Friday, 12 January 2018

9 things we learned about Graeme Murty's Rangers last night...

Rangers played Atletico Mineiro last night in Florida, as part of Graeme Murty’s winter program. Here are some things Ibrox Noise reckons we learned as part of our adventures in USA.

1: Dalcio is the worst player to ever put on the Light Blue shirt. We have seen Francis Jeffers, Basile Boli, Olivier Bernard, Egil Ostenstad, Capucho, Lee Martin, Djordjic and a tonne of other atrocities in our time, but nothing compares to the hopelessness that is the Portuguese lad. In his defence he was inexplicably played at LB last night, but from everything we have seen of him, he is truly excruciating. His only contribution was giving the ball away and nearly losing Murty’s men a goal. Truly useless. Why is he still at Ibrox?

2: David Bates is far from the finished article. He was stunning in the real business of the SPL the past couple of months, but his concentration levels last night were poor and twice he lazily gave the ball away short range and exposed the defence. He probably did not see it as much cop and did not show up much, but that is not acceptable at Ibrox. Great player with a great future but cannot get complacent.

3: Sean Goss looks a real piece of business. Happy deeper in midfield and happy up front attacking, he looks to have a real bit of purpose about him. Did more in his debut in a friendly than Carlos Pena did in 6 months. Pity QPR are not interested in selling. That said, he could go all Emerson Hyndman on us where a young player comes up from down south, impresses early on then disappears quick. Let us hope it is for real this time.

4: Jamie Murphy had a reasonable enough night but did not really stand out. On the rough end of some treatment from Mineiro and we did not see him taking his man on too much. He could be a great signing but we are not sure we saw anything like the best of him yet.

5: Josh Windass’
goals are becoming indispensible. He struggles to offer much as a winger, but as a second striker with freedom to roam (false 10 position) he can do damage. Still looks like he plays the game for himself though.

6: Wes Foderingham looks nothing like Jak Alnwick.

7: Niko Kranjcar is absolutely finished. If he was ever even started. He is one of the most disappointing signings of recent years – cost a wage and given heehaw back for it. Struggled again to do a single thing of note last night. Absolutely busted flush now.

8: Mineiro
brought a reserve squad to this match and it showed. They were poor. And yet, when they actually put in effort with 3 minutes to go they should have won the match. It is a bit worrying that a reserve team could just shift into gear and outclass us as easily as they did for the final stretch of the game.

9: James Tavernier was outstanding again – along with Goss our best player overall. The Englishman has proven all his doubters wrong and is getting better every match. His only weakness is inconsistent delivery.

Any we missed?


  1. Hi Ed, What does Wes Foderingham looks nothing like Jak Alnwick mean, could you please explain your point with this comment.

    I am pleased that a Rangers player continues to score goals whilst constantly getting pelters from his own fans - well done Josh. Why don't we play him in his best position as he obviously is not a left winger - where he has NEVER played there for any other professional team. He would rather play out of position than be on the bench and I applaud him for that.

    1. I that #6 got me scratching my napper also!!
      Elaborate Gringo!??

    2. With you re Windass - great to see him on the scoresheet again. This lad really wants to do well for Rangers and GM seems to know what to do with him to get results.

  2. 10. Both Halliday and o halleron are exactly the same players before they left.

  3. You missed Herrera he is a total waste of a jersey cant win the ball in the air no control and lacking pace why does Murty not give Hardie a chance we at least looked much better in the second half when we upped the pace with the introduction of Windass and MOH also Halliday was ok Dalcio wouldnt get a game with the govan stanklifters

  4. Agree with your assessment of the players. It was a friendly of course with 10 changes. It was a worth while exercise to assess players and sustain game time for the team which should stand us in good stead against Frazerburgh and the sheep.

  5. 1. Spot On, He is Just Crap

    2. DB has Massive Potential

    3. What More can I say about Gossy
    ...Solid Debut ...Looks a Proper CM

    4. Murphy will be a great player for Us

    5. £2m minimum or He Stays 👍

    6. We need a no.2 who can actually Challenge the no.1

    7. Release Him! ...30k off the bill

    8. They Nearly Had Us

    9. Tav : £5m minimum or he stays 👍


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