Thursday, 11 January 2018

"Are you sure it's a loan?" - Rangers players slaughter new arrival

In a slightly more lighthearted piece of news coming out of Ibrox, it seems new signing Jamie Murphy has been the subject of a grilling from his new team mates following his start to life in Govan by way of the Florida training camp the club are currently engaged in.

The 28-year old Brighton winger came on loan to Ibrox till the end of the season, with obligation to buy, and his new friends have been quick to slaughter anything he has done wrong.

Graeme Murty explained:

"Jamie has had the usual stick, as soon as you have a bad touch the boys are out screaming at him ‘How much?’ and ‘Are you sure it’s a loan, have you got to try before you buy?’ – all the classics."

If anything it appears the spirit in the camp is better than it has ever been – after two absolutely toxic spells under Mark Warburton and Pedro Caixinha, morale seems to be on the up under Murty, albeit we will see how the new permanent coach deals with things when results struggle, as they inevitably will.

But nevertheless, Murphy getting the stick and the banter suggests he is settling in well, and could well integrate swiftly into the first team.

Just…as few of those ‘bad touches’ as possible please mate!


  1. Banter and good relations amongst our squad will go a long way and hopefully our lads comeback and take that camaraderie onto the pitch. Good to see Jimmy Nichol settling in as well.

  2. Two absolutely toxic spells? We seem to regularly forget that Warburton did actually achieve something up here and it's embarrassing that he gets grouped with the last idiot who took the club backwards. Just saying....

  3. Have to agree w BoltonBlue. The Magic Hat made a lot of signings his first summer, all of which worked. We had a great season until the late collapse and Cup Final, even with Kiernan in defence. There were a couple of players who did not grow with the club, Kiernan, but Warburton got the job done. His January buys were not as good, M O'H is made to hit on the break, a luxury Rangers don't get.
    Second summer his buys were not as good and the season suffered from his loyalty to Kiernan and all out attack. But we weren't crying that first year, we believed.
    We are still playing some of Warburton's signings and they have done well.

    So let's try a bit more honesty.

    1. We are always honest. If our opinions don’t tally with your please consider refraining from insinuating we’re lying. You’ve done this a few times before Scots and you’re better than that. First and last warning.


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