The return of Michael O’Halloran


Few could fail to have noticed Rangers’ pathetic options in the final third. Alfredo Morelos aside, there is not one single decent player in Rangers’ attack from all of Josh Windass, Eduardo Herrera, Ryan Hardie, Kenny Miller, Carlos Pena or Daniel Candeias (this one has tailed off badly the past two or three months).

Therefore frankly it has become imperative that Michael O’Halloran is given the second chance being spoken about right now and comes back to Ibrox next month.

On loan at St Johnstone, the forward is a versatile attacker, more than capable of scoring, and assisting – he can play in any attack slot from striker, to second striker, to winger et al.

And he has been excellent at Perth injury notwithstanding.

Rangers do not have an abundance of riches right now, and O’Halloran is our player and effectively a free signing – he would be like a new player, and should be given a tabula rasa.

The winger was treated abhorrently by both Mark Warburton and Pedro Caixinha, and frankly his Rangers career under both should be completely disregarded. He was not managed well, and was rarely given more than five match runs – which is never enough for a confidence player to build up a head of steam.

Look at Danny Wilson – while he has had his moments, his recent run of the past two or three months in the side has led to many regarding him now as our best defender. This is no great praise, true – our backline has been ghastly. But it shows what a sustained run in a team can do for a player.

O’Halloran deserves a second chance under a manager who will actually believe in him, whether that is Graeme Murty or anyone else, as opposed to the predecessors whose arrogance ‘knew better’.

If it does not work out again, ok, we stop flogging a dead horse and sell him permanently back to St Johnstone.

But he deserves to get the opportunity. A proper opportunity.

Can it be worse than Josh Windass?


  1. More like third chance. If two managers weren't his biggest fans, maybe the problem is MOH and his behaviour, rather than the coaches. Only because we are running out of striker options doesn't justify accepting players who don't have the character to play for Rangers FC.

  2. Anybody that knows anything about football can see that o'halloran is a good player,and he has what is needed in the game today, pace and skill,what we need is the right coach to exploit that,i for one will be happy to give him another chance at Ibrox.

  3. Sorry but he is a dead horse.
    Because of his style of play he will never be any good to any team on the front foot, he's all about pace and if he's playing at Ibrox and they put up the Berlin Wall he's totally ineffective.
    But as U say he's no worse than some of the pish that are saddening our eyes at present. (Impossible to be worse than Miller)

    End of the day the board are clusterfuks.
    January window will be a disaster if we don't have a Manager in place, what player in there right mind would join a rudderless ship, I certainly wouldn't!!!

    • Robbie, I would normally agree with you in regard to teams putting up a ‘Berlin Wall’ against us but in recent matches , especially against Hamilton, Hibs, Dundee and a few others and recently against St. Johnstone it’s our teams issue of being too slow moving the ball forward from defence to attack that’s been the issue.
      I am not saying O’Halloran is a saviour or even Rangers class, but someone with electric pace like he has sitting on the halfway line or further forward on the shoulder of defenders poses a threat we don’t have at the moment.

    • Alan.
      If we can get him springing his pace that's where we will see him at his best,
      Rather him up front with Morelos than Miller, possibly his attitude hasnt been right.
      Mate he has till the end of the season to prove himself or he's gone IMO!!

  4. You mention Wilson's recent good form as an example, so I find your cheap dig at windass to be harsh considering his recent good form aswell! Bring back O'halloran but looking at the midfield : Jack can't stop getting sent off, Rossiter can't get fit, Krancjar just can't! Holt? Mcrorie our best midfielder is alot of pressure for the young "defender"..I say bring Halliday back, he was treated terribly, played out of position but always gives 110%. Remember him bossing that semi at Hampden? Play him on the left side of midfield were he is best.

    • Bang on with the cheap dig observation – I often think that anyone signed by Warburton is automatically classed as crap on this site. Anybody currently out on loan will probably be having their positions reviewed – after all, the new gaffer knows them all and I'd take any of them above the foreign imports brought in to replace them.

  5. A average player he is but is around some less than average players here so he fits in and looks better than he is.

  6. Good for Graeme Murty. 6 wins from 9 games got him the job until next Summer. No one knows the players better. A continued or improved 67 pc. win run to the end of the season will be very good. Needs to stamp his authority on the players. No messing in January. Next few weeks can totally turn us around with 3 new players in and a dozen deplorables out.

  7. I Say Bring Him Bk an Give Him a proper Chance this time!
    A Proper Run in The Team

    O'Halloran is a Good Player and He Is The Tupe of Player We have been asking for, For a While

  8. TheStevo926 you're right bring him back

    Stevie. No offence Buddy. Halliday is rank rotten and was given more of a chance than most

    Signing Declan John for me is possibly the best signing i could have hoped for. IF Waldo is to get another chance put DJ in LM.

    MOH up with Moreles and Miller, Krancjar and Rossitter on ebay

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