Rangers midfielder admits he could leave…


Carlos Pena has confirmed he almost certainly wants to go home, and manager Graeme Murty has supported the idea.

Ibrox Noise first raised this some days ago, but the player has now admitted he has set on his sights on a move back to Mexico, while manager Murty has opened the door for the disappointing signing to exit.

Pena said:

“In any team I’ve been, my mentality will be to succeed, do things well and leave a story, that’s what goes through my head. But I do not rule out having a B option to go back to Mexico, nothing would happen, I want to enjoy, play football and be happy.”

And in response, Murty had this to say about the 27 year old:

“No we’ve not spoken yet (he and Pena) but all players, when it comes to January, will be looking at their options, no matter whether you have a four-year deal or are in your last six months.”

Pena’s time at Ibrox has been largely frustrating. The few occasions where the Hispanic turned up, his quality was evident for all to see. But his displays have been mostly lethargic, disinterested, slow, and lazy, and he appears mostly ill-suited to the SPL.

It would be better for all concerned if he was to move on, with Rangers seeking to recoup a decent chunk of change for him.


  1. A great transfer window for Rangers would be in my opinion……out Pena and Windass if the sale is any where near £2 mill….. in Martin, Mclean, Walker, Naismith

  2. Pena will forever be the embodiment of Caixhina's disastrous reign, and of the Board's vanity and foolishness in allowing him to spend lavishly (by SPL standards) on a bunch of journeymen and untried Mexicans. We just need to get this guy and Herrera off the wage bill – whatever it takes!

  3. I would take 1m for him even at that I can't c many coming in for his services. Big let down for the price being quoted,could off got moult,walker,Morgan all in for nearly same amount.

  4. Pedro likes to take players from previous clubs and it certainly wouldn't surprise me if Pena Herrera & Candias all join him in Mexico.
    If Windass & Tavi leave also, I'm pretty sure our DOF can ace that 5
    No problem.

    Looking out my fuking window I wouldn't mind joining them 3 in Mexico!!
    Looking forward to the window me!!

  5. £1.5m for Pena
    £750k for Herrera
    £500k for Candeias
    £1.5m for Windass
    £0 for Hodson

    Id go out and sign
    Morgan, McGinn, McLean, Walker
    …And A GK and Striker

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