Manager update: biggest shift yet…


Rangers’ managerial hunt has taken its 23rd (and counting) twist today with ex-Middlesbrough chief Aitor Karanka becoming second favourite while outstanding favourite Derek McInnes has now shorted to 1/8, which are the Aberdeen boss’s strongest odds since the race began.

To give some sort of sense of how the past 12 hours have affected the saga, Karanka’s odds are miles off McInnes, with 7/1 against the Real Madrid ex-assistant being named new boss, while the revelations over the alleged approach to McInnes has given him the biggest boost yet.

It is the first real clinical sign that Derek McInnes will be the new manager, if we add chairman Dave King’s comments that Rangers are essentially looking at a thin pool of in-work managers, which more or less narrows it down to McInnes, St Johnstone’s Tommy Wright and possibly Motherwell’s Steve Robinson.

Both of the latter two are way longer, with Wright at 22/1 and Robinson barely even worth mentioning, which means unless there is a stunning shock on the cards, tomorrow’s clash in Aberdeen could well be the last time Derek McInnes manages in the home dressing room for that fixture at Pittodrie.

Question is, is this an appointment fans are happy with, should it transpire?

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  1. If it is Derek McInnes, I will be very disappointed. I wanted big Sam, but Everton have got him now.

    I will of course support him as our Rangers manager if he finally gets the job.

    I just don't think he is special enough for a big club like Rangers.

  2. Mcinnes has done a great job at Aberdeen- but their weak performance against us is not a one off, it's how they perform in all the big games. This is why we must look elsewhere even though on paper he looks a safe option. We could and have done worse, but to take a month to go for the obvious solution is puzzling at best.

    Karanka is a supreme tactician and done well at borough IF you ignore the times he went in the huff and threatened to quit. He would certainly make us a stronger defensive side. Worth talking to him and would be a sign of ambition but also a risk.

  3. Do u not think with wat king said that gio wud b in the pool. Knows wat we re all about,knows wat it takes to b a winner, knows Scottish,British n European football, I think he wudnt cost much more than wat it wud cost to get mcinnis.
    But I wud b happy with mcinnis b interesting to see wat he cud do with 5-6times the budget of the sheep.

  4. If he'd taken the league from Deila, fair enough. Think that's the closest he'll ever get to them though. The fact that he has openly admitted not knowing what to do to beat they smelly bastarts worries me!! Then again, if we get beaten tommorow my opinion will maybe change slightly, doubt it but!

  5. I think whoever it is we must back him. would love a big name but dont know how much we can afford.if the board can get us a big name they will

  6. I wanted McInnes when the job went to Pedro, as soon Pedro went I immediately knew I wanted it to be McInnes, but the longer this is taking the less keen I am becoming.

    I thought Murty as an option was just bonkers, even though we lost the Hamilton and Dundee games under him I'm actually starting to think that he might be bad option at all.

    But do me a favour, Allardyce??? There is absolutely nothin special about him.

    GVB, I'd be over the moon to see him coming back but it's not going to happen.

    Karanka, probably a better option than McInnes and definitely better than Allardyce but I just don't see that one happening.

    Alex Neil is a name that probably should have been mentioned more, he and Tommy Wright are definitely worth some consideration. I can't help but think Wright is out of the running now.

    All the others previously mentioned are not worth commenting on, they simply aren't good enough or wouldn't be interested in coming anywhere near us – a lot of them probably see us as a basket case right now.

    So, if it is going to be McInnes, in fact whoever it is going to be I'd love to see Murty being given the assistants job, I think he has more than earned it.

  7. If it's McInnes, Wright or Robinson then it's a clear statement of intent – to be also rans. I'd stick with Murty rather than shell out more money on coaches with a proven record of not really achieving anything in a league which isn't exactly top class. In terms of imagination, Karanka or Gio would be better bets to mount a credible challenge for honours rather than just taking part in the top half of the table.

  8. How can we hire a guy that our U20 coach has just out coached and beaten twice in a week! If we hire him we will be in the same position again in less that 12 months. Today we had a young guy Bates start, Wilson off injured at half time, Jack sent off at the start of the second half…so this is half a team and McInnes still can't beat us yet people think he should manage the Rangers…..why!!