McInnes makes unexpected admission about Rangers and manager job


Derek McInnes has further muddied the waters of the failed saga bringing him to Ibrox by admitting he is indeed a Rangers fan.

Many supporters have questioned his ‘Rangers man’ credentials in light of events over the past few days, but having rejected the move to Ibrox, the Aberdeen boss has curiously admitted Rangers are or were his team.

He said:

“I hold Rangers in high regard. I was a supporter, I played for the club and I can’t deny that.”

And yet he has rejected a move to Ibrox, which really does make one wonder what on earth happened behind the scenes to make him switch from inevitable new manager to dismissing the offer and staying at a smaller club.

For days it looked 100% dead on, but it really appears to us that something changed to make him reverse his decision before putting pen to paper.

Whatever that thing is, we cannot possibly say, but life moves on.


  1. " I was a rangers supporter" as to " I am a rangers suporter" his loyalties lies with the sheep now. It's time we forget about mcinnes and concentrate going forward now.

    • I agree. You get one chance to join rangers and he fucked it up. If his family wouldn't settle then he should've made his feelings clear 6 weeks ago. We move onto better things.

  2. He had two days whereupon the doubts crept into his thinking. Monumental memory loss of the players to come on if he had to change. Continued to the point his bottom end collapsed.He won't admit it, but I am sure that's how it unfolded.
    Rangers statement wasn't too clever, all that was required was we are disappointed we didn't have an interview but respect your decision and good luck to your future. Now I support G.Murty until such time he gets the job or someone gets recruited.

  3. The job was to big for him
    Absolutely no shame in that
    It's better to say No rather than
    We end up back at this point same
    Time next year

  4. I agree Scot it is time to move on,As far as manger they could get Billy Davies true blue and free of charge.

    • I have my reservation's about Billy Davies been out off works for years.I would like Neil warnock he is a rangers fan. And hugely experienced and doing an absolutely fantastic job at cardiff.

  5. History. Let's move on and put this farce behind us. Not sure that he and his assistant were right (who knows) anyway. Absolutely need to get the appointment right. No more unknowns like Pedro or inexperienced like Warbs.

  6. Do a story on Jim traynor, that bawbag has to be fired after a statement like that, that was the most embarrassing thing about it even trumping taking 6 weeks to approach him!

  7. I am delighted that Derek McInnes had doubts about his own ability to lead a Rangers team with big problems ahead of them.

    He is certainly no Sir Alex Ferguson who won things with Aberdeen and went on to be a success with another big club.

    When Rangers finally get their act together and we start beating Aberdeen regularly he might end up like most managers – fired!

    Thank you Derek for facing up to the truth and leaving the job to a much better candidate.

    • His team are bottle merchants and he is the leader of the bottle merchants. Turning down Sunderland and Rangers. He knows he can't take Aberdeen any further but still opts to stay. I'm not buying this tripe that he wants to open the new stadium etc because a new stadium won't see him improve on the job he's already done. No bottle, no ambition.

      We dodged a bullet…

    • Anyone who has total confidence in their ability, steely determination to win and an unshakable belief that we will never be beaten.

      Plenty guys out there who fit the bill. Many would be big gambles for one reason or another. McInnes doesn't meet that identikit

  8. Nothing happened behind the senses he just realised he's not up to the job. He is in his comfort zone at Aberdeen, they like him, they and the press think he's doing a 'great job' coming second…he's not up to the pressure. This was obvious when he turned down Sunderland on the basis of not being sure what would happen if the club was sold. Yet he would have been on 3 year £1m a year contract so he had a massive comfort blanket in that situation. If he was sacked after 6 months he walks away with £3m…that is a no risk situation yet he turned it down. How can he run Rangers, really!!

    Lets move on…as we just dodged a massive bullet!

  9. he had the chance to make his mark on scottish football cannot believe he turned us down ,sheep will do nothing ,mcinnes remit looks to be to beat rangers ,hes spending to much time with seltic lovers .why is it a good percentage old rangers players dont want anything to do with there old club

  10. I have maintained that he was not right from the outset he was a mediocre player who is only able to look after a mediocre team .We need a strong personality to take on big egos who need to learn they are not bigger than the club if he had come we may have being going through it all again within 6 months i would rather we took a chance on either Giovanni or Barry and possible terry butcher than the man who has achieved nothing at least Giovanni has won the dutch league if it was Barry i would team him up with Walter barry has the club in his blood i would stick with what works that being Scotish or dutch .

    • dont think barry will get near job slagging board every turn .see how murty does think murty has been unlucky ,jack ,wallace dorrans ,so far hes done great . robbie ,neilson . big tel would be my first choice, w,a,t,p

    • Stevie.
      Barry Sheens got more chance of getting a job, constantly mocking the club in one way or another.
      Bankrupt looking for a job!!!

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