Three-player targeted January sweep for Rangers


In news which will provoke a mixed response from Rangers fans, reports over the past week suggest Rangers are working to bring three players back from loan in the belief they will boost the current squad.

Michael O’Halloran and Joe Dodoo we already know about, both whose loans expire on the 1st of January at St Johnstone and Charlton respectively, but moves are now in place to try to persuade Azerbaijanians Gabala to release Andy Halliday earlier as well.

The midfielder, who had a patchy time at Ibrox until being farmed out by ex-manager Pedro Caixinha, is being vaunted as an enhancement for midfield, something which in itself sums up the state of Rangers at present.

With Kenny Miller injured, Alfredo Morelos vulnerable to sale, Eduardo Herrera’s ineffectiveness and Ryan Hardie’s targeting from QPR, not to mention both disappointments in the form of Niko Kranjcar and Carlos Pena, Rangers’ creative depth is, frankly, pretty horrendous, and the club are looking at trying to find some supplementary quality.

Whether Halliday or Dodoo represent an ounce of that quality is another matter, but Rangers probably could do with O’Halloran given the alternative is the likes of Josh Windass and Daniel Candeias.

Nevertheless, it does not bode especially well that Rangers are trying to recycle existing sub-par players – we only pray they are also going to splash out on high quality new recruits as well in January.


  1. None of these three players are remotely close to the standard we need. They are average at best and that's our problem – average by spl standards RIGHT through the whole squad.

    The players don't lack effort and all the nasty heckling dose not make them play better. They just aren't any better than other spl level players. We need to aspire to much better.

    Without selling likes of alves, morellos, Pena, cardoso and Herrera- and anyone else they can punt at knock down price – there is clearly no money to spend. Allen not knowing budget is proof of this and also a matter of deep concern. How can he possibly target anything other than more margin basement rejects ??

  2. While I can see the need to bring loan players back in January simply to make up the numbers – none of them are of the quality required to make a difference. O'Halloran is certainly no worse than Candieas which highlights the failed logic of Caixhina's recruitment and his bias against Scottish players in general. The priority in January must be to offload Pena and Herrera from the wage bill. Thankfully Krancjar is out of contract at the end of the season and another failed high earner will be gone. Meanwhile who will want to come to Ibrox in January with no real management strategy in place is anyone's guess. Naismith surely is a no brainier however, and he would fit that problematic No10 role perfectly.

  3. I'd forget about halliday although he is one of our own. He doesn't cut the mustard. Mulumbo from Kilmarnock would walk into the team he strolled that game at rugby park. And would be the experienced enforcer that we need in the centre of the park.

  4. No rransfer fees will be paid this window. The 3 are poor & show up the lack of quality in the squad but more tellingly lack of money for new players or why bring any back. Another day another bad news story for we suffering fans.

  5. When am i going to pick up my phone and read some good news ffs.
    That 3 were sent on loan because they were pish. What's changed!!!??

  6. What it is we have we got a mixed bunch of players from different managers they both got the sack before they put there plan in action so now we got left with the players no one wants to sign are they going turn in to great players no chance will they make the dressing room better maybe not,we need some one to come in and clear all the shit out that is what we thought was going happen but never has to date.

  7. Unless he agrees to a pay as you play deal, Naismith us very risky due to injuries. He is also not the player who left us.

    So even leaving his betrayal aside, he would be a risk.

  8. When is there going to be a reaction against Dave King and whoever else is inside Ibrox doing our ONCE great club eternal damage?

    Not nice to hear Not nice to read and Definitely not unrealistic.

    Our Club as we KNEW it is quickly falling apart.

    Dave King is doing sod all to bring in:-

    Quality Players capable of challenging CONSISTENTLY Hibs, Aberdeen and Definitely not Celtic.

    Sponsors so that HE, King does not give himself security of potential more assets of the Club via loans, loans and more loans to JUST keep us floating on the surface

    Transparency? Who or What are Club1872? Did they not start off by taking FANS money and the idea of a Figurehead was to consult between Board and subscribers?
    I have sought replies time and again. What the fuck do you do?

    UNLESS answers are forthcoming. Prior to the January window OPENS. I would suggest the reason is


    Thus, are we any better off having
    1. Club1872 in existence?
    2. Ousted Kennedy, Miller and Ng?

    I am personally trying to see light at the end of the tunnel. But you know what i see?

    Ibrox has produced the WORST atmosphere i have ever seen since my first home game in 1969.
    Even in The Greig era when sometimes crowds of 5- 6000 turned up. But they produced non stop audio support for that team.

    The Worst effort from the mist disjointed squad of players since Ally McCoist brought his mates in for money we didn't have. Pro rata the standard is no better to watch. Dundee, Kilmarnock, St Johnston, Hamilton?
    The Medical Team. Like Club1872. They seem to exist. But do fuck all. Send the fannies to work fir North Lanarkshire Council if they want paid for fuck all.
    How many players can be sign9 with dodgy everything?
    Jordan Rossitter us probably one of the 118 118 guys. Skiving useless cunt.
    Discipline. Who the hell is the grass. A question asked so many times. Miller? Wallace? He's never fit long enough. You know there's as much chance it's one if the u20s trying to get his revenge for being bypassed by every cunt at Ibrox coz they ain't got a funny sombrero in his locker
    Who gives.

    But at the end of the day guys.

    How many seasons are we, like Dundee, Hamilton, Arbroath abd Pumpherston Juniors going to wish the season was finished. In October?

    I've said it before. King has to go.

    But before this gets anymore depressing and damaged

    If not we are fucked.

    The Share Issue.

    No Offence. But last time i saw our Club and Our Arch Rivals have share issues.

    Rangers did not come out of it much better off. I.e. did anyone invest? Not many

    Across the City. Somebody enlighten me? How did them come out of it.?

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