Legendary title winner from nowhere to near-favourite for Rangers job


Former Rangers star and Parkhead title winner Neil McCann has come from absolutely nowhere to second favourite following Rangers’ win at Pittodrie this afternoon.

Current favourite Derek McInnes did himself no favours with his post-match rant, criticising Rangers and the media over the affair, and as a result, his odds have reduced and the Rangers legend who got it right up them at Parkhead all those years ago has seen his chances stunningly increase to near favourite in a manner of hours.

Whether this is absolutely random betting patterns or whether something behind the scenes has happened and McCann is a genuine contender remains to be seen, but if anyone gets Rangers over the past decade McCann does.

He has viewed the club from Sky’s studios, he is the one former pundit Rangers fans all universally respect, and he is doing his level best to try and salvage Dundee’s season.

He is a true Rangers man, and understands the pressure arguably better than any of the contenders currently vying for the job.

He sits at 5/1 which is an extraordinary development, and frankly, we would absolutely take him.

A likeable and knowledgeable man who understands this club, the league, and has been with us all as the drama unfolded over the past five years.



  1. I won’t hide my feelings regards Murty for the job but that’s by the by..If it was a toss up between DM & Neil McCann for me then it would be McCann the man for me.. He’s got Dundee off botttom which nobody saw coming and he’s got a better record v Rangers than DM enough said.. He’s trusted his Dens men with his own head on the block when things was going bad – strength of character or belief in the squad he had either way he gets some respect.. I will be glad when all this is over and we can concentrate on the matter at hand..That’s catching that other mob at the top…

  2. like most of us hes a forgotten man could he really do the job? i dont know got to be a better shout than the sheep herder i think

  3. Still think we need a manager who was Ranger…who also has had wins against the Scum….the new manager will also have to be able to enforce our team…with less money. At the moment,we need a manager AND that IS NOT Derek MCInnes.
    Unfortunately,i can honestly say the group that i have seen are ONLY average at best well..
    So…might as well use Graeme Murty,,,he has shown the right attitude even when we lost,he has also shown that he knows our players very well.

  4. lets be honest guys we cant afford DMc we are skint let murty stay in charge until end of season what real harm could that do?

    • great shout lets see if murty got it the players are right up for it now under murty all we are fighting for now is scottish cup under murty we will finish second easilly. w,a,t,p

  5. I am not a fan of company logos on shirts, and the last six weeks or so the only people to have benefited seem to be the bookies, open tills, mad odds, social media amplifying every nuance, and now Neil McCann, who I think has the right stuff, but there are a lot of people making it a happy Christmas for the odds merchants, is the fix on?

  6. Crazy crazy crazy lot of time for n McCann but like Mcinnes he's not ready for the job,I still don't understand why McLeish who wouldn't cost any compensation
    and who I feel would be the best man for the job but seems to be overlooked by
    the board, I also believe murty should be made up to the first team in some
    capacity as well…..watp helicopter 2005

  7. Would Take McCann But My Choice for The boss is Tommy Wright!
    But I also think Murty deserves a chance with an older head to advise him

  8. I don't know what all th fuss is about king says they,ve someone in mind just let them get on with it.At the end of the day its the board to make the choice and not the fans and why lose sleep over it? As long as the club are solvent lets be happy with that.

  9. If the choice was based on being a Rangers man then McInnes would have to come without Tony Docherty who is exactly the opposite of a Rangers man

    • Let’s face it DM is the new Manager then Barry Ferguson is shoe horned into the job… Funny how he was anti Ped because JJ got the job yeh.. I wouldn’t be surprised if the inside leak was happy to pass it on to Ferguson to help him get a new job.. If Ferguson gets a job as Coach then it’s a huge step backwards all because he’s a Rangers man yeh… He should’ve stayed with Clyde but he’s an arrogant shit and thought he’d get the assistant job but he didn’t..

  10. Neil McCann, ffs whos kidding who, might be a rangers man, same as De Boer, Wilkins, Butcher and others but even contemplating taking McCann is a joke, wont happen, l don't give a flying feck that the bookies have placed him second in the running, it wont happen, l will put my life on it

  11. Like Neil McCann however let him gain experience at Dundee and earn his stripes first. If Derek is the man, he will bring his own assistant but I think Murty should be promoted as third man. He should be developed under an exoerienced manager, then let him go and manage a couple of teams in the SPL before appointing him as a future manager of the Gers.