King drops biggest hint yet on new manager’s identity


Dave King has dropped a huge bombshell by eliminating all free agent managers from Rangers’ boss hunt and conceding that the main candidates the board is focused on are all under contract with other clubs.

This is quite a revelation and really does thin the managerial herd significantly, and suggests that the board are not interested in any manager who is currently out of work.

The chairman said:

“We were forced to look outside of those who were out of contract, and as soon as you move into that area, it’s a different type of negotiation. You’ve got to talk to clubs and talk about compensation. It has taken longer than we would have maybe liked, but not longer than is necessary.”

He also conceded no one out of work was ‘outstanding’, which eliminates a glut of the familiar individuals such as Alex McLeish, Frank de Boer, Billy Davies, Slaven Bilic, Ange Pestecoglou and indeed this morning’s latest name, Aitor Karanka.

It also suggests the main candidates might just be the likes of Derek McInnes and Tommy Wright; something King hinted at:

“It has taken longer than expected in the sense that, certainly in my perspective, I really thought the pool of available candidates would have been a lot stronger.”

By pool, he means depth. And on that level, it appears Rangers are only focused on those currently in work, which narrows it down to a very thin group and it could be as few as two.

Motherwell’s Steve Robinson is certainly another possibility.

One thing we know though is Derek McInnes has finally committed to Aberdeen, and his popularity among fans is certainly not overly high following Wednesday anyway, so could Tommy Wright be the one Rangers are currently mulling over?

We shall see.


  1. Don't think this holds any water.
    He said twice yesterday SOME Individuals and INCLUDES Individuals under contract.
    At no time did I he say "ALL!!?"

    "The search for Pedro's replacement has also been thorough and of appropriate duration under the guidance of Mark Allen, the director of football.

    "Based on the manner of Pedro's departure we had to first re-evaluate the criteria we required of our new manager.

    "In this instance, however, our short-listed candidates include individuals presently under contract and that adds an additional unavoidable time element. We should have something to report shortly."

    • Mentioned some under contracts, MacInnes, Wright immediately comes to mind but let's not forget Murty he's also under contract. I wouldn't dismiss Murty if finances are hard to come by.

  2. steve robinson ,tommy wright ,murty ,any one will do ,all we were lacking was fight and aggression thats what we did not have under pedro , breadman ,cost us dearly, good news the stadium is top priority ,the unwashed ,cheating smellies .are gutted . follow, follow .no surrender

  3. Murty is not a strong leader that much was evident after the defeat to Dundee. He was fighting back tears in his post match interview so he is not strong mentally for the position.

  4. Robinson,Wright,Murty???? R u guys on drugs these 3 names should not even b linked with the managers job….. I like this site but is rediculas to quote they 3!! GVB or Derek MC or even a tony pulis will do for me….. Cheers ��

  5. dont hear mcinnes shout hes out for revenge when the smelltic turn the sheep over and over .never heard him say a bad word about smeltic .murty will turn him over again on sunday .why should we take mcinnes have you seen aberdeen play in europe dont think hes ever beat smelly mob on 20 attempts .murty until end season give the guy a chance he very much deserves it .w,a,t,p

  6. there was a clamour for Big Sam – he takes up Everton job @£6m wages – probably less than the BIG job in Scotland ?? the rubbish that's been linked and believed is incredible.

  7. No No and No Again
    Would Put Karanka in the Same Bracket as Poyet, McLaren etc

    A Few Names I Would like to see be our manager is

    Murty (with an older head to advise him)
    T. Wright
    M. O'Neill
    G. Van Bronckhorst
    S. Billic
    A. McLeish
    …and A Few Others but Karanka isnt one of them!

    But My Personal Choice for the Next Boss would Be Tommy Wright