The incredible stat that will delight and infuriate Rangers fans in equal measure


Wednesday’s win over Hibernian was as unexpected as it was brilliant, and the Easter Road lot are still crying into their cornflakes about it.

However, it also created an incredible stat that will both delight and absolutely infuriate Rangers fans in equal measure.

Not only have Rangers now won 3IAR for the first time since December last year, but Wednesday’s victory over Lennon took it to four. And the staggering fact is Rangers are the only side in the SPL this season to have won four in a row in the league on the bounce.

Not even that shower from the East End have done that, for all their apparent superiority, and such a stat is likely to annoy Rangers fans who can suspect this season could have been a much better affair had the recent consistency been there from the start.

If you do not believe us, check all the results – Celtic manage 3IAR quite a lot, but it always stutters with a draw thereafter.

Only a few matches into his second spell in charge, and Graeme Murty, ably assisted by the Grand Master in Walter Smith, has already surpassed them.

Keep this current form up and Rangers are an incredible outside bet for a very strong finish to this season indeed.


  1. Here's hoping we keep it going till the beggars game, keep on they're tails n let's see for the first time since Brenda's been up here how they cope with real pressure. Will b the first time they've had someone on ther tails that's getting a bit of momentum n consistency going but only if we keep winning until that game, here's hoping. WATP 🔴⚪️🔵

  2. Would Walter come back as a General Manager , or on a consultancy basis till the end of the season to help Graeme out and give him someone of experience to bounce ideas off ? He would also be a great asset with identifying who we should be signing in the January window .

  3. There seemed to be an arrogance and conceit in today's performance that just by turning up they would stroll it. This was a team of non-triers who simply took the money and hid under a bush. A new manager needs a MASSIVE clear out.
    Attitude was disgusting and an affront to Rangers football club. A few of these guys should have played their last game for us because the fans will not put up with this.
    Walter Smith would have this shower of shit kneecapped.

  4. Stop all this nonsense,The only stat which matters is we are 5 points behind and they have 2 games in hand!We need a real manager in place. Our club is a joke.

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