to live with their treacherous deed. NOT welcome. Time to bring in the new generation of Ibrox heroes. WATP.

  11. We need to be buying 25 to 28 year olds on 4 year deals and get them at there best.
    With that as a rule of thumb we have 3 experienced over 30's to keep the young players like McCorie Bates & Barjonas right.
    Jimmy Nichol is a shrewd bit of business as is John's signature.
    Keep that direction going Murty & Allan please
    So looking forward to this window and the rest of the season.
    Would love to start biting in2 the unwashed"s lead, there nowhere near as good as they think they are, Nowhere Near!!! 😎⚽️🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧⚽️😎

    • See Murphy is almost a done deal going by reports from the Daily Mail. Shades of Lovenkrands very quick and passes the ball into the net.. Looking forward to see what players Allen can bring in for us.. That said he’s limited to Rangers budget but hopefully game time can persuade some youngsters.. That mob are defo there for that taking but we need more investment in truth..

  12. We need to get energy into our midfield and attack. Naismith has lost that pace. We need athleticism and strength in a player who will run box to box for the full 90. Naismith as well as most of our own midfielders can't or don't do that!!
    Will be an interesting transfer window this January.

  13. Hi Dexter, It is not the first time I have agreed with you – we tend to think the same.

    He would be an excellent No 10 in a Rangers jersey & that is all that counts when you are down as low as we are.

    I hate to say this, but some fans don't have a f*ck*ng clue when it comes to true talent or who to sign.

    Too many fans can't see the future or are far too petty – Kenny Miller is a perfect of example, because he once played for Celtic they don't rate him – grow up you weans.

    David Bates is another who got abuse for one bad game in his first start. Both do a great job & are slaughtered by their own Rangers fans – abysmal way to support the team.

    • Have to agree with you on that one. If you look back I’ve supported young Bates on here since his first game against Kilmarnock. Pedro got slaughtered but he gave Bates McCrorie and Beerman there chances didn’t he..

      Bates can also be played at RB which is an added bonus. What worries me is he’s not been offered a new contract yet..Pity help poor Halliday I dread to think the pelters he will get from the stands and social media ☺️

  14. Lewis Morgan is Signing for Them! 😡


    Hes a Young Player we could have easily signed for Pennies but we lost for a player again

    Lost Moult, Lost Morgan

  15. Lewis Morgan is the prime example of the type of player we should be trying to sign instead of looking at a player who turned his back on the club at a time when we needed him, wasn’t expecting him to play in the lower leagues but a Min fee of 500 thou in his tupe contract of which he was worth mills at the time. Sorry don’t understand some people obsession with wanting him back after what he did. And the only people who find that view petty are the ones with short memories, remember he also claimed on more than one occasion that we weren’t the same club any more also. But another sane reason not to sign him his the undisputed fact that he divides the supporters at a time when we require unity more now if we are to close the gap on them. There are a multitude of quality players globally that don’t cost a fortune, it’s setting up a proper scouting system fitting of the stature and history of our club to find them. We currently only have one scout and a DoF, I do recognise we rebuilding but revisiting old players never mind support dividing traitors, players like Kenny miller has been an excellent example of a rangers captain and professionalism second to none. The guys a winner. Glad about Murphy and an affordable fee for a proven player in his prime. There are players out there like I said before it’s finding them. WATP.

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