Monday, 8 January 2018

Could Jason Cummings be part of something special?

With the confirmed signatures of Jamie Murphy and Sean Goss (so far), and strong speculation claiming Ibrox chiefs are looking at Devante Cole, Greg Docherty and Jason Cummings, it is becoming more clear the direction Rangers may be taking.

While Goss is only a six-month loan (QPR Director of Football Les Ferdinand said this deal will not become permanent) the other four secured and posited signings do point to the strategy generally being pursued by Mark Allen and Graeme Murty.

While ex-manager Mark Warburton simply hoovered up unwanted excess from league one clubs in England, unwanted garbage from some EPL teams like Arsenal and Spurs, and players he knew from Burnley, Brentford and Watford, his successor brought in every Hispanic player he knew of.

Neither of these strategies were right for our club.

The last time a strategy worked was when Walter Smith brought in good young Scottish players (Kevin Thomson, Steven Whittaker, Steven Naismith) and some reliable experienced vets (Ugo Ehiogu (RIP) and David Weir) and blended them to create a strong, fighting and able team which clearly became the best in Scotland.

There are echoes of this in the current direction. The young players like Goss, and potentially Cole, Cummings and Docherty are being flanked with older campaigners like Murphy and, should the rumours (resurfacing again) be true, Naismith.

It is a very similar type of process to the last one which worked in Govan, and while Murty has a long way to go to even tie Walter’s shoelaces, the overall plan is mirroring the old master’s.

Dare we say it, things are flirting with being kind of exciting. Only a week ago we were a little unclear on where the transfer window was taking us, and felt the squad was a little imbalanced. Naturally, that remains the case.

But in three or four months a team filled with Wilson, Bates, Tavernier, John, Dorrans, McCrorie, Jack, Goss, Docherty, Dorrans, Murphy, O’Halloran, Morelos, Cummings, Naismith, Cole et al is actually something to work with.

It does lack a ‘Barry Ferguson’ (unless Jordan Rossiter can hold down fitness) – every team needs its Barry, its Scott Brown, its Steven Gerrard – its leader. Rangers do not have a dictator anywhere in the team and we do not even know who we would look to for that.

But the general player skeleton is looking a little more believable. There is of course a ways to go before we can be convinced we have anything like a Rangers back that we can trust, but right now, we are happy with many of the names we are being linked to and, truthfully, if you had asked us two months ago to choose between Cummings and Moult, it would have been Cummings.

Let us hope these links come to fruition.


  1. Jason Cummings is not coming to Ibrox.

    1. Craig.
      I prey UR right he's a dud.
      Naismith he can join Killi for no wages.
      Mark Allan hope UR a busy busy boy, U can go stateside on the 1st of Feb with our blessingπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

  2. Sorry I would’ve gone for Moult all day long before Cummings. He’s done it in the Championship but he’s still to prove himself in the SPL. Where as Moult had done it for the last 2 yrs with the Well...Plus Forrest would easy want their money back on him naw thanks...

    1. My hope was for Louis Moult. I think Moult is a tremendous player and would have been a terrific scoop for Rangers. Alas it's not to be.

  3. I’ve been enough excited since the window began. I think dorrans nextvseason will be our player to push the team on. But can’t wait to see who we get in next.
    Oh and did no one notice that Pena is now getting paid his new club pay all his wages!

    1. That's not what I read. The director of the Mexican club said they are paying 10k a week (that's was all they could afford)

  4. Moult before Cummings anyday sadly missed the boat with Pedro going Hispanic galore

  5. Moult before Cummings anyday sadly missed the boat with Pedro going Hispanic galore

  6. Naomi smith is a no-brainer. Desperate to play for the club and for free if he has to - to win over the fans and prove himself all over again to win a deal at the end of the season. Time to put old grievances to bed. I'm sure he regrets leaving as he did - but at the end of the day all he did was take himself out of a desperate situation at his wiorkplace. Any transfer fee in any case would have just went straight in to the big hands of Green and Rangers would not have seen one penny. Let's concentrate on stopping 10 in a row and if Naismith scores the goal that does it then that will be real payback.

  7. It seems most insightful point in the article, is the lack of another 'Barry Ferguson' .. True. To work as a side with some cohesio, the right figure has to be on the park to provide the 'glue'. Who will that be??

  8. i would look at the boy naismith of ross county (RB) and also ash taylor former don CB. Another on my radar would be ryan gauld (loan) with a option to buy? ps. I would rather offer preston double what they paid for moult than payin 1m for cummins or walker respectivley. Q. why did hearts demand 800k to 1m then punt him for 300k to wigan.

  9. I cant believe u put SB inbetween DF & SG he's never in their league

  10. I would Rather Have Had Moult than Cummings.
    Id Rather we go for Cummings Teammate Brereton πŸ‘Œ

    I hope we can get a deal done for
    Dev Cole & Greg Docherty but dont want to see Cummings Near Ibrox

    And as for Steven Naismith...

    As for the centre of the park we need someone who can boss the midfield with the bite of Roy Keane and The Grace of Scholes.

    Reply to Scooby :
    Hearts werent gonna sell us walker cause Levein is a Twat.

    1. another hater! who loves the blue pound.

  11. Absolutely!
    ...And look where Walker Has Ended Up

    The Major Lights of ...Wigan


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