Eduardo Herrera not Jason Cummings?

Eduardo Herrera not Jason Cummings?

If there is one thing we at Ibrox Noise are a touch puzzled about, it is the newly-formed ‘Eduardo Herrera Fallacy’.

Today we have confirmed news that Nottingham Forest’s Jason Cummings is joining on loan. Initially it had looked to be a seven-figure fee, but it appears it will be another loan deal.

Some might wonder why Rangers are not spending any money – well, the name Eduardo Herrera is justification enough for the short term.

Which brings us to the fallacy – just why is it that some fans are willing to give a dud like Herrera even more time despite the complete inability he has shown in six months at Ibrox, but have already condemned Jason Cummings as not good enough despite his evident superiority in Scottish football?

We find it more than a bit strange that we will give someone who is evidently a terrible signing and ill-suited to the Scottish game so much time, slack, and excuses, while equally castigating Cummings before he arrives and not even giving him the chance to get the shirt on?

We at the site like Cummings, and he will be one of us within a day if not more. He is proven at Scottish Championship level and also has experience of the SPL and English Championship, yet some fans have made their minds up that he is a bad signing – while equally giving dross like Herrera continued chances despite repeated failures.

It seems to us Rangers’ board is actually playing this window rather well. Instead of wasting all this money like they did last summer (quite frankly, only Morelos really worked out of Pedro’s signings, and he was not even his) they are erring on the side of caution bringing in good players on loan, trying them out and making sure they work first.

It is crude to be talking about ‘try before you buy’ but we wasted £10M last summer on a pile of garbage – to us it strikes as prudent more than anything.

We are no fans of the board, and sure, we would love us to be throwing our money around and getting what we want – but these are more frugal times at Ibrox and we have evidently learned not to waste cash.

Spend only what needs to be spent, and try players like Cummings. Personally we are delighted with the move – the kid has the potential to be as good as Steven Naismith was for us. The Forest move was the wrong one at the wrong time for him, and Ibrox Noise for one is delighted he is coming here.

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  1. I think Cummings is a massive upgrade on Herrera. I also think the Board, or the manager, or someone, has finally decided to do what we have all been crying out for over the last 5 and a half years – a consistent policy of bringing in young players, Scottish or foreign, bolstered by experienced heads around them, who have development and sell on potential.

    I don't know who to thank for this, but we finally seem to be moving in the right direction. If we get Docherty and Cummings to add to John, Murphy and possibly Goss and throw Atakayi, McCrorie and Morelos in, we are really starting to motor.

    Time for them to start looking over their shoulders in the Methadrome – we are coming!!

    • I've never heard of any of these guys. Why doesn't any Championship side want them? I don't think Aberdeen will be looking over their shoulders any time soon. Win some games in succession, be consistent, then start talking big. It all just sounds like the bluster from the beginning of the season all over again.

    • You've never of Murphy, Cummins, Docherty etc? You really are a jaiky! And clearly who knows nothing about football: clearly a Tim. By the way, nobody on this forum is bragging about winning titles, or the like. Rather, we are simply getting a wee bit excited that, maybe at last, we are going to have a signing policy that makes sense and improves our team. Nothing more jaiky bhoy!

  2. I think Cummings is great, got a Gallus and cheeky side to him, I’m liking what we are doing, I fancy us to close the gap and win the cup.

  3. I think all the signings Murty makes will be great. He seems to get the best out of players. They want to play for him. Breath pf fresh air.

  4. A. Herrera is on record saying his ambition was to play in Europe (obviously that's where the money is….even at Rangers in Scotland he's on a fantastic wedge) he was probably hoping to do well here and catch the English eye and perhaps double his wedge. Given that he hasn't performed he'll be quite content to see his contract out and return to Mexico with relative wealth!

    B. Cummings will be hit or miss imo and like others coming in will be a loan deal until season ticket money is renewed to actually buy.

    C. Greg Docherty should be signed for £750k / £1m asap…..but given we'd have to offload Bruno, Herrera or get a decent offer for Windass (circa £1m) then it won't happen….another 1 lost due to this board…..

    Saying all that….I'm upbeat with the way we're heading!

  5. And some people will absolutely destroy you (not mentioning any names )for even mentioning naismiths name never mind pointing out how good naismith was for us and what he offered to the team.

  6. They always say that January signings are over priced. Hopefully we have deals for signing Cummins in the summer if he does good

  7. The difference with Herrera compared to Pena for example is, despite his lack of ability he does seem passionate in the sidelines or what not. Candeias as well. But long-term yeah, Eduardo wont make grade. Cummings is a good yin, very much thee prospect year or two ago. Murphy, Cummings, Morelos, Candeias & the rest appears pretty formidable. Let's not forget Jimmy Nick's role in the coming months. Bring it on.

  8. What are we going to do when all these loan signings go back. I think Murphy deal is done but if Cummings does well his fee would go up. I like Cummings and could do well but we won’t pay the money for him in the summer. Your spot on IN,people want to judge because of their past.

  9. Might be off topic, but big heads up to whatevers happened to the club infrastructure past month. Going for sensible transfers (loan model is widely used nowadays, no big issue). Plus the Florida PR. Don't want to be cynical, as it's a positive, but the whole Windass clips, Jimmy Bell, i.e. insight to the camp thing; marketing gold, and that's praise.

    Also, while Pedro is two games from the sack he must be gutted glancing towards (albiet friendly) Gers humping Brazils finest. It was nothing about being Portuguese. I'm a 3rd generation Portuguese (ma great granny). It was due to being pish. Treating players as if they were in Guantanamo Bay. Rangers has always been about Scotlands finest mixed with foreign gems. Plus your signings seem happier too Ped. Back to the bullring mate.

  10. It's not rocket science and at last it's happening mcoist , McCall, warbs , Pedro, none seen the path sign best available young Scots blue noses till you have a decent dedicated squad then cherry pick a few exceptional foreigners , go Murty and plaudits to dof too , coming good at last

  11. Hey Jake! Where did u come from? Scared are U? Cummings will be a breathe of fresh air to this league as he has that wee bit of gallus going. Will wind up a lot of people without doing harm. C’mon the kid! All the best Jason!

  12. We need to remember that Murty might not be the manager after the summer so the loan signings make even more sense, we don't want another new manager coming in and ripping everything up again, so as much as i would like to see the Cummings, Murphy and (possibly) Martin deals being buys the loans make perfect sense at this time.

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