Will Rangers get a million plus for star attacker?


Rangers have officially rejected two bids for Josh Windass, one from Wigan at £200,000, and another from Preston at £500,000.

This has seen positive reaction from fans, happy our board are finally valuing our players at more than peanuts, and having learned from the disaster that was the sale of Barrie McKay for a third of his value, are clearly intending to hold out for players’ true values.

We can be sure more sides will be in for the ex-Stanley man, even if Preston have reportedly ended their interest, and the fact the bid amount went from 200K to 500K so quickly more than suggests it will break through the million barrier before long.

While Windass has hardly been a great success, he has shown fleeting glimpses of potential, and Rangers’ board are right to seemingly demand a six-figure sum.

There is no point letting young players (especially English ones) with massive potential leave for what is clearly well below their market value.

English clubs are swimming in money now, even if by normal standards Windass is not worth one million, but today’s inflation levels and the ‘Kyle Walker Syndrome’ (£53M for him, seriously?), evidently players cost more than they used to by astronomical levels.

So yes, well done to the board for getting this right. We expect higher sums to be bid for young Josh, and when we do sell, we shall wish him the best.


  1. I was reading somewhere that windass has a 3.5 million realese clause in his contract. So if we can get that for him we should sell.

    • Scott.
      If Rangers get 3.5M for Windass the club will get charged with grand theft ffs!!
      If we get 1M I'll be delighted.

  2. Jamie Murphy 1.2M get close to that for Windass. Now that's the way we should be doing business whilst improving the team.
    No Brainer Really!!

  3. He’s getting better so we should keep him. We can’t keep changing teams all the time. Our players need to gel together.

    • I agree Jimmy- the lad has scored some important goals and is playing a key role under Murty.

      People need to get a grip and remember we didn't sign him off Barcelona or real Madrid.

      Disgusted by the abuse from bunch of nasty losers, perhaps he's had enough of it as well.

      Support the team. Players need help not heckling. No wonder the team has struggled more at Ibrox.

  4. Keep him. Let him continue to develop with better players around him, play him in his natural position. He should be fighting for 55 and also on the European stage! If he keeps improving then the interest and bids will improve giving us a good profit and decent sell on clause! Let's all sing the sash with Josh windass! Watp

  5. It’s great that our players are now being seen as assets and wanted by other teams, it shows real progress.
    However Windass is young and showing improvement yet being far from the finished article. Therefore unless we get a crazy amount for him close to his release Claus we should be holding on to potential and building a team of winners. If he continues to improve at the rate he has done and played as a no10 he coul easily end up being worth 7 figures. In the meantime let’s keep our good players and rejoice the fact our players are wanted.

  6. "Happy New Year my Fellow Bears"
    I Prey 2k18 Provides UR Familys and our Club With All its Dreams & Wishes.
    All The Bluebells are Blue ⚽️🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧⚽️

  7. We should keep him. He's only 23 and is improving. Compare to Tav we signed him at 24. Gets pelters for 2 seasons due to inconsistent performances. This season he is 26 (the age most players hit peak) and now he's the arguably the best players we have. In 2/3 years windass could worth 10m and be only 25/26. We are now a development team if we make good profit on these young guys we can sign even better 21yr olds with the profit. If we keep going for 28+yr olds we're just going to keep throwing money away. We should only have players max over 30

  8. I want him to stay he’s scored some important goals this term. He’s not a left winger but what’s his best position as a 10? He can improve and why sell him on the cheap he’s a straight replacement for Niko… Niko a classy operator in his day but he’s not got the legs it’s that simple ( that injury killed him ). This break will be important for Team & Murty will be interesting to see who we can get in to improve the squad.. Bates must be signed up ASAP before he goes South for peanuts. Happy New Year to all Bears for 2018 🔴⚪️🔵

  9. Windass should be kept, along with Tav and Fod. The development of the latter pair over the past two seasons has been excellent and I think the same will happen with Windass – we need these improvements to build the club, something that the last comedy manager simply didn't get. The same will be true for Morelos – some folks talk about him being worth millions now, but I don't think we'd recoup more than we paid for him. Let him develop for a while though, and I think he could be well above average. All of these guys have experience of playing in front of very small, undemanding crowds – playing at Ibrox in front of a full house must be daunting but you can see with the likes of Tav and Fod that they were loving the game at Parkhead. I want to see the same enjoyment coming from Josh and Buffalo – the talent is there, it needs to be encouraged.

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