Why Rangers are absolutely garbage – reality bites


We hold our hands up. Like many Rangers fans we got carried away with the hysteria of winning 4IAR and allowed ourselves to ignore reality and try to believe we were onto something.

The reality of the garbage we produced against County and Hibs and the fluke wins we got there bit us firmly in the buttocks as somehow this Rangers rabble performed possibly some of the worst football I have ever seen and were lucky to escape Ibrox with only a 1-3 loss.

Anyone who has anything optimistic to say following that, or who wish to oppose a single word in this article can as far as I am concerned go and take a flying fling to themselves. I do not care for your opinion.

This is to be a rant. An angry rant following an abomination in the name of Rangers Football Club, a club that has descended into absolute horror over the past year.

Sure, we put together results – we fluked two wins against a completely unsettled Aberdeen who did not know their backside from their elbow, then scraped two over teams who should have absolutely destroyed us.

Then today’s disgrace. Some of the worst ‘football’ I have ever watched in maybe the worst display I can genuinely remember.

Where do I begin? The absolute failure that is Bruno Alves, once again playing for the opposition but some supporters will still kiss the turf he stumbles on. The absolutely pathetic Josh Windass who just keeps playing for himself as if football owes him something – and either scores a lucky goal or fails utterly and embarrasses the shirt. The increasingly garbage Daniel Candeias who just keeps getting worse the past few months. We have had enough of him. Or Jason Holt, who cannot pass to save himself – we are absolutely sick to the back teeth of his ‘energy but nothing else’.

This Rangers side is disgusting. Today’s attitude and performance was vile and every player should be ashamed of that.

St Johnstone, managed by the brilliant Tommy Wright, came to Ibrox, having studied the mince we have produced recently, and took us to the cleaners. They are out of form but Rangers’ luck was about to run out, and today it did.

I do not want to be too harsh on Murty today – he is doing the best he can, but the players simply did not produce, and Wright and his men absolutely did.

Today has been coming. This dreadful Rangers team has been threatened with a right gubbing from someone for a long time and today it came. Not entirely, but it did in part.

What an absolute horror show this was. No excuses.


  1. Rangers right now are a shambles from top to bottom – starting with Dave King and the Board. Transparency was what they promised and answers are now required.
    1 – Who appointed Caixhina and why are they still anywhere near the club
    2. Graham Murty is a rookie coach who is doing the best he can – but he doesn't have the experience or gravitas to be the ,manager of Rangers at this stage in his career. Let's have no more talk about Murty carrying on until the end of the season – or indeed the end of January.
    3. The Board must bring in an experienced Manager now.
    4. Rangers need to do serious business in January and bring in some quality or we are looking at another wasted season as we fall further and further behind Celtic.
    5. What is the point of Mark Allen
    6.Players that need to go in January and come off the wage bill now
    Herrera – made no contribution to the team this season at all
    Pena – enough – there is no player in there – lazy and wasteful.
    Candieas – now showing up as the bang average journeyman he always was.
    Dalcio – is he even stool here
    Nemane – why
    John – Poor poor defender
    Windass – if rumours of a bid are true then take whatever is on offer.
    Cardosa – if we can recoup our outlay then he will be no loss either

    Krancjar & Rossitor I'm afraid are here until their contract runs out and then they must go.

    Alves – Needs an experienced manager to give him a shake.

    Players that are busting a gut but simply are nowhere near good enough to wear the shirt – Holt, Hodson.

    Players on loan that need to stay on loan – Halliday, Forrester, O'Halloran

    This I'm afraid is the shambles that two dreadful managerial appointments has left us in.

    This site needs also to stop blowing hot and cold, and get real. One day you have us collectively and individually as world beaters following any positive result – after Easter Road you're even offering comparisons with Walter's great teams. We – all of us fans – need to stop accepting this garbage as somehow where we should be at the moment. It is not – for the money invested in the summer we should be streets ahead of the rest, and we should be getting closer to Celtic. Time to demand answers from King & co.

    • Fully agree. Murty talking about bringing on loan players back as keeping options open is just a dire thought. These arent players on loan for experience, they are on loan because even they cant get near the first team. Id consider MoH back as think he was mismanaged but even then still have doubts about his attitude.

      I like Murty but hes not our solution at this time and to be fair to him he is working with a pile of shit.

      What gets me is that after a couple of wins some fans start spouting shit about we will do this…that…etc.

    • I agree with most of that, but no point turning on the players. They can't help being average, no point turning on them because we are stuck with them.

      The failure to appoint a manager is either due to lack of funds, or lack of agreement among the board. Both are very troubling.

      There are experienced managers available McLeish or Pulis should be approached. But I fear our board is so dysfunctional that no serious manager will be willing to work with them.

      I really feel for Murty. Board have treated him terribly – public scapegoat and smokescreen.

    • Absolutely right mate . I'm 64 , my auld fella took me to Ibrox for the first time when i was around 5 . Brought up with Miller , Brand and Wilson and the genius's Baxter and McMillan , the hard men , Shearer , Davis , Greig , Ronnie McKinnon , great players Caldow , Billy Ritchie , George Niven , Norrie Martin , Davy Provan , the sublime genius that was wee Wullie Henderson and before him Alex Scott ,Sammy Baird , Maxie Murray and so many others i loved as a boy. It breaks my heart to see what we've become lads . I'm at the stage now when i'm feeling we'll never recover and it's just one heap of shite on top of another . This club was built on a century and more of dignity and pride and it's all going down the stream . Don't think i can stand much more of it !

    • I agree. Ppl say McLeish might be a stop gap….i dont. Hes tactically aware….will we get flowing 343 formations…unlikely but he will have that defence sorted. Imagine Alves with a def aware coach for the Scottish game? Our midfield is really really bad. Please ibroxnoise stop getting carried away with daft stats.

  2. I'm not gonna lie, we walked out 73rd minute. First time in my life. Mainly due to having to put my nephew's through that, young uns that no nothing of the legendary club we hark back to.
    League position is very much a false/red herring.
    Heavy times.

  3. Totally agree with your assessment of the game today. Lets stop with all the Murty championing and start telling this board where to go. Simply put, they are embarrassing us regarding the managerial situation, the laughing stock of world football.
    They must be absolutely pissing themselves at Meccano City.
    I for one am not going back until this total shambles is sorted. Either the board get this ridiculous situation sorted pronto or start the procedure of selling up.
    There must be someone out there.
    Rant over but thats it for me.

  4. FFS don't be such a misery. Did you imagine that we were going to win the league this year or something? I don't, for a minute, think that we have "bad" players. I think that the problems are more psychological than physical. The turmoil that the club is going through and the ridiculous pressure that the players are put under by the bulk of our fanbase is bound to be having an effect on their performance.
    Back off a bit and give them a chance. There are several Internationals there so they definitely have the talent. It just needs to be properly managed.

    • Football has always been a psychological game and this Rangers team don't cut it. The Internationals are wayyyyyyyyyyy past their sell by date and only Rangers were gullible enough to hand over the fans hard earned money for them. As for turmoil at the club. I don't think you have seen anything yet.

  5. if you think this is a drubbing then you i and every other one of us rangers fans will be in hiding after the celtic game no desire in this team whatsoever and never will be but be patient not long till santa comes im sure rudolf and his mates can do a better job !!

    • The point is Scott we are sh**e!!The people on this board change their mind from game to game,They should be embarrassed to call themselves fans. Last week we were brilliant and going for the title,This week we are a joke. People need to get a grip. We are not the people.

  6. I have been supporting Rangers for 68 years and in all that time I have never witnessed such utter tripe like We saw today total lack of organisation and worse no commitment no shape to the team and an interim manager who is well out of his depth he altered the shape to what was a four five one and did not have the sense to change it at all also bringing on herrera who had about six touches of the ball four of these being to get the ball from behind the Saints goal and placing it for their goalie to take the goal kick on todays showing Tommy Wright is above Murty in line for the managers job Worst Rangers team I have ever seen totally sick of this crap we are being served up at Ibrox

  7. 16 points dropped at ibrox tells u that too many players cant handle the expectation of playing for Rangers. We have no1 who is willing to tell fans wats going on as shown with the whole manager debacle. King rid us of green & his conmen but has gave an average team with no direction as for Dof what has he been doing? Gutted after 6/7 years of torture we are still miles away from challenging sceptic.

  8. Its obvious the board didn't have a plan B, still don't have a plan B and so they should ask McLeish to help the club and stand in until the end of the season. Give Murty the first team coach job till then as well. We need leadership it pure and simple.

  9. This result proves we don't yet have the right man in place yet. However the whole senior sqaud need a massive shake to waken them up otherwise we are going to suffer to the hands of our oldest rivals which can not be allowed to happen in any circumstances your support deserve better than they are getting call yourself professional footballers to be perfectly honest we are a joke from top to bottom and every one should hand back their wages as they don't deserve them that also includes the board .

  10. Agree with what dexter has said but unfortunately most of these players won't be going anywhere due to their contracts and also as I stated a few weeks ago that most of these players are mediocre and lower league standard and are not good enough to Wear Our Shirt and other teams won't be in a hurry to want them,so if King/co don't sort this out quickly then that long dark tunnel will only get longer/darker…Please Sort this out or give the Reigns to someone who will.
    watp helicopter 2005😇

  11. another season over fighting for 3rd with hibs what a xmas present for the fans that was ,we have 20 players not one should be wearing jersey ,what a position the board have put murty in ,just hope we can keep score down against smellies start again with new manager .hopefully new board that cant even get basics right please no more loanees

  12. Mr King it is time to pass the baton, and quickly or thousands will no longer put up with your pish. You are driving away the greatest support in football. Fkn criminal.

  13. Something I noticed today, and has been a consistent theme from Pedro to Warburtons, and now Murty.
    The warm ups.
    They'll take the applause & cheers pre match warm up, no real penetration of drills. Same again halftime warm ups, Nemane & Pena think it was bobbling the ball astray at each other.
    Now, you look at the opposition's warm up, it's finely structured, a purpose to it.
    Yeah, only one of a thousand issues we could pinpoint, but I personally find it staggeringly unprofessional.

    • Pre game warm ups have been crap fir years. How we watched macdowall throw a ball in the air and we would have a def header it around another. All i got was MacDowell could throw a ball.

    • Warm ups are for warming up – They are not the time to practice drills, which they practice week in week out. It's for one reason, to warm the muscles up to carry out what they already know. The only change in recent years in this area with most teams in Britain is that Static warm ups such as stretching on the spot are now deemed non effective against warm ups when they move as it simulates the rigors of the gameplay more. A player who plays fulltime football should need nothing more that to get the muscles warm and blood flowing before a game. The training park is for training, pre match is for warming up. Hence the reason these days there is a lot less players being injured in warm ups..

  14. I (silly me) expected at least a 2-1 result for us. What I watched today was I think the worst game ever played at Ibrox. I have watched and followed Rangers since boyhood. Now 84. On my travels Watching from Rangers Supporters Clubs & Pubs. For the last number of years had a subscription to Rangers TV. For the first time ever I left early, I switched off my Computer after 65 minutes of the Debacle, unable to watch any more. That for me is a Lifetime First.

    • Much respect Mr Tuck. At 84 you will have seen it all and it says it a hell of a lot that this was the worst game….

  15. Might sound clichéd, unoriginal whatever but 3 times might be a charm for Sir Walter.
    A student of Catenaccio , defensively killing a game.
    Possibly even Rodgers would struggle with his ultra wall unit style, nullify the game.

  16. I’m sorry but you guys need to realise it’s time to stop looking for a scapegoat
    King etc have made bad decisions but these decisions have cost them money and you guys
    Mark Allen ain’t to blame
    Murray ain’t to blame nor yet a rangers manager
    The board needs to take its time and get it right
    The manager is the most important person at a club and if it takes 3 months to get s top glass guy then bide your time
    I’m a Celtic man and Brendan Rodgers was as much a master stroke as Ronny deila was a disaster
    Same team New manager and however many games unbeaten
    A proper manager will take this rangers team up a level way beyond your Aberdeen hibs etc
    But if you get it wrong your totally fucked for years
    You must get it right or else

  17. It all comes down to our players and it would not matter who the manager is the players we have are not any better than all the other players we play week in week out some games we are lucky to get the run of play today it went the other way and our players can not cope with it there heads go down and they all start playing for themself not for the team,some games we win some we lose but most of all the players we have are only average at best.

  18. D O





    Contact Alistair Johnston. A POWERFUL man INSIDE Ibrox who detests King
    AJ WARNED US King is 'No Good'

    Get REAL PROTEST action they cannot miss

    Arrange mass demonstrations akin to that of The Brilliance of Sandy Jardine would AGAIN march on with YOU

    But Ibrox is now The Worst Place for OUR own team to try to play
    What used to be a carnival atmosphere known loved and feared Worldwide, sorry, it's detrimental to only ONE Team.

    Rangers Fanbase at Home games is exactly what Griffiths and Lennon would have planted to sabotage our team. Again sorry but it truly is embarrassing.
    The BEARS in the BROOMLOAN should be knighted for trying.

    Our squad ain't great. But they maybe luckily, proved the opposition aren't any great shakes either




    Or stop fucking moaning at the players.

    • Agree. Think the players are lucky for the attendances they get, but would be good to chant passionately without some supporters frowning upon it.

  19. Where to start? Well, forget 10 players out and 10 world beaters in. Not going to happen. So start by admitting there is no quick fix. Warburton tried that – failed. Pedro tried that – failed. If you think a third haemorrhaging of money will fix us, you are dreaming.
    So, what can be done?
    First, admit where we are and build for the future. Recognise players limitations and act accordingly. Windass is not a winger. He plays centrally or not at all. Candeias is a winger. Don't play him centrally. Out wide or not at all. Those two changes alone would improve us. Holt is high energy, but not God's gift, so may benefit from rotation in and out of the team.
    Remember, we have a number of players out which would limit Murty's options, although playing Candeis central and Windass wide was still a rookie mistake
    But, and I keep coming back to this, we have to develop our own players. Herrera is a Mexican burst ball. Admit it. So why in the name of the wee man did he turn to him yesterday, looking past a Bluenose who scored 3 and made two in midweek, who would run himself into the ground for the club and is out of contract in 6 months so has something to prove? Hardie, by the way. I don't know if he is any good,but lets find out, instead of reading in 2 years that he has been sold by St Mirren to a Championship team for £3 million, then a year later that he has gone to the Premiership for £20 million!!! Find out
    We have Wilson, McCrorie, Bates, Cardoso and a young boy Wilson for two Centreback jerseys. Tell Bruno his playing time will be limited as we bring through youth and he will go find a new club at no cost to us. Next summer will be too late for the World Cup and we will have him for another 18 months. But now, he would go, freeing up a wage. Might cost us a goal, or a game, but develop youth.
    Bring in good young Scottish players and see if they are good enough. They might not be, what happened to the young Livingston boy? No longer flavour of the month, so if he's any good could get him for a decent amount. Get Lewis Morgan, Mclean and Jamie Walker signed on pre-contracts for next summer.

    Rant over

    • Agree totally with your comments.
      Reality i we do not have class players but we could use the ones we have better.
      For example play three at the back Bates Alves Wilson
      Mccrorie and Jack flanked by Tavs and John
      Candeias and Windas? Morelas
      There are of course other alternatives but getting a defence that can actually defend is the priority.
      Also I hear all the rants about the players and rightly so but nothing abut taverneir who if he lives to be 100 will never know how to defend also 80% of his distribution is also woeful
      And maybe we could condiser the young man on loan from Man City who has never had an opportunity can he be any worse than so many others?
      Just some thoughts

  20. Accies win at ibrox for the 1st time, since 1926, St Johnstone win at ibrox for the 1st time since 1971, added with the heaviest old firm home defeat, ridiculous european result, we are a complete laughing stock. Don't blame Murty at all he's trying his best and has been hung out to dry and take the flack by the incompetent board. All this talk about Pulis, please behave yourself, there is no chance he's coming as WE HAVE NO MONEY. We'll end up with another dud, like Warburton and Pedro. Maybe McInnes was right to turn the job down. Let's forget this talk about we are the famous glasgow rangers, that was in the past. Nobody wants this job now – let's face it.

  21. McColl , Butcher , Davis and McLeish are only a few of the real Rangers people who would bite your hand off for the job . All would do good work , given a little time and a reasonable budget to bring in the best Scottish players and to bring youngsters through . Since we were put down to the bottom division by the Rangers haters who run Scottish football , mainly celtic people , I think we should have officially gone by the name Rangers International and that this would signify that in winning the titles and trophies that celtic will surely win in the coming seasons , they weren't beating the established Glasgow Rangers FC . Yes of course we're the same club , but we've had to start the company again from scratch . I want the record books to acknowledge this , so that when our grandchildren look at them in the future they will know what happened and that the titles and trophies that celtic acquire during this period aren't worth the paper they're written on . It's going to be a long period of recovery but hopefully we'll get there and get back to being the famous Glasgow Rangers again .

  22. Scots, great comment on Hardie. Give the boy a fucking run. Your right, how the fuck do we know he’s any good if he doesn’t get a game. Remember McCormack? I don’t mean a run of 1 game. I mean 10 games at least. He must be better than Herrera the imposter. Murty! Play the boy!

  23. Id say I agree with most of whats here and in my mind tony poulis is a very good coach but the real problem is that the shackles are on any manager who comes here due to the lack of funds available to them.if tony p buys into that problem and is willing to take it on then id say go for him because he s the best suited available manager for this club now where alec McLeish isn't in my view I like big eck hes an ok person but not really for here now I don't think.if this club(business) is to thrive we need an awful lot more from the board. That's the bottom line more investment more ways of getting this club viable! where are the men with the abilities required to get the club to generate more money that's what its screaming out for innovaters who can do this.

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