Rangers open to selling star player; report

Rangers open to selling star player; report

Several English sides are reported to be interested in signing Rangers’ on-form right back James Tavernier, according to sources.

The 26 year old full back is especially interesting Sunderland, but with Tavernier’s Newcastle history that would be quite a tricky move for the defender to make.

‘Tav’ has still got 18 months left on his deal and he is presumably one that Rangers are keen to extend, being one of the team’s better performers this season.

But a substantial bid from the Wearside outfit would almost certainly seal a deal as Rangers will not want to lose him for nothing next year, especially in light of the paltry £200K they paid Wigan for his services.

Reports are that Rangers are indeed open to selling the flying machine at the right price, and with interest gathering in his signature, he is vulnerable in January to sale.

For his part, the player has made no secret of his affinity with Rangers, and happily posed with fans last night following the win over Motherwell – but there is also a sneaking feeling that a wage raise and the chance to test his mettle at a higher level than the SPL could be viewed favourably with the player arguably in the best years of his career.

Rangers are expected to make a few alterations next month, but this one was unforeseen. Should it take place.

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  1. I would be absolutely sick if Rangers sold James Tavenier. He is my favourite player.If this were to happen it would prove that the board had no money. We the supporters have had to put up with a lot of rubbish being brought to Ibrox. I would have to reconsider all the financal support I have been giving to Rangers. WATP

  2. No way he is one of our best players. I know he gets pelters for his defending sometimes but he is not as bad a people make out. He has great pace and going forward he can be excellent like John is on the left.
    If we sell him for peanuts like we did with McKay i will be MAD. Who will
    buy to replace him? we are skint. And dont tell me we will play Hodgson at right back!!!! he is nowhere near as good as Tav. We should play 3 central defenders with Tav & John bombing forward like they do at Chelsea.

  3. Prize player ? He was getting slated only days ago, he can go for anything over £5 million. If Celtic players can go for over inflated prices it’s time our players did too

  4. Totally agree he has been 1 of our better players this season so far and naturally other clubs will be interested in signing him due to his better form
    So it's simple,Put a 5 million price tag for his services to any club that wants him,let's not get stung like we did with Barry McKay? watp helicopter 2005

    Ps.pedro the bullfighter/board were to blame regarding McKay,let's just hope Murty/same board don't make same mistake if tav is allowed to leave even if it is different circumstances…..��

  5. The club is open to selling anyone, we need to because we are still waiting for the millions king said he would invest.

    If new players are brought in we will have to sell current players to do this. Hardly team building stuff.

  6. While Tavenier has his weaknesses his form has shown considerable improvement. His impressive assist rate is testament to his considerable abilities going forward. In short there is a long list of players that should be ahead of Tavenier for the exit door. With the only back up at right back being Lee Hodson this is a move that definitely should not happen with Rangers in their current position unlikely to find a quality replacement for the money that Tavenier would fetch.

  7. Keep.
    Rossiter Get him sorted.

    Put 2M on Tavies head.
    Pena and Herrera 2M to Pedro.
    1M Cordoso to Portugal.
    Dodo MOH Holiday 1M for all 3.

    and whatever we can get from the dross that's left.

    I know we can't get rid of them all in 1 window but defo 2. Plenty young players out there and MA & his scouting team must be able to find better than some of the pish were watching now.
    Let's be trueley honest it wouldn't be hard would it.

    Need a Manager asap also. Murrys a top fellow but no experience in that position.

  8. Money talks so it would be understandable if he was sold on a good fee, but football-wise it would be a shame to see him go. In his first season here, he was great to watch and his scoring spree from full back was a bonus. Last year he had some stickier moments but he stuck at it and has been good to watch again this season. I'm just surprised that Pedro didn't fire him off in view of his improvement……….

  9. Don't sell him and play him at right wing back ONLY. Team to play Celtic in 3 – 5 – 1 – 1.
    Cardoso – Alves – Wilson
    Tavernier – Bates – McCrorie – (Jack or Barjonas) – John

  10. He's not that good. He's not good enough at defending to be a serious player. So I'm not fussed. Most of the team are off the quality needed to be honest. I'm going to have to stop commenting on these sites for a while as I'm not hopeful for our future and it's going to be a long hard year with nothing to show for it.

  11. Prize player?! Not one of our players deserves such an accolade! Morelos maybe.
    Tav could not tackle a fish supper nor head a ball to save himself. He is however, better than the bad lot we have, so to speak. He has been equally responsible of losing goals as Wilson is!! I don't foresee Chelsea or Arsenal breaking down our doors with an offer. We sell players to the championship, that's how below average our players are and not fit for the Rangers famous jersey.
    We are rank rotten from board to players.
    Mark Allen wants to bring back Halliday, Dodoo and MOH, oh, I can't stand the excitement with the thought of them coming back!!!!! If we could, I'd get rid of them all, but realistically we need to keep the dross for the foreseeable!!!

  12. Richard.
    Has to be a 3/5/1 but sorry defo no Bates his arse will collapse against the unwashed.
    Barjonas with Niko in the 5 if Jack doesn't make it and Pena/Windass #10 if Jack makes it Niko up with Buffalo.
    Hope we turn up!!

  13. Every player has their price and sadly were not in a healthy financial position to be fighting off decent offers, what I would say is tho that we should be adopting this ludicrous attitude that seems to be the norm now within the spf, of which whenever a player (not only Celtic) has a bit of interest in them then the clubs slap a price of 1 mil going up to 5 mil(mcginn most recent). I may be wrong but did Scaberdeen not try to get us to pay a mil for McLean when his contracts up thus summer, the same with walker from hearts. Yet we let talented players like Mckay go for buttons, I'm not debating whether he should have gone or not it's the fee that sticks in everyone's throats. Are other spfl clubs in a better financial position than us? Doubtful….however we can generate money, we will be back on our feet(in time) the other clubs are prob at their optimum reach which is surviving really. Which my point is if shitty wee clubs like Hivs and Scaberdeen can demand mental sums for average players with their financial situations then Wtf are our playing at? We need to firstly get back to the mentality of who we are and the stature of the club we represent, we are the Famous Glasgow Rangers Ffs. We need to be more hard nosed when it comes to selling players. Also while I'm on the subject it's way past time that we not only stood up to the abuse and nonsense that we receive from players in the spfl on and off the pitch cos at the mo we are a really soft touch,for instance if the brutal tackles some more like assault on our players at times this season alone that have gone unpunished, if that had happened to mhanky mob there would be enquiries and refs would be pulled up, players would receive punishments. Even down to social media where spfl players feel then need to attack us using terms like Huns,orange bastards and the new favourite amongst them zombies and dead club blah blah, what happened to league standards that all players must adhere to, surely that falls under bringing the game into disrepute? I just want us to get back to being the Famous with or without money it's the boards atitude that needs to change they need to realise who they're representing especially when it comes to valuing our players and staff. Mcinnes a million release clause????ffs do me a favour. WATP blue to the core

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