Murty drops big hint about star midfielder


Rangers’ interim coach Graeme Murty has delivered a thinly veiled criticism of Mexican Carlos Pena after another miserable display from the creative midfielder.

The 27 year old has blown mostly cold since his arrival in Govan, while occasionally showing in fleeting matches his real qualities which have impressed, but Murty was unhappy with his weak and lethargic display yesterday and made a very subtle criticism of it.

He said:

“I thought we had to make a change at half time (Pena off for Morelos), certain things weren’t working, we were getting overrun a bit in the middle of the pitch, we weren’t actually applying enough pressure.”

If there has been one particular criticism of the Mexican it has been his general lack of work off the ball, something which cannot be levied at Holt or McCrorie. In short, he has been lazy, and while he has a load of talent and is technically impressive when in the mood, when not, he is a passenger and borderline liability.

We would be very surprised if he is in the XI for Wednesday’s trip to Easter Road.


  1. He is very frustrating to watch you, can see sometimes he has quality, but in our game teams who we play against keep things tighter than a ducks arse. And space is at a premium. And your closed down quick smart and any pockets of space he does manage to find the ball is not finding him.

  2. Very frustrating. BUT….id play him against hibs, they will attack and he should get time and space for those late runs into the box.

  3. We really require 10 players using 100% effort & guts to compete in the overly boisterous SPL. I am sorry to see that Kranjcar with his passing ability must also be considered to be a passenger when the going gets tough.

    Let's hope Murty can get 4 wins in a row against Hibs.

  4. lets be honest he is a luxury that we cant afford what is the saying when skill doesnt work ,work beats skill, sadly in this league that is the case, he looks
    disinterested and unfit I wouldnt have him anywhere near the first team again, what a waste of money we could have bought 3 decent players for what he cost us

  5. It might also be good if someone showed him how to run, rather than shuffle about like an eighty year old. (sorry if I have insulted any eighty yer olds!!!)

  6. I think he's a waste of time against teams who play like RC at Ibrox unless were 2 up then that changes everything.
    He will be much more affective against fibs reasons already given on here.
    We are improving slowly but surely

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