Rangers to be hit with four-player January exodus; report


Breaking news today has suggested Rangers could lose four players at least in January, with the latest exodus being on the cards.

Fans will not be too disappointed at the departures of either Eduardo Herrera or Carlos Pena, but some may be a little sore over losing Bruno Alves and surely the majority will not want Declan John to leave.

Herrera has been a poor signing, failing to impress anyone, and he will be no loss come next month. The SPL’s most used substitute this season, he epitomises the disaster that was Pedro Caixinha.

For Pena’s part, he has fleetingly shown his abilities and truly impressed with them when in the mood. When he feels like it, he is technically as good as anyone in the SPL. Maybe even the best – but otherwise is lazy, disinterested, lethargic and not up to the pace of the division. That side of his game would be no loss next month.

Meanwhile Alves has mostly disappointed. When we look at the impact of great recent defenders like Boumsongs, Cuellars, Weirs and even Bougherras, Alves has not come close to the quality of any of them despite an infinitely superior CV. He has shown occasional matches which hinted at his ability, but overall, weak in light of the expectation about him. But some fans do still rate him and would not be happy to lose him.

Lastly almost all fans have been impressed by what amounts to arguably the best summer signing in the form of Declan John. While his loan deal was unheralded and supporters even wondered why we were bringing in a Cardiff ‘reject’ for a position where we had plenty of cover, his performances have grown and the Wales international has been, along with James Tavernier, Rangers’ best performer over the past couple of months.

It is a season long loan, but he will be free to negotiate in January with other clubs, and while there is hope Rangers can secure him into next season, sadly we struggle to compete with the glut of big English Championship sides who are said to be after his services. Cardiff may even recall him in January as well. Which would be a real kicker.

Time will tell.


  1. Honestly could it get any fuking worse if we lose Alves, John & not getting Moult!!
    Our board & director need to wake up.
    Mark Allan & his team better be working round the clock, even if they are we need a Manager or nobody will sign.
    Can't blame them neither join a team then UR not part of his plans.
    Honestly we need a Manager now or the window will be a disaster.
    What a fiasco this is turning in2!!

  2. Mark Allen must have some amazing players lined up if he has knocked back the chance to sign Louis Moult, a proven goalscorer at the right age to have sell on value etc. He'd have cost next to nothing so represents hardly any risk compared to others.

    It looks to me like the club see the obvious options and then think "wait a minute, that would be too easy…" and go down a needlessly complicated path to try and prove how clever they are (see Pedro appointment as prime example)

    • BT.
      It's not Mark Allan who's going to pull that plug, apparently Preston NE are after him in January.
      Don't Cry!!

  3. First things first. We are paying a lot of money each week for Herrera Pena and Alves. So good news if they go. Alves is 36 years old and I subscribe to same view as with Kenny Miller. At present we are paying a lot of money for Rossiter and Kranjar. They have given us nothing. Not their fault I know but who wants to pay huge money for someone who doesn’t turn up for work each day. I would rather see Lee Wallace go than John so for next summer we should try and get John now. Mould is a maybe but new manager is priority. We are very thin at present but we don’t want to be doing what Warburton did two January’s ago and give huge wages to people who didn’t perform. Mark Allen is key at present. I expect us to get kicked off park tonight. But there is half a season ahead. Sign a couple of midfield heavies to see us into 2nd place and get quality in summer.

  4. need two or three signings in January then hopefully get a couple more signed up on Bosman deals in January. midfielder and another striker should be priority. if that means having to offload Herrera and Pena then so be it but think keeping Alves is important for the team. big game tonight think it will be a tough one but hopefully can get the first goal and take it from there.

  5. If Mark Allen wanted him he would match Preston offer and the player would choose Rangers. So by not making a move for him, and not making him feel wanted, Mark Allen is to blame for us not getting Moult.

    It might yet prove a good decision if he has better players lined up but I have serious doubts…

    • Wake up and smell the coffee BT we're not the same Rangers as of before money no object… Preston NE can outspend us in regards wages for Moult… I think he will go Preston for the bigger wages.. I’d be amazed if he stayed in Scotland even with that other mobs interest…

    • If he wants to go to PNE let him they might offer more in terms of wages. But if he wants to play European football he won't get that there.

  6. What short memory’s people have. I remember moult getting slated on here just a couple of months ago after playing against him. John I think we will have w chance of keeping. He seems happy and loves the bigger crowds at ibrox. Give him a half decent wage and I think he will stay, at the end of the day he needs to be playing regularly not chasing money at his age

  7. Is Declan John not a seasons long loan!? And as its cross board can not be recalled?? Alves only said he would think about going if he didn't get reg football as the world cup is approaching. How can you even judge Herrera as he has inly really completed 80mins from the bench!! As for Peña, if you tell me where he is going then I will take him there myself!! Weird how you at I.N. seem to have all this info yet no one else does!!

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