Poll: have Rangers fans run out of patience with star?


If there has been one overwhelmingly staggeringly negative
response to today’s outstanding display, outwith the disappointing Niko
Kranjcar, it has been fan reaction to Bruno Alves’ departure after 20 minutes.
Social media and the fanbase at large have been awash with
smears on the man, attacks on his character and a level of hate Ibrox Noise is
surprised to see, given the level to which we have criticised him in the past;
most responses disagreed with our assessments.
The overriding sense is that he ‘sh*t’ it again, and that
for all the big matches, the man either is not fit to start or limps off after
a few minutes.
Now we have been a little more positive about him recently, praising
what he does bring to the side, in our opinion, and even though we accept he is
just not at the level of a Carlos Cuellar et al, even we are surprised by the
slightly poisonous reaction to his injury.
Very few fans have defended him, accusing him of faking it,
even though manager Graeme Murty has confirmed he is now on crutches.
It appears Bruno Alves is in a very strange place – we have
been castigating of him most of the season, but we felt he improved the past
month – yet today’s events suggest fans have had enough of him and are not
But we still remain very surprised at the level of spitting
hate being aimed at the guy, who, we have to say, has represented the club
well, with class, and has done a lot of unseen work within the charity sector
of Rangers.
That said, we also admit that while there are some fans who
think the sun shines out his rear end, there has been a growing number who have
not been convinced by him.
And that boiled to the surface today with his early exit –
compounded, curiously, by a stunning MOTM display from David Bates.
It seems Rangers fans have had enough of Alves, if today’s
mini meltdown is anything to go by.
So we will open it to you lot:
Do you rate Alves and want to keep him?

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  1. I think be Bruno has been a let down overall. But I don't agree with hatered towards him. This is seriously lacking in integrity!

    I'm still not happy with the board. They are the ones who are to blame.

  2. I believe that he came to our league and he thought it would be a poor and easy league to play in..people are disrespectful and ignorant of our game here…i watch a lot of European football plus English…and I think some games here are just as good considering our league size and the pitty full amount our teams get in tv money.

  3. Vastly experienced as Krankjar and Alves undoubtedly are the speed of the game is literally leaving them standing. Krankjar should be gone on Jan 1st. I would have a close look at Bruno in Florida and if in doubt would get him away from Ibrox by Jan 31st.
    With Pena and Herrera out and three new fiery players with skill we can turn this into a very successful season.
    Above all we lack consistency and GM will pound away at these guys until he gets it from each one of them.
    Consistency is a hard thing for young players to achieve but McRorie, Bates, Candaeis, Morelis, Wilson and John have all shown that they have what is necessary to win at Parkhead, Tynecastle, Easter Rd and Murrayfield.
    The points and lots of them were handed to Hamilton, St Johnxtone, Kilmarnock and Dundee because of inconsistency.
    GM knows he has to eradicate this complacency and I think he should start with showing Krankjar the door and have one more look at Alves before maybe doing the same with him.

  4. nothing against the big guy but would rather have big clint back in his place, that said time to let bates & mc crorie flourish.it's the way to go bears.

  5. I honestly think he is a class act, maybe past his best, but I would doubt his integrity. He is like many foreign players, Ronald deBoer who I adored as a player, never risked playing with a niggly injury and I suspect Alves has the same mentality.
    Let us not crucify our own players, criticism them yes, but not strip them of their integrity and professionalism and wish Alves a swift recovery from his injury.
    If rumours are true about him wanting to leave, then si it be. Young Bates has had plenty criticism playing alongside Wilson who hasn’t been left criticised for some of hi# performances, but today’s result once again provides us with serious back-up to Alves’ absence or should it be Alves might have to fight to regain his first team position?

  6. Alves is a class act getting near the end of his time , and he may not be the run through barn door types we are used to but for me it is no accident that mcrorie ,Wilson and Bates all seem much improved players by his presence beside them

    • John.
      They all have said as much ffs look what he's done in his career it's exceptional.
      Can't honestly believe our supporters slagging him to death he's a class act ffs.
      Hope his injury isn't too bad.
      Get fit soon Big Man!

    • It is a growing problem Robbie- nasty, petty, childish, horrible comments from supposed supporters towards our players.

      At this rate nobody will want to play for us as the abuse several players are getting is shameful.

      The squad is full of average players who are trying their best and need the best from the support – not abuse and heckling.

      Alves has had an outstanding career at the highest level. He has not been at his best, but nobody in the defence has. Are some really suggesting he is faking the injury?

      Stop treating the players like this. The problems at our club are all rooted in the boardroom.

  7. I would keep Alves unless we can buy better as he is better than most teams have.

    If we can sell him for decent money, then let's sell him.

  8. I am not suggesting that Alves went off uneccessarily yesterday as you could see that he fell awkwardly – but I think it's clear that his greater commitment is to Portugal and signing off his international career at the World Cup in the summer. I think this has made him anxious to avoid aggravating any small niggling injuries in his time here, and perhaps also the physical nature of the style of football here has worried him ahead of the world cup. He organises the defence well when he is playing – but is not the enforcer we hoped for. Yet another case of right player at the wrong time – and we have too many of them in recent years at great expense. I can't see Alves leaving in January but he won't be here next season.

  9. I think he will not be on the plane to Florida. I don't think he wants to be at the club and he has been a massive disappointment and I can't think of one really outstanding performance. Wilson certainly seems to play better when he not around as he take responsibility for himself….best game in a long time yesterday for Danny !

  10. Since when did we as gers fans constantly single out a player for hatred and being a scapegoat? It's disgraceful behaviour. Look at who the fans have slagged – Windass, Bates v Killie but now he's a world beater cause he had a good game yesterday. Tav for most of the season but now after yesterday I've heard some fans call him our Cafu, Fod basically since he joined the club, and now Alves bottled it. Did nobody listen to Murty's post match interview when he said Alves was in a lot of pain, discomfort and left the piggery on crutches. No wonder we drop more points at Ibrox when there's this much criticism of certain players. Have a word with yourselves.

  11. Was he faking it? I dont think so. Was he being over protective of himself? I dont know, but if Rangers fans think he is the first player to protect himself they are deluded. But thats not the point…. When did all these Rangers fans suddenly become Doctors, able to give instantaneous medical prognosis? Who is to say how bad his injury is / was?

    In my playing days I remember going up for a header at a corner and landing hard on my foot. Instant pain. I thought I had just tweaked a muscle or something and played on despite being in pain. After all how much damage could I have done to myself doing that?

    I played another two game after that thinking I had just bruised some muscles in my foot. 2 weeks later I jumped again but this time when I landed I felt like I had stood on a nail. Got carried off and taken to hospital. Turned out I had fractured the bone at side of the foot initially, and then completely broke it the second time. So much for an innocuous, nothing injury. I ended up out for 6 months rather than 2-3 months because I kept playing rather than getting it looked at and fixed when it initially happened.

    I wonder what would these same "so-called bears" be saying about Alves today if he had gotten up, played on despite his injury and as a result of that injury caused a goal. Would they than be saying that he was out of order for trying to play on when he was not fit enough.

    To call a mans integrity into question like this is abhorent.

    I look around myself at times and wonder about some of the Rangers fans around me. Some of us are talking in depth about how the present Rangers Board are NOT "doing it the Rangers way"… I see a lot of bears just now, doing like wise.

  12. Shame on those who seemingly can't wait to tear into our players.

    If it's not windass it's alves or Pena or Herrera or whoever else has had a poor game or not lived up to the standards of these high achieving supporters – they must never have a bad day themselves and achive utter perfection on a daily basis.

    Perhaps looking for someone to blame for their own failures in life? Look in the mirror!

    I remember when I used to laugh at how bitter and childish Celtic fans were.

    Shame on all of these people. But I guess they are probably shameless.

    • E-Chef, funny you should comment regarding fans on players, that's exactly how I feel when fans slag off our board! It's all about opinions I suppose.

    • Not having that Jimbo- the board is not the club, the fans and the players is the club.

      Sorry, I have utter contempt for those in our support that abuse players trying their best yet let the board away with murder.

  13. If Alves' injury is genuine, then we are being a bit harsh. However, it's not the first time he has pulled out of a game at the last minute complaining of injury! I personally think our game is far to fast and furious for him.
    In contrast, my highest praise goes to McCrorie. He took a right good 'bloody' head knock from wee no neck. What did McRorie do? swaggered angrily to the touch line, wiped his face and came back on the park with a steely commitment worthy of a Rangers jersey. If Alves and Kranchar are looking how to be committed to the jersey, just take this young lads example, well done McCrorie, proud of you son!!!

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