Manager – just what on earth are the board playing at?


To say Rangers fans are getting increasingly frustrated with the managerial situation is an understatement of epic proportions.

The example some point to was Everton – sure, they took their time as well, but they were only ever interested in two men – Watford’s Marco Silva, and unemployed Sam Allardyce. Once Watford had officially rejected the interest and requested they leave it, Everton respected it and quickly made moves to get Allardyce into the hotseat at Goodison.

The Rangers shambles has grown into utter embarrassment by comparison. Almost two months on from Pedro Caixinha’s sacking and following the Derek McInnes disaster, Rangers made an incredibly strange decision – to leave Graeme Murty in charge of Scotland’s biggest job until the new year at least.

This is no slight on Murty – the guy has done an incredible job completely out of his comfort zone, and has generally carried himself very well indeed.

But the St Johnstone disgrace, in concert with undeserved wins over County and Hibs, along with the McInnes soap opera wins over Aberdeen, do suggest Murty is not the man. Some of us tried to make a case that he could possibly carry the club, but the reality is he cannot.

Yet the comical decision by Rangers’ board to leave all the nonsense on his doorstep for another month is both disgraceful and insulting.

It is disgraceful that the board are making Murty carry the can for everything these past eight weeks. This is not conduct befitting a Rangers board and frankly they have shown themselves to be weak, misguided, and their time at Ibrox is up, for many fans now.

And it is insulting to the fans that the board think they can palm off on the entire base a decision which leaves the club in limbo until mid-January – just who do they think they are and exactly what respect are they showing the support or indeed the club as an institution? Absolutely none.

Meanwhile Swansea make moves to replace Paul Clement inside a day of his sacking, with noises in the direction of Frank de Boer, and Tony Pulis, currently available, sits idly around, with Swansea apparently not interested in his services and is many Rangers fans’ choice for manager; yet still nothing happens.

If there was ever an example of directors sitting on their hands it is at Ibrox.

There is an old phrase – ‘do not let the grass grow under your feet’. Well frankly under this board I think we need a combine harvester.

Whether Pulis is the right man long term is unclear – but he evidently put his hat in the ring and could at least take us to the summer. And yet, we will just go on with Murty and we will all continue to age.

As nothing happens. Again.


  1. Pulis has publicly stated he will spend Xmas with his family then return to football after new year. For all we know the club may have approached him already.

    • The present Board are on very thin ice. Simply by not communicating to the fans leaves the club ownership open to ridicule. Something like a Souness/Kennedy takeover might be one way to invigorate a floundering institution but it is patently evident the navigators we have at the moment have thrown the steering wheel overboard and are whistling in the dark.
      We need a takeover, not a makeover.
      Morgan, Cochrane, Gilmour, McKay have all been lost. Money going out of this club at an alarming rate in many different ways.. Our money shows little in return in comparison with other clubs expenditure.
      Sadly, sadly lacking in leadership, we have none.

    • Stevie, i don't just agree with you. I also take this ' column' to be pretty incredulous.
      1. I feel basically you are insulting to Graeme Murty. He's not a wee numpty draughted in through an agency for job redeployment.
      He's an extremely intelligent guy with The BEST MAN MANAGEMENT Skills since Smith.

      2. Why WASN'T the BOARD kicked out of Ibrox during or soon after the AGM
      3. So called Fans Groups who held masses of Demonstrations with the late Great Sandy Jardine and Bomber Brown. Are tbey part if Club1872? Because if so. They are unlikely to turn against King and Murray because THEY carried the Boards banners to get them in.
      So WHO will lead any such demonstrations.
      Cant be Bomber coz he too has been bought off by the perpetrators. Per pee Traitors?
      3. How do YOU know what the board have agreed, if anything without shouting from the Hilltops?

      I will say again. from Day 1 King and Murray should not have allowed BACK INTO the place they failed last time
      4. I sincerely believe that Somebody or somebodys inside Rangers are dodgy at best.
      DEFINITELY not with Rangers ad a Footballing sudes interest.
      Tninl I'm wrong.
      Lets hope so. Because we are disappearing up iur pwn arsesbas we speak

      Oh how I'd live to be wrong

    • Brian, I don't know if your reply is aimed at me or the article? I never said I knew anything…I said "for all we know.." as in NOTHING. I have also never said a bad word about Murty, quite the opposite if you look at previous articles. I support murty and I think the guy is doing a good job and will get better with experience and totally agree with you regarding his man management skills. My comment was purely based on the tony Pulis speculation. For the record I think a Pulis/Murty team could be champion for the Gers!

    • Brian – Murty is NOT a manager!! He's a youth coach. As for best management skills since Smith..Cuffed by Dundee, St Johnstone, Hamilton and now Kilmarnock, 2 of which have been at our own ground!

      Murty as manager till summer will see us fall to our worst ever top flight league position, because he simply doesn't have the skills, the ability or savvy to take us anywhere but backwards, mark my words!

  2. You are 100% right about the board letting Graeme Murty take all the strains and stress of keeping a regular winning team together to try and win 2nd place.

    They are clueless and don't know who to turn to.

  3. It's a complete and utter shambles at the club right now. I have become increasingly dismayed at the lack of activity in this manager search. Every few hours I'm online checking to see if there have any developments but find only speculation. I hope for murtys sake he can find a result on Saturday and then against the other mob on the 30th instead of more dropped points handing over the reins to the new man if indeed we have a new man waiting to come in at the end of the year. Personally I'm not to confident there is one.

  4. Could well be Stevie, I ties in with our club statement on Murty being in charge till end of the year. Still there bk we should have asked MacLeish to stand in until we had someone. Especially after the mcinnes debacle. He would have helped out in a Heartbeat, he's a proper bluenose. Also would've shown other clubs he's still able for the job.

  5. If this board hire Pullis it will be another example of their inability to win the heart and soul of all that follow Glasgow Rangers. They must seize what may be the final chance to make the fans proud to follow on. Please choose a manager with a passion to entertain and to promote the young blues. Can this be said of Tony Pullis?
    Whatever little finance that is available PLEASE spend it wisely on a modern and passionate manager that is ready to make his mark. Forget those names that ride the managerial roundabout or we will be in a worse position in the future…AT BEST!

  6. Agree with article. Take Pulis out of the equation though, we don't need pulling out of relegation, we need to win the title! Job is far too big for him.
    But this is very much a farce and I can only hope the board is going to announce a very big name to justify the time taken to find a manager!

    • Unfortunately Robbie our DOF has sided with King and risked his reputation by coming out with his ridiculous chatter about how Murty has all the qualities we need when everyone clearly knows he is a million miles away from being what we need!

  7. I hope so. I can't think of anyone better to take over right now. I also think we have a group of players that can be the best defence in the league.

  8. No to Pullis and all the other tired managers…what is needed is a manager that is young, passionate about entertaining and above all promotes youth from within. So I hope Mr A is taking all this time in unearthing a modern manager with a winning mentality.

  9. Wow this page is getting a bit nasty, it was only the other week that people were going nuts about how they didn’t want Pulis or any other English manager and would like Murty till the end of the season. And now it’s the exact opposite, maybe check ur previous articals before saying the opposite so quickly

    • Agree with you there Stuart. I myself didnt think Murty was the answer but now the board (different discussion really) have given the reins to Murty lets support the guy. I fully agree with everyone that if the board had a target and missed they should have had a plan B etc and stopped the shambles. But lets look at this way…bookies and media had a new favourite or 2nd favourite every day, are the board to blame for that? I think no. The board were right to take time but fecked up at the end of plan A. What i hate is that the club are feeding our haters and allowing anyone to critique us and then when our board do make a decision we slate them? Sometimes we dont help ourselves (yes we should challenge the board/directors whenever)

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