That ‘Benjamin Mendy’ business…


Ibrox Noise has never shirked from anything it believed in. We got a lot of stick for the Benjamin Mendy piece, where some regulars were so ‘faux disgusted’ that they stropped off in a fit of rage as if an internet website is actually ‘that’ important.

The amusing part for us is that reaction was exactly the same when we were linked to Joey Barton. It was ‘April fool’ this and ‘absolute nonsense’ that and ‘fake news’ this and ‘disgraceful misinformation’ that. But we learned. We learned that if we could sign Joey Barton, all bets were off. And therein began ‘The Joey Barton Fallacy’ wherein almost any player could conceivably join Rangers, no matter how outlandish, within reasonable belief.

Messi is beyond us, and so is Ronaldo. We are not idiots. But we also know, from history, that this club has pulled off sensational signings, and the arrogance to assume we cannot do it again is as insulting towards Rangers as any suggestions a website makes over a January loan signing.

Much of the ire over the Mendy piece was over the notion of a £52M player coming north. Yet in case a lot of you have forgotten, we already have a £20M player in our team! Sure, it was a while ago, but not only was Alves a £20M player, he also won the European Championship last summer.

And we STILL persuaded him to give up Italy for us.

We persuaded Joey Barton to give up the EPL for us.

We persuaded Niko Kranjcar to give up the USA for us.

The suggestion the site made was to give a world class player a six month loan, funded mostly by his existing club of course, in order to get his fitness back for the summer tournament.

Guess what – we did the same exact thing with Frank De Boer! The-then world class defender came to Ibrox and got fit for the summer. And yet if anyone had suggested it before it happened, the hysteria would have been insane. Same with his brother. The hysteria before Ronald arrived was incredible. We could not believe we were getting a world class Barcelona midfielder – a Dutch international.

And yet, today? Despite the signings of the past two summers? Mockery.

It is as if Rangers fans do not want to believe their club is capable of anything any more.

And Ibrox Noise will not accept such defeatism.

Are we in a bad place right now? Sure, it could be better. But the day we laugh at ourselves for wanting something better and having ambition is the day the Rangers I grew up with is gone.

And I do not want that.


  1. Great article Ibrox Noise accepting a defeatism attitude when it comes to rangers will bite you in the Arse As we are & always will be one of the biggest Clubs in world football. Though times are tough at the moment we are pushing through and will come out stronger for it there's no doubt we will claim our spot back at the top of Scottish football. then we will gladly acknowledge the naysayers. WATP

  2. Fair enough. I get the sentiment but you're talking about the most expensive defender in history. He won't go anywhere on loan. He'll get his fitness back and walk back into city's team. That said, we need to aim high if we're ever góng to get back to where we want to be. The Mendy of three years ago would be obtainable. Those are the kind of signings we should be looking at, it just takes descent scouting.

  3. IN.understand what your saying and am sure every bear would be ecstatic with that calibre of player like others before,but realistically it ain't going to happen at this moment in time,but then again if he was 33 Years Old then maybe your initial article would have had a more positive rather than negative response, and would also like to say that we all want Our Great Club back to were it belongs… At the Top Sooner rather than Later. watp helicopter 2005 ��

  4. Sorry, it’s a delusional thread. Why would he be loaned up to us and injured again in our league? He would be targeted. Get real! You think Man City would risk a 52 million pound player?

  5. About time Mark Allen pulled some much needed rabbits from the hat! As long as they aren't akin to Aaron Nemane! Surely we deserve better?

  6. It’s not defeatism! It’s reality! Please post my other comments on this. Let’s be real here. Still along way to go. Thanks

  7. As for now we must stay clear of the sensational signings we pay any one player £10/15 grand a week never mind much much more,i for one would like us to take it easy for now look what happened to us when we went head to head with Selltic who now can pay three or four or even five times what we can pay,its like this if we want a player and they want him then he is theres no one plays for the club they said they loved any more Money Money is the club they play for and the more money there is that is where the player will be,

  8. What a joke. we couldn't get DM but all of a sudden we will get the most expensive defender in football.
    Leave off the drink, it's not Christmas yet

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