Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Erasing the past?

Many things have become evident this transfer window, such is Rangers’ dramatic overhaul of the summer mess left by Pedro Caixinha.

How such a clown blagged his way into the Ibrox hotseat will never truly be understood, and why so many Rangers supporters remained loyal to his cluelessness is beyond anyone’s thinking.

Rangers’ board invested around £10M in him, and even today there are still some fans who think Eduardo Herrera should be given a chance.

Rarely has a January window been this productive at Ibrox, with a steady flow of players coming in, and the powers-that-be are essentially trying to erase an entire summer window of mistakes.

Credit to the board – they are getting damn well on with it. We have been hypercritical the past year of this board, and were never in favour of them gaining power in the first place; but this January has seen some real quality coming in, highlighted no more so than by the arrival of Jason Cummings.

But for every good player we get, for every piece of dross we get rid of (Carlos, I am looking right at you) it serves as a punctuation dot for the garbage that happened last year.

The atrocious mistake of bringing in a ‘Celtic brother’ as our manager who could not believe his luck getting such a gig. The further error of blindly supporting his comical transfer policy of turning Ibrox into a Dorito. The plain pain of watching these players utterly struggle with the SPL, aided and abetted by a ‘manager’ who ‘knew better’.

We are so glad that the only one who has truly established himself is the one Caixinha did not sign; Alfredo Morelos. Not to mention murmurs that both Ryan Jack and Graham Dorrans were actually pushed through by director Paul Murray rather than management.

Eduardo Herrera, Carlos Pena, Fabio Cardoso, Bruno Alves and Dalcio were complete duds. Daniel Candeias surprised us and while hardly magical, he works hard, has a decent delivery, and certainly does not disgrace the shirt.

But the other five?

We look forward to a future away from the absolute mince the last two permanent managers signed. At least in Warburton’s case guys like Senderos, Barton, Kranjcar and Rossiter were good enough on paper. Problem is football is played on grass, and none were wise signings. But he did bring us Wilson, Tavernier, Bates and Windass, and to varying levels these guys have stepped up this season.

Nevertheless, a tomorrow with Russell Martin, Danny Wilson, David Bates, James Tavernier, Declan John, Lee Wallace, Ryan Jack, potentially Greg Docherty, Ross McCrorie, Graham Dorrans, Sean Goss, Jamie Murphy, Michael O’Halloran, Josh Windass, Candeias, Jason Cummings, Alfredo Morelos etc really does inspire far more than the rubbish we signed last summer.

While it maybe still is not quite at the level of Rangers of yesteryear, it is on a path more akin to one.

Keep it up.


  1. Credit due Allen. It's his signings. The board are still clueless. They need to sort it out when it comes to integrity with media strategies. It's embarrassing the way we're run now. BUT I am impressed with Alan and Murty singings.

    Well done.

  2. Still think Cardoso has a future at the Club, he is still young with potential and I wouldn't say he has been terrible in any game, or even close to a dud as you describe him. You speak about the demands of playing for Rangers, but fail to give foreign players time to adapt to such high demands and a change in lifestyle. Cardoso seems to love life in Scotland going by the way he speaks and his Social Media, but it takes more than 9 league games to adapt to a vastly different style of play, add to that a horror injury and a change in manager and he hasn't had the smoothest of starts. After all, Tavernier, Bates, Windass, Wilson, and MOH, would all still be the duds they were last season, if they weren't given the chance to adapt to the league.

    1. Agreed Gary!
      I Myself Have A Soft Spot for Cardoso & Herrera and I Desperately want them to come Good and I Think that they will.

      All They Need is a Bit of Confidence, Patience, A Run of Games and A Word in the ear from Nicholl should do the Trick.

    2. I woult definately not agree that Tavanier was a dud last year. I thought he was one of our best players.

    3. Well said. Warburton was no better than Pedro. Bates has still to prove himself as has O’Halloran and Windass is still on probation. McCrorie is still a kid. But I reckon we should be solid enough to get 2nd place. In summer we can take a view on Manager and players then invest for greater things. The board inherited a disaster from crooks. Give them some credit. We have to be financially sound to be great again. Look at players we are paying wages for with no return. Kranjar , Rossiter, Doran’s probably Alves. And Ryan Jack? I think current strategy is correct. Weeding out still to be done but let’s get behind board and team. I am uncertain about Murty. His comments re tackle on Jack defy belief given that Jack received a 3 match suspension for a legitimate tackle. But let’s get behind him as well. Next 4 months could be very exciting!

  3. Need to do more to get shot of Alves , Herrera and Co so their not sitting around picking up wages and ruining morale . Things are looking much more positive though and we can only progress from here on in . Well done Murts !

  4. Been Delighted Myself so Far over the Business Done!
    Want Us to Get Roberts & Docherty Done Next


  5. I agree Cardoso could be a player, but with Wilson, McCrorie, Bates, Aidan Wilson and Martin ahead of him, only Alves is further down the pecking order. For his own development as well as our bank balance, a sale is the best option. He will leave with my blessing for a good career.

    Alves I don't think has been a failure, just not as good as advertised and not good enough for us. Pena has the skills, but not the fitness or attitude for Scottish football. Herrera and Dalcio, have to agree with the article. ASlthough I would include Foderingham as a decent signing from Warburton

    We would be a lot stronger had the money been spent elsewhere last summer eg Moult and Morgan. having said that, the silence re Morgan makes me think he would never have returned to Ibrox. Along the same lines, not sure we need or want McLean although that may change in the summer. I think we are reaching the point where he couldn't get into our midfield, unlike last June when he would have bossed it!!

    Onwards and upwards

  6. Another thing has become evident is clubs in this country refusing to dea wth us in the transer market. things will ever change until we stop filling their stadiums and coffers. all the signings so far have come from england coincedence? either we boycott these cunts grounds or stop buying from them. who offers 750k for a house that looks worth 350k.

  7. Things for me, relating to the board will never change. We have an out and out liar and spiv as a chairman, that will never change. “Rangers man” I hear the cry.... bollocks I say. He might well “support” the Teddy Bears, but he hasn’t a clue how to conduct himself in the “Rangers way”. There are true. Rangers legends turning in their graves at how he has conducted himself.
    As for the majority. Of the rest of the board... not fit for purpose! They either don’t have the necessary money / clout or the skills to hold there jobs. Bottom line however, they see what we see re the South African spiv and do nothing about it. Is that the sign of “Rangers men”? I don’t think so. The same type of “Rangers men” who sat back and watched while the Mint did what he did and did well, err nothing!
    The article asks why so many supporters were so loyal to Caixinha and his cluelessness... the same can be said of the board, and more, as far as I am concerned.

  8. Really delighted with recent signings and hopefully more to come as I still think we need another centre half who will go through a brick wall and let/show other teams what they are up against,Wilson has come onto a game and bates did well against Them at their midden recently but after watching him in the Florida cup his distribution/positional play was very poor and and yes some bears will say it's only friendlies but I want our players to play well in every match regardless of what they are playing for and and bates himself would not have been happy with his performance,as for cardoso I said recently that he wasn't good enough and never will for alves,cardoso,Herrera,dalcio.

    Hopefully Pedro the Bullshitter will come in buy/take them on loan just like pena, infact talking about �� clowns can you take Mr Robertson as well please?

    watp Helicopter Sunday 2005

  9. forget jones/docherty spend the money and bring back mc kay under murts?


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