Sunderland, aye, Rangers, NAW!

Sunderland, aye, Rangers, NAW!

The level of dislike aimed at Rangers by Scottish football has reached pantomime levels. We always knew this country does not like us, but the Aberdeen farce with Derek McInnes is just the latest episode to highlight how much.

As all fans will know, Rangers made an official approach to Aberdeen for the services of Derek McInnes. That approach was rejected out of hand.

However, Aberdeen were quite happy to grant the same permission to Sunderland. On that occasion McInnes elected to pass up the chance to better his career in England.

Some justify this (within our own support, bizarrely) saying that because Rangers are an SPL club Aberdeen do not want to do business with us.

Quite happy to sell Jonny Hayes to Celtic though. And quite happy to take Ryan Christie on loan from them as well.

In short, just like the Hibs farce in the Championship where they refused to sell Scott Allan to us, Rangers’ major Scottish rivals absolutely will not do business with us. Aberdeen, Celtic and Hibs in particular have a real bee in their bonnet about buying or selling when it involves us, but are quite happy to pass players and managers around between each other.

It is nothing new, of course, but my goodness it is pathetic.

Some make the argument that they are digging their heels because they do not believe we have the money, and are pettily highlighting the fact – we may not have the finances of yesteryear, but in the past eight months Rangers have spent at least £13M on players and legal bills, so no one is going to claim we have no money.

As an aside, Hibs would not have sold Rangers Scott Allan even if we were in the SPL. Simple fact.

And sure, this may have sounded like a bitter and immature rant, but damn me if it does not have a ring of truth in it…

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  1. So they don’t want our money? Let them rot with there wee bugdets. Is the report is true that rangers afforded 1million for mcinnes, well that’s more than two years transfer money for them, they think they are out equals but are no where near. They could never sell out ibrox every other week even if the tickets were free

  2. Jonny Hayes to Celtic. Ryan Christie on loan. Who suggested and pushed this through? Tony Docherty? I would hope that part of the negotiations going on is for McInnes to dump his assistant and a #2 couldn't be more appropriate!

  3. No one likes us and we don't care! It has never changed. That's why Rangers had to break a transfer record to land The great Colin Stein from that team from Leith. We will get McInnes no matter how stubborn the sheep are.

  4. your dead right would love to see us going to play in england as s,f,a have altered the history of scottish football .celtic cannot play in england as there not british .would love to leave and let scottish football die .the way its going might never see a scottish team in champions league again .thought the s,f,a were here to help scottish teams .they only help one smelly team .what a disgrace come on england help us out invite rangers down .and we will all laugh at smeltic

  5. Stevie1. It will never happen. Too many English teams rightly object when affecting thier finances.

    One thing is for sure, in my own humble opinion, not raised in the U.K. i personally think Rangers want to and if they want ANY chance chance of, moving upward or anywhere else. The religious selection objection hy rhe fans needs to fade and soon.

    You will never progress the Club if this doesn't stop. Because its unacceptable in thos day and DEFINITELY by a Worldwide organization.pike SKY

    • Spot on and the pathatic comments on here about Docherty are just that. Some of the best players we have had in recent times have been catholics. For god sake I just people would stop being so narrow minded.

  6. 100% true! I hate every other club in Scotland but Septic, the sheep, HIVs and the scumbags at tannadice in particular! F**k em all – and their national team and their embarrassing "supporters" WATP

  7. All of the scottish teams think they can hold Rangers to ransom. Hearts did it with Jamie Walker, demanding 1 million and thankfully we didn't sign him for an over inflated valuation. We can now get him on a pre-contract in Jan and get him for free in the summer.
    Aberdeen are doing the same. £800,000 for McInnes? Give me a break, he aint no Jose Mourinho!!!
    I think McInnes will resign first and Aberdeen will battle to get compensation, but it will be no where near what they are looking for.
    I could not give 2 god damn hoots what other teams think about us. I don't want our board to be held to any of their pathetic ransom demands. I think our board know what they are doing, so let them do the business.
    This has wound up Aberdeen fans no end, they are fizzing, good to watch!!

  8. Yes all very true, but us Bears are still mug enough to go to their grounds buy their tickets, food etc. They all tried to put us out of business, they all still want us out of business etc etc. YET we still put money in their coffers.They are treating us like mugs and do you know something…. WE ARE!!! WE are all idiots, and are allowing them to treat us as such.

    Oh and please dont give me the usual diatribe about follow following our team to support them….. Surely it would be supporting our team MORE by paying to go to Ibrox on away games and watching on jumbo screens rather than financing those who will do damage to us at each and every turn.
    We get treated like mugs, we let them treat us like mugs and WE ARE mugs for financially supporting them. They dont even bother trying to dress it up anymore. They are very blatant about it.
    Wake up`and smell the coffee guys. A year or two of not going to there grounds would soon see a shift in power and if we are lucky see a couple of them go to the wall into the bargain.

    • Well said mate, only thing is we would need a beam back service to watch some of the games at Ibrox who would provide that??
      I say just STOP going to the away games, they wont give us any tickets we dont collect any tickets watch away games on Sky and BT when they are on and let the rest sit in half empty stadiums. Rangers took the largest away support to Hearts the other week, Celtic couldn't beat that, we had the largest support at Hampden, again Celtic couldnt beat that, what does that say about us? As Graham said MUGS, support the team awau but from a far not in the stadium, when the other teams say they wont take any tickets for Ibrox FINE, more tickets for Tangers fans🔴⚪🔵👍👍
      Then, Now, Forever

    • Absolutely agree with you Graham, that will always be my stance.The lynch mob style trying to destroy our football club should never be forgotten. Hopefully the guys who do go and apart from ticket money dont spend a single penny. I would be so annoyed if they do. Please please don't BUY.

    • RB, I live in Spain a lot of times during the year… I have a RAngersTV Season Ticket and watch ALL games live. I cant watch that live stream when in UK cause its barred via IP address (i.e. UK IP addresses are blocked) It would be a relatively simple job to unblock IP address for Ibrox Internet connection and beam it on Jumbo screens at Ibrox.

    • Donald, the stupid thing is the Bears DID forget about what they all, well almost all, tried to do to us, as soon as we got back to the Premier League.

      Even when am back in Scotland, I NEVER go to ANY away games, I never will again, and I used to go to as many away games as I could get tickets for.

      I called for ALL Rangers supporteres on this and other Rangers Fans sites NOT to go when we got back. I got pelters for not being a true Bear, even though am a season ticket holder, RangersTV season ticket holder, shareholder, and follow followed for over 35 years.
      Remember all those thousands of fans marching to save Rangers etc…. Why did they and we not follow follow through on those efforts by hitting them all where it hurts?? There pockets!! Have we all got short memories.

      Trust me!! Shellick apart, Rangers NOT giving them our hard earned would have them on there knees within two years. Before then there budgets would be slashed thus weakening them on the field. It would also weaken there ability to offer wages etc Rangers could, so Rangers get the better palyers, cheaper. Result all round.

      In the interim we can all sit back end enjoy their crying in the mhedia about how Big Bad Rangers are putting them out of business etc – RESULT!!

      Why cant bears see these SIMPLE FACTS!!!

      I get the emotional pull to follow follow our beloved team, I truly do, but IMHO, Real, True Bears should NOT put money into the pockets who would see us destroyed!!

    • I think it's gonna come down to what is actually in his contract, allegedly(reported in the Scottish press,take it wi a pinch o salt) the sliding scale of compensation for Scaberdeen, if he resigns they will make n official complaint to the spfl and they may not allow DM to take over until it's resolved(and yes they do have that power) especially if another member club is the one that makes the complaint. Unless Scaberdeen relent in some way I can see this dragging on a wee bit longer which incidentally may not be a bad thing we've got Murty at the helm who is stable but the sheep will be rudderless or worse stuck with a manager who openly wants to leave, either way not a good situations for them. But of their own making, but it won't stop em blaming us and DM. WATP

  9. DM is not a done deal yet and might not be, i just wander if the board have finally decided to go for him to save money on future transfer in the short term. Stewart Robertson said after the sacking of Pedro that and the board believed they had a good bunch of players, players that would be successful under the right man manager….this could well be true?
    Which manager out there just now (other than Pedro) could not argue with that point……Derek McInnes.
    DM has just seen his side pumped twice on the trot by Pedros men so he is far from being in a position to say to the board the players need to be changed and he needs funds to do that before he will commit.
    It could purely be the pull of the Rangers being a far superior club to the sheep and the desire to improve himself that makes him join, if he does join i am not convinced it will be because large funds will be available for new players.

  10. Guys. This is a well orchestrated and preplanned charade designed to make Aberdeen look strong as a club and appeal to their fans. The deal has already been done.

    McInnes and Milne would have discussed how to play this months ago and I'm sure there would be a gentleman's agreement to let him move on when he wanted to. (Especially when he showed great loyalty in turning down Sunderland)

    McInnes will resign and if Aberdeen don't pursue a legal case then it confirms all of this to be true.

  11. It’s a long standing maxim in football, you don’t sell your best to direct rivals. Especially so when you can get same money from only over the border.

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