“The Kyle Lafferty Syndrome”

“The Kyle Lafferty Syndrome”

The site has been receiving some interesting comments from you guys recently, and a recurring theme among that seems to be the transfer policy of the past few years.

Or, the bare lack of any.

We call this ‘The Kyle Lafferty syndrome’. Allow us to elaborate.

While bold Kyle is hardly Diego Maradona, he is a very decent player – a player familiar with the SPL from his time at Rangers, and he is one of us. At Hearts he has been very effective indeed, and seems to have regained his enthusiasm for football – he is very comfortably in the top SPL scorers list.

The thing is, he put his hat very firmly in the Rangers ring last summer. Very firmly indeed – from our sources, there were even some preliminary chats.

Yet he ended up at a lesser club.

And herein is the crux. Why is it, when good players, who could do us a turn and cost absolutely nothing surface, we spend £1.25M on Eduardo Herrera instead?

Players who know our club, who know our league, and would be better than Martyn Waghorn for sure, yet we ignore them nearly every time and opt to be smart aleks and sign someone no one has heard of.

Take last summer – Callum Paterson was available. A very fine RB indeed. Were Rangers interested? Nope. He went off to Cardiff.

Steven Whittaker – an experienced and solid enough fullback in an area we could have used some – Hibs snapped him up easily. Thankfully we have struck gold there with Declan John but that was blind luck.

Steven Naismith has now been plugging himself (ooer) off to us for about a year, and yet still nothing happens and we snapped up Carlos Pena and Daniel Candeias instead.

Why do we do this? Why does our board and management keep frustrating us with these abstract signings which do not suit the league and cost fortunes when free alternatives who know us are gagging at the bit to come Ibrox and do us a turn?

Look at Kenny Miller, Richard Foster, Steven Smith, Kris Boyd – ok, they are hardly Pele and in Boyd’s case it really did not work out, but the rest were not half bad at Ibrox on their returns. They were suitable for us at that time.

But instead, we blunder about with an aimless policy and have already lost out on arguably the SPL’s most lethal striker outside the Old Firm in Louis Moult when he would have been perfect for us.

I am not saying these guys would be guaranteed hits, but I see no logic in the players who do come in. There is no guarantee in any signing, of course, but when was the last time a transfer window worked for this club?

January is huge for Mark Allen (who, in all fairness, has now renounced all responsibility for his job) and Graeme Murty (who, in all fairness, has now renounced all responsibility for his job) so if Rangers end up with yet more guff (likely) … nothing changes really, does it?

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  1. God help us come the weekend – but I will stay strong and believe. We may not be at our best – in reality, we are a long way from that, but when I look across to the other side they are not as great as they think they are.

  2. Based on what has happened and been said. There is more chance of players leaving and no one coming back the other way so that the board can keep the lights on for the rest of the season.

  3. Can’t believe you said Ricky Foster was ok in my opinion he was one of the worst players I’ve ever seen playing for Rangers and I’ve been going regular since 1966 as for the rest of the players you mention they’re all dogs who claimed to be Rangers fans but when it came Toby the crunch they couldn’t give a fuck for Rangers or the fans so fuck them

    • well said, they baled out in pursuit of money and now that their careers are in demise they are coming out with " I'd really love to come back and play for the Gers again" sorry it doesn't wash. Like you, I am in my sixties and have seen the good and bad times, but I don't want to see any of those bastards come crawling back.

    • fully agree jumped from the ship because they cant get a game they want to comeback to gers no chance hope they dont get near the place .wee murty will sort us watch us fight for the jersey this weekend .w,a,t,p

  4. Don't think UR Being in any way fair on Mark Allan FFS, he's not had a window yet and handed the board a manager's list after 2 days, he needs this window and the next with a new manager to see his full worth, Good God give the poor man a fair chance.

    U all know my opinion on the RAT PACK so I will let sleepining dogs lay!!!

  5. I think we should boycott the board! They're just taking the fans for a ride. The last three managers have been wrong including Murty. That's not including all the lies and smoke screens.

    • Who would you suggest we change the bored with (mike Ashley ‘Charles Green or maybe Sir David) wise up man their doing the best they can people need to remember Dave King doesn’t own Rangers he’s only a share holder who’s done a great job in getting rid of the bastards before him nobody els wants us ffs

  6. Lafferty ? Whittaker ? Naismith ?
    What the hell is going on ?
    Is that what I'm paying my season ticket for ? Three guys who'll be worth around thrupence at seasons end ?

  7. Decision makers trying to be too clever by ignoring the obvious option. If it pays off their ego would be huge as we call them geniuses but in our case they are clowns…

  8. All these guys are too old. We should only have 3/4 players over 30. We need to become a development club. Sign potential and sell for a profit. We'll just end up throwing away money on wages on players who are past their best and more likely to get injured and take longer to recover

    • Gav.
      Defo need 3 over 30"s In the team with the likes of McCorie and whatever the window brings.
      Balanced from front to back, Even a experienced 31 year old up top with Morelos won't be a bad thing!!

  9. Come on we are a good team and we can beat Selltic in this game we a hitting hot and cold a red hot game we need and we will beat them with the lads we have i am sure it is our time on sat we will win this game and again am going back them at with £20 @ 8/1 for a cool £180 back not bad it is our time.

  10. got to play with 2 rows a four with tav in midfield (right) with cover behind him, possibly wee holt for protection and let him get @ them wthout being exposed.he would also stop their wide men bombing forward. if wallace is ready the same would apply to declan john. morelos & windass up top to hunt them down. wes wallace? wilson alves holt. john jack mc crorie taviener. morelos windass. subs. miller candeias bates hodgson barjonas .

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