“The Wrong Everything”


Rangers fans are deeply worried. Ibrox Noise took a few days off over Christmas just prior to the Killie debacle, and the contrived optimism from a few fans before kick off has been replaced with us returning to pure misery. The comments we have received are depressing but accurate.

The fact is once again Rangers’ board has made a farcical managerial appointment, its third in a row, and clearly is not fit for purpose.

We feel sorry for Graeme Murty – during the promotional shoot, while flanked by messyrs Robertson and Allen, his facial expression looked as forced as his decision. A frozen smile of ‘help’.

He did not look like a man truly comfortable in the skin of being Rangers manager and against Kilmarnock it showed.

It says something for the incompetence of our board that Kilmarnock have a better manager than us – that we could not even entice him never mind Derek McInnes.

That we have had to resort to promoting someone out from his comfort zone into a disgraceful farce of a position, and have the absolute gall to plug it as the correct decision.

The goodwill for the board from ousting the previous incumbents has been well and truly exhausted. This site has been against Dave King and his cohorts from the outset – they did, after all, try to buy Rangers with our own money as The Blue Knights, if you recall – and wanted our ST money in their bank account. They were never the right men for us, but they were greeted with lavish fanfare by supporters who truly believed in their credentials.

We did not.

Gilligan got out with his reputation intact and we do not blame him.

And the court case stuff with King is beyond ridiculous. We will not even go there.

But on the pitch is what truly counts and other than 10 weeks of decent football in the Championship under Mark Warburton (Hibs at Easter Road to the loss to St Johnstone in September that year), this era in Rangers’ history has to count as the worst.

Murty has an impossible task. Forced by his bosses to be the manager because no one else wants the job, or is within our price range, Rangers are teetering on a horrible chasm right now.

Garbage players, woeful management, diabolical board.

For Killie to outclass us and deserve a win spells it out. For Murty to get the job after being humped by St Johnstone spells it out.

Right now it is the wrong everything.


  1. Dave King's only focus now should be on finding a buyer for the club – lock, stock and barrel. There will be no improvement until the club is operating "under new management". Another season written off due to incompetent governance.

    • Sorry but as I have warned repeatedly- due to passing Kings resolution and the fragmented ownership model it is only possible for outside investors to buy a controlling share if King and board approve the move.

      Which they won't.

      Everything they have done was to gain control of the club at a knock down price. Some on board may have good intentions but King clearly has no respect for the club, it's fans or any of the other investors.

      This is why listing the club on an open exchange was so important. Accountability and possibility to attract outside investors.

      I don't see even a glimmer of light at the end of this long dark tunnel.

      Allen's interview should raise further concerns as he also appears to be in the dark. Fact he said it took him two days to give managerial target list is telling. Fact he has no idea on what board want or how much there is to spend is frightening.

      The club is so dysfunctional that I fail to see how it was worse off under Ashley. I just don't see it.

  2. 100% getting to the point wer fans will start to turn away, next 2 results cud determine how big January will b for us!
    Get January wrong board n u will pay the price rest of the season!!
    There's only so many times the support who have been amazing will b taking for mugs!!

    • What price?

      We have allowed board to be judge and jury. Only power fans have is to vote with feet but given king won't put up any money that could mean another administration.

    • Totally agree. Never been so disillusioned and have been around Ibrox since before 72. Really worried things are going to get worse under current regime. …..and that's saying something!

  3. The doom and gloom will be replaced by optimism in the new year I expect there will be fresh investment from abroad put into the club which will be the beginning of us making a real challenge. I remember when they were being constantly told they would never ever compete with us again, well that didn't work out and all those who are willing to write Rangers off will be proved wrong. What goes up comes down and what's down goes up our turn will come.

  4. I've fuckin had it to be honest.Watching that Hodson making no attempt whatsoever to block that cross and Bates being outrun by Boyd it finally dawned on me that not one of them give a shit on that pitch.Just when I thought we were getting somewhere off the pitch too now this. Junior teams don't go that long without getting in the best man that they can manage and we've got McDowell the 2nd in the dugout.I'll be there tomorrow but I'm near the end of my teather.

  5. People need to remember that during administration there were other interested parties – it was tax liability that was the stumbling block.

    A fact forgotten by those who support king and have enabled this mess.

  6. I like Murty as a person he comes across as a good guy but he is never the right appointment. He is a brave man taking the job but it smacks of the Mcoist/Mcdowall era. I suspect with a team full of players who are not only sub standard but also don,t want to be here that we will be on the end of another hammering against the manky mob. I,m left hoping it remains below 6 and they don,t hit double figures which is a possibility. Dark days yet again. WATP


    • Stevie 1 I love your optimism but quite frankly I would take 1 or 2 nil defeat before a ball is kicked but on the day like yerself I will be kicking every ball and hoping we can get a result,But it ain't going to happen(please make me eat my words) on another note murty said he was Staggered to be given the job till end of season… STAGGERED !!!

      The Board Staggered From One Crisis To The Next !!!

      If/When king can sell the club,it wouldn't surprise/bother me if it was Ashley who comes in (will probably get pelters for saying that) but the state we are in at the moment who would want to argue against that happening? watp helicopter 2005 ��


    • Dave.
      I am of the same opinion that fat Ashley will reappear as soon as he sells up down England.
      Something up between him and king don't know what mind!!

  7. In appointing Murty the Rangers Board show that they have no plan, strategy, or ambition. An experienced manager can make all the difference even to the most average group of players – particularly in coming in and very quickly making them more robust, difficult to beat, and sorting out defensive deficiencies – look at Allardyce at Everton, Hodgson at Palace – and then look at what an inspirational appointment can do to take things to the next level – Rodgers at Celtic and Clarke at Kilmarnock. We the fans have to demand more, and to all we can to oppose thois slide into long-term mediocrity before it's too late. There is a real danger that Rangers are settling for 3rd or 4th best iN Scotland as the acceptable normality. I am genuinely concerned that the Hogmanay game may prove to be the biggest embarrassment to date.


    • It looks like we are settling for second best.the AGM was just a load of auld spoof from king.I was delighted when he came in at first but now there is a growing hatred of the man. I think he is a con man now. And I don't know what's gonna happen in the future when they are completely incompetent.

    • Stevie – I have every respect for Murty but with Rangers where they are now it is not the time to for a rookie manager. This is Glasgow Rangers ffs – you just don't walk into this job as your first management position – at least you shouldn't. If the Board genuinely thought Murty was the man then he should have been given the job the minute Pedro walked. The fact that he wasn't just highlights the complete mess the Board have made of the whole affair. Defeats by Hamilton, Dundee, St Johnstone, and Kilmarnock – while hanging on for dear life has somehow opened their eyes to Murty being the obvious choice. The mere fact that they peddled that lie shows what contempt this Board have for the fan base.

  8. I completely agree that the current board have made several bad decisions and don't seem to be running the club in the manner it should be. However, to say that post the st.johnstone cup game has been the worst period in history is nonsense. You may not like the current board but they're no Green, Ahmed etc. Get a grip of yourselves. There's a big difference between incompetence and asset stripping.

  9. The price!

    Supporters dwindling away, team dropping more and more points n that will effect new season season ticket sales. Which effects everything at the club.
    Just my opinion.

  10. Its not that we have massive problems that cant be fixed its just how long is it going to take the present board to do it?or sell the club to somebody who wants to make a good steady business out of it and give the fans their moneys worth along with satisfaction.I was always quite upbeat knowing dave king was in the mix there and hes done one or two good things but not nearly enough I think he should cut his losses and give it to the right person…fergussssssssssssssssss I hope its not that bad got to laugh but short of something like that we don't need administration again while the other lot are doing what ever it is to keep the biscuit tin safe.

  11. Completely agree with article. The board and the team are just a joke!!! There is absolutely nothing to be positive about Rangers at the moment! Not looking forward to tomorrows game as well as playing the beggars. Sad and doleful times!

    • No apology needed Tam. Sorry your Xmas stank. You’re a good guy – hope it all picks up for you mate. Best wishes from us all here.

  12. King is not in this for the future but to recoup the money he lost. I did support king etc on the takeover but now wish he and his board were gone. Going nowhere, using supporters money for his own gains and a more than useless board are now becoming more obviously inept. Lets get rid of Daveandco.

    • true blue,You are right i am sure king lost £20 million and now sees it as easy money to earn doing not very much,all the board need to move on over now and sell the club to some one else who can do this right or sell to the fans.

  13. We, as loyal supporters of the institution that is Glasgow Rangers, deserve much much more. Our loyalty is being taken for granted, and whilst the mighty ship is going through some very stormy waters, it certainly doesn't help that the ship is rudderless. With King and Co at the helm, it's a disaster of Titanic proportions.
    Trust has to be gained, and in my opinion, the Board are gaining nothing more than a reputation of false promises and deafening silences. We really are in a bad, bad way, both on and off the pitch and I ask my fellow loyal brothers, let there be light at the end of this dark tunnel, but where, and how, will this light appear?

  14. King never has been and never will be interested in Rangers! He is here to make money and recoup the money he lost under Murray. He thought it would be much easier to do than he realised and now he's all over the place, completely out of his depth and treating the fans like dirt. He has basically went back on every promise he made taking over! Alastair Johnston is back apparently so that good news if it's correct. Hopefully someone buys King and his board out or we are in for a long long dark road..watp

  15. Yip,totally agree with your very thoughtful written post,ibrox noise and thats coming from someone who in the past,has had some differing opinions,to yourself.Firstly let me state like most rangers supporters,i was delighted,when king,gilligan,murray and co,swept to power and we got rid of they other leeches!I for one was NEVER sure of dave king being the right man for us,in which i stated several times on here!I always liked john gilligan and when he left i knew there was something badly wrong in there!Our boards honeymoon period is most certainly over,thats for sure!When ANY football club is going through a very difficult period,your chairman has to be here 24/7 and hands on,not at the other end of the planet holed up!Until king is gone and replaced as chairman,I really do fear that we're going to limp on here with one disaster following another!I just can't see any light at the end of the tunnel for us,as long as king is our chairman!Now onto this other invisible man,that we call managing director/chief executive,who is in the country and goes with the name of stewart robertson,I THINK!When do we ever hear from this guy??He also most certainly,is not up for the job,as important as the glasgow rangers managing director!I cringe on the very sparse occasions,when robertson actually has spoke!!I said way back before even graham wallace became our chief executive,that the person we should have went for,as our chief executive,was the then time motherwell chief executive,leeann dempster,of course,now the hibs chief executive!I would 100%,have this woman as our new chief executive,at ibrox in a minute!She's very highly regarded and terrific at her job!I know personally one of the motherwell directors as he told me ages ago,that she's absolutely first class,at her job!Just look at the job she did at motherwell and now hibs!Go bring her to ibrox in place of stewart robertson,is what i say!I also would want graeme park out,as i've heard he's a bit of trouble in there!To summarise this,i'd want king replaced as chairman with possibly someone like graeme souness/brian kennedy,stewart robertson replaced as our managing director/chief executive,with the current hibs chief executive,leeann dempster and graeme park ousted from our board of directors,with hopefully john gilligan coming back in!!What does ibrox noise and all other bears think,regarding my very heartfelt post here??We are stuck if this board isn't changed for the better,IMHO fellow bears!!


  17. Don't tell me Kings no money I just don't believe it 1 little bit.
    He needs to dig into that family trust fund.
    Watch this 11M appear from nowhere.
    He's a tight fisted MF not what we need going forward.
    Till someone makes investment in the club this seems to be as good as it gets.
    We're in a bad bad way, dreading playing the manky mob!!

  18. Good post and I think we are all more or less in agreement…this board have made a missive mistake. They have taken advantage of a good young coach and hung him out to dry. Murty is in a 'no win' situation. There is no doubt we need someone of experience to manage the club. This looks like the board do not even have a good enough relationship with ex-Rangers people that they could ask to step in and help. What is their problem with McLeish ? Surely they could have asked him to lead the team until the end of the season? Or they could have asked several other to help support Murty…Rae, McCulloch, McCoist, Durrant, Gough…even Billy Davis ( who I think is 2 sandwiches sort of a picnic ) people with experience that could he support him…but no!

    So the board are so isolated they can't event turn to…this says a hell of a lot!

    This appointment (if you can call it that, he could hardly say no, could he ) is probably the worst and most embarrassing decision ( yes even worse than Pedro, at least he has been a 'manager' ) this board has ever made. Shows they had no plan B, shows they have no vision and finally show they hold us in as much contempt as they do BBC Scotland.

    They seem to be prepared to accept us loosing regular from now till the end of the season. They seem totally prepared to see us finish in the bottom half of the table, after all this is a season for making new records!!

    How would we all feel if they grew a pair and put their money into a young manager that would bring excitement like we have not seen since Souness. How about they show some vision and paid for a Sean Dyche? Now that would be a statement of intent, like Souness was.

    Now before you all scream 'we have no money' …these directors are in a stick or twist situation and really they have to back the investment they have currently made. So paying Dyche the £3m he's reported to be getting at Burnley would be a solid investment similar to what they did to get Brenda.

    Imagine what Dyche could do with these current player never mind what he may bring in through the summer.

    No you are all asking why would Dyche come to Scotland? Well the same reasons Brenda has, legend status for life and also to play in the Champions League. English managers have hit a glass cealing now as the big to 6 clubs will only buy in foreign managers so guys like Dyche may never achieve their full potential down south. Coming to a giant like Rangers and winning every year, playing CL every year the club would get the financial return just like selic have done through Brenda. This is perhaps why Brenda is happy to stay in Glasgow because he know he's never going get into a top 6 EPL club …what ever he does with them.

    The world is changing and this type of appointment would bring all sorts of positive to our club…but we need a board with vision and an appetite to invest their way out of a mess they created.

  19. Cheers IN,thanks for the reply it means a lot.Onwards and upwards starting tonight.Hope you all had a great time with family there. Cheers again.

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