Friday, 29 December 2017

Rangers reject bid for forward; reports

Following last night’s claims Rangers had received a substantial bid for winger Josh Windass, this morning has seen clarity on the story.

A bid has indeed reportedly been submitted by an English club for his services, but allegedly only starting at £200,000 and not the substantial escape clause sum at £3.5M.

The bid was apparently from Wigan Athletic, and was dismissed and rejected out of hand by Rangers who are reported to want a much more lavish £2M in order to sell him and let him leave.

Either way, whatever the absolute fact of this story, it does look like the attacker is on his way out if a good bid does indeed arrive, and Rangers could certainly use the funds to reinvest in better quality players – this bid from Wigan certainly leaves room for a bit of a war for his signature.

There will be many changes next month, and Windass’ departure may only be one of those many changes.


  1. Thay can have windass along as will grigg is part of the deal

    1. Will grigg ?

      Because of a stupid song?!

      He certainly is not good enough as a player.

  2. Well done to the club. It’s about time we stood up and said we want more for our players. If he has a £3.5million escape clause then the bids should start there not a pathetic 200k

  3. We should ask for £750K for Windass on his own, or £500K for Windass plus Herrera. Or, if they'll take Hodson as well, we'll give them all three for nothing :-)

  4. Rangers team will be stripped this January - unrecognisable as Pedro's players are sold or sit in the background when they cannot be sold...trouble is most of the new faces will be from the under-20's...

  5. I think we should be giving them £200k to take him and the rest of the dead wood!

  6. I'd play all the ones who want to leave and tell them they're going nowhere unless they prove their worth. Might get the likes of Peña , Herrera and Candeias to play well so they can sod off. If that doesn't work then ship them to the under 20s for the rest of their contract. It's a gamble but might work.

  7. IF the £0.5million bid is accurate thats a FUCKING INSULT to RANGERS

    CHASE them to FUCK until they pay GLASGOW RANGERS respect

  8. Pity we can't afford 200k to give him away!

  9. £1.5m for Windass
    £750-£850k for Herrera
    ...and Hodson can go Free


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