Are Rangers’ board on dangerous ground?

Are Rangers’ board on dangerous ground?

 Article by: Richard, for Ibrox Noise

Why would the Rangers board consider signing any ex-player who left one of the best clubs in the whole of British football during the 2012 financial meltdown?

Any of these signings would split the support in two with a substantial amount of them calling these players ‘traitors’ and ‘rats’. They have obviously become unwelcome by a very large section of our Ibrox faithful, so it is safer for the board not to take a risk with any of them.

The last thing we need is a more fractured relationship between the supporters and the board at a time when unity and solidarity is required to rebuild this Rangers team into one that we can respect and be proud of again.

If I can use Steven Naismith as a perfect example of what could happen if he is having a stinker of a game and he’s missing some sitters? Would the crowd be giving him real pelters because he was playing badly or for the way he behaved when leaving us in the sh*t?

Miller and Windass have been getting stick from most of the fans this season for not playing well and they are not traitors. It is fair to say that it is not easy to play for Rangers unless you are really a top player on a consistently good run, if not, supporters want you dropped and others to take your place.

We always rely on our season ticket money to allow us to make signings, so another good reason to keep the so-called traitors from getting a second chance at Ibrox.

There are a significant number of supporters that already want the board changed without adding another good reason to hate them. Most fans don’t want ANY of them back! It would simply make more fans turn against them and therefore, would not be good business for the board.

The last thing you want to do is alienate your own fans unless you have no choice. In this case, you certainly have a decision to make whether to consider bringing any of them back or not. Why don’t we decide a new policy of refusing to take any of them back no matter how much they admit they made a selfish mistake by leaving us in the first place.

So far, the board have shown a major lack of leadership, integrity and class. What a huge mistake it was to sign Caixinha as our manager. It was a brutal lesson for them to suffer along with all the faithful supporters who were watching a manager and a team out of their depth in the SPL.

We need a team full of energy, ability and some experienced players to help our younger ones to become the stars of tomorrow. I’d rather promote a few under 20’s players who want to play for the jersey than bring back any of the rats.

This could be a pivotal moment for the board if they don’t make the right decision on this matter.

We don’t want to see sack the board signs appearing throughout the stands if they make another bad move with their decision. My advice is, don’t gamble with the supporters turning further against you and just don’t sign any of the players who left us in a bad way in 2012.

It will show us how much they actually care about our club and it could be the start of the fans accepting that the board are doing their best to keep us afloat in these difficult worrying financial times.

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  1. If I can use Steven Naismith as a perfect example of what could happen if he is having a stinker of a game and he’s missing some sitters? Would the crowd be giving him real pelters because he was playing badly or for the way he behaved when leaving us in the sh*t?

    If anyone wants to read a balanced piece on the issue

    You said,what if Naismith comes up scores important goals and we take Celtic all the way after two old firm wins. What if's do not come in to it. There is argument on both sides, Stevie is a quality footballer with a winning mentality we have been missing. On the other hand 5 year old grudges are important to us succeeding on the park. Really?

    • His knees are fucked m8 and he is hardly ever fit. We don't need a 31 year old injury worry in our squad. Time to move forwards not backwards.

    • Coming from some one who thought that Warbs is Magic I'm not sure you are marching to the same beat as the rest of the Rangers family. Its not a grudge it a point of principle. Would Jock Wallace have him back, would Souness, would Walter …I very much doubt it! The love of Rangers makes us all related, LOYALTY makes us family. Be loyal to the standards of the club.

  2. Anybody who wants to sign this guy should think back to steven davis at least he tried to get us some money from his new club, and he got it,the rest of them and i am not going mention them could not wait to get away,they could not have given a toss for us at that time. should never be allowed to wear the shirt again.

  3. I for one will never forgive the rats personally, but it is not and never has been about what I would like, it is about what will be best for Rangers, and if he (Naismith) is taking a massive pay cut in his desire to make amends to the fans ,then I would have no problems in his return, remember when we were younger (and dafter) we would say after a bad game at an away fixture in midweek and we said ,that's me finished , I'm not going back (we've all said it ) only to get the battle fever on again at end of work on the Friday to see the Gers, so Naismith knows what he did , he is not some foreign badge kisser , he is the same as us , he bleeds blue and I M O he will be bursting to repay us for his past folly.

    • Is he looking to repay? Is he looking to make amends? Or is he only thinking of himself? When he left us he called us a new club – Sevco. What true rangers fan could ever do that? But putting that aside as time has gone on he hasn't apologised for it, nor has he said it isn't true. As far as what he's said he still thinks we are Sevco, not Rangers.

      His situation has gone from a Premier League star scoring for a good team to an out of favour Championship player, past his prime and injury plagued. His ego sees himself scoring a few goals for us and claiming the glory as he takes our Journey over the finishing line. Morelos can score goals, Cummings can score goals. We already have an old Pro in Kenny Miller who's seen it all and done it all to be a mentor and an inspiration for the kids. What is it we need Naismith for?

    • Sorry if you bleed blue you don't become disloyal to the club and you don't go and play for them over the river!! He is a rat and currently can't get a game for Norwich! Plus we rehabilitated him for over a year the last time. He's injury prowen now…lets see how good he is at Hearts or Killie!
      Also its not so much he is taking a big pay cut, more thats all he can get now!

    • I accept what you say ,blue blue , remember we are rangers fans , then now forever. But remember you had I and every rangers fan worldwide would NEVER need asking to wear the colours

  4. Totally disagree in the case of Naismith,his career was on the line and going to the bottom of Scottish football was not going to progress it, he took the only decision he could and left,who wouldn’t with White and green and the dodgy bastards that had control of our club at that time , an honest player would not play for that board.

    • Lapsylla, great post, … he's prepared to play for free …it's a no brainer – get him signed and he can pass on his experience to the likes of Docherty.

  5. The board have shown a lack of leadership, integrity and class?? Why?? Because they made a mistake with Pedro? They don't have to come out and comment on Naismith or any other player linked with us. If Naismith does sign the support will get behind him as soon as he scores. At the end of the day, if he had got us a fee when he left the money would have disappeared into some shadys pocket, don't kid yourself we would have benefited from it.

    • Agreeded. This is the 1st board since whyte that hasn’t linned their own pockets. Millions went missing under whyte and 10s of millions under green and then Ashley’s guys.

      And if I see one more comment that we only sign players from season tickets money…. where does most clubs sign players using?? Season tickets is the main income in Scotland, it’s used from buying players, paying their wages, down too the electric bills.

    • Agreed I said it in an earlier post.when green came in his only intention was to make money for himself and the other fuckers who he brought in. He would have sold on our most valuable asset's and the club would have seen nothing. Sure didn't he do a houdini with around 75 million of our money. Don't hate the players hate who was running the club

    • I once worked for a company that went into administration. These bastards are ruthless. No matter your contract it is gone. You are unemployed. You take what you are offered or piss off. Players are like the rest of us and want an income. I don’t know any details of any players but our administrators were especially naughty boys. Selling to Green was a disaster for us. He was in it for money only. Current board made mistake with Warburton but would have been advised by Davie Weir who was idolised by fans. Likewise Pedro was recommended by Mendes another popular player. Getting the right manager is not easy for any board. Current board have put money in not take it out like Green. They have said that their current loans will be converted to shares at next share issue. That represents substantial investment on their part. Until Rangers are financially viable I doubt if they are receiving credit from anyone. Running a business generally requires credit. When Murray sold to Whyte we had an overdraft of £17m. Deal included bank being repaid. They got their money ( Ticketus) . Whyte expected us to qualify for Champions league which would have kept us afloat. We didn’t. And he didn’t put money in. Hanging over us was HMRC threat of £50m. So no one would lend us money. Unanswered questions. 1. Why did HMRC select Rangers to pursue when many others had been using EBTs?2. Why these particular Administrators? I am afraid behind all of this are lawyers. They have made fortune. Many involved in all this would be considered criminals by ordinary people. But they always escape. So give the current board a break. We require to finish 2nd this year, qualify for Europe and get a new shirt deal sorted in summer and finally a new share issue. Then we can really move forward. Let’s get behind the guys. If Naismith is one of them I don’t give a shit. As long as he delivers. Personally I think he is too old and injury prone. But it should be for Murtyto decide.

  6. 2 sides to every coin. If Naismith signs for Hearts (for example), and he plays out his skin, it could be the larger section of the support calling for the board members' heads as he has 'slipped through the net'. Especially if he is willing to pmay for free.

    In this instance, imo, it is a no-brainer. Let him win back our trust. If he comes & plays below par, we do not sign him on a permanent deal. Really is that simple.

  7. No, we need good players. The man had a choice to make and at the end of the day its his career. I would be inclined to challenge his footballing integrity if he did not want to compete at the highest level.
    We're back and we done it without him so why hold a grudge. Rangers need good players and he is that.
    If we're to beat that mob we'll need to forgive, and give him a chance to win us back. If he scores we will cheer. Mo Johnstone springs to mind…

  8. Last week his whole family were 90% certain he was coming back to the club.
    Now there saying hehaw, I honestly don't know if that means watch this space or Rangers have told his agent to find a alternative club.
    Fuk Knows!!
    I don't want him anywhere neat my club me!!!!

  9. What’s important here? The progression of our club on the park or your obvious vendetta against a player who left in a bad way. He’s apologised for what was said but I think we can all agree that none of us would allow Charles Green to have any say on our careers. Is he better than what we have? Yes. Is he gonna give everything to ensure he’s successful if he returns? I have no doubt. It’s time to move on Ibroxnoise.

  10. This is all smoke and mirrors, given Murphy is signed, Cummings is almost signed and bid has been made for Jones, there appears little real interest in naismith.

    To be fair – I remain a critic of the board but I am more encouraged by the business on this window.

  11. Richard, take a chill pill.

    Naismith Lafferty at the time I absolutely couldn't get my head round why they done it for being Rangers fans but at the end of the day these guys had families and bills to pay. Davis is one easy example to use but Southampton already agreed to buy him where as Naismith had no one and would have been in the lurches of 3rd Div at the peak of his career. It was his choice and he has to live with that what he done. But you're using the wrong example.

    Steven Naismith compared to Lafferty is a saint. This is a guy who feeds the homeless and donates 10s of thousands to charity so I will never question this guys character and neither should you cause your post is pretty embarrassing to call him in to question. I think most level headed rational Rangers supporters would let Naisy do his talking on the pitch.

    This is a guy I want in my team, blue in his blood and would run through brick walls against Celtic. If he offers to play for free (which I doubt would happen) the gesture of doing that is enough. I'm a great believer in redemption and the guy is a good character and professional. Having a player like that around our youngsters is worth it's weight in gold the guy is a 3 in a row winner.

    Give him a 2nd chance.

  12. Take ur pick, Naismith who did do the dirty on the FANS with his comments when he left, or Cummings who done what a pro does and played out his skin against us and won his team at the time the game – no brainer for me ,youngster is pick from the two, let Naismith forever carry his guilt over how he treated fans of " his" boyhood team

  13. We will not sign Naismith he is the past I like all of the moves we are no making …Rid of Alves Penn's Cardoso and hopefully Herrara …Cummings could be a legend at Ibrox ….I like Jones so get rid O Halleron…Martin solid even at 32….Board doing a good job of repairing the bad mistake

  14. I would take him back looking back to what he done it was shite but think of it this way c green would have been able to steal more money from us sn made money now get him for about 8-10 a week for 3 years

  15. Forget the way Naismith left, if you look at it purely on football then i would not sign him. If we have budget to sign one forward on loan (which looks like cummings) i would go for the young hungry guy over the old injury prone one. Granted cummings hasn't proven himself above scottish championship level, however, Naismith has proven in the last few years that he can't stay fit or score that many goala. According to wiki he has played 335 games in 15yrs and scored 80 goals that's a pretty poor return for a forward.

  16. We welcomed back Kenny how many said he would never be welcomed back look at him now.what he said when he left will have a cloud over him for a while but we can't refuse a player we all know would improve us I think if he wants to make amends by scoring goals and ripping the manky mob apart again would definitely go along way to doing that.kenny played for them scored against us and celebrated.i would take Naismith back on loan see what happens

  17. I never shunned Miller, he didn't do the dirty on us.
    Naismith is a decent person, check his charity works. BUT, he betrayed us when he left, shaming the club and himself. All he had to do was express loyalty, publicly sign a contract and tell the board to get him sold before end August when the contract would expire. If we failed, we could release him so he could move on. Look at Goian and the American CB, forget his name, they owed Rangers nothing, but stars loyalty then asked for a loan away to preserve their careers, moving on a year later.
    Naismith could have done that, then returned as a hero. He didn't. He pays

  18. I find this article a little poisonous and small minded. It is beneath you Ibrox Noise. Naismith would substantially improve the team. Enough said. Stopping 10 in a row should be the only priority for every Rangers fan. Naismith left because he did not want his career tied to a bunch of con-,men that were bleeding the club dry. The words he used to describe the situation could have been chosen better and wiser – but hey none of us is perfect. Get over it. Do you really think if he had been sold that Rangers would have benefitted by one penny. The princess would have gone straight into Green's greedy hands. No one wanted Mo Johnson – untitled he started banging then in against Celtic. No one wanted Miller back – until he started bsanging them in against Celtic. Do you see a pattern emerging here. And what about the treatment the players who did stay have received. Jig only stayed because no-one wanted him according to the keyboard critics, and this site has just again in an earlier post jettisoned Wallace from the team (again)! Look. aismith was the first to agree to a 70% pay cut before it became clear that this was no administration with a harappa ending. He's a better player than we can afford right now, and he wants to come and play for us and a massively reduced rate. Get him signed or watch him bang in the goals against us if he goes to Killie or Hearts and then you can all bang your keyboards ion rage and call him a rats all over again! Pathetic.

    • Dexter,

      Can you back up your assertion that Naismith would substantially improve the team? How has he done this season? Can't get into a Norwich team between average and poor.

      What's his fitness like, his touch, his acceleration? We all know what he used to be like, but who knows what he is like now? Over 30, a few serious injuries to take the edge off his pace? I would need to know that he sould improve the team more than Cummings, who is young, fast, has a better scoring record than Naismith, and has never betrayed us.

      Fact is, whatever anybody's opinion on Naismith, there are many out there with different views. So he would be a divisive player, at a time when we need unity. If he starts knocking in goals for Hearts or Killie, yes we will all wonder. But even then, many if not most, will not want him.

      Let it go. Move on

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