It’s about time Pedro Caixinha shut up


Ever since ex-manager Pedro Caixinha left, there has been a distinct lack of sniping about him from Rangers. While some pundits have hinted at ‘stories’ in the press, no one in any official capacity has said anything like a bad word about him, conceding no more than his appointment being a mistake. If they even went as far as that. Which it was, incidentally, a mistake. Wrong man. Wrong time.

However, it is time for the man himself to move on. Pedro Caixinha seems to be in the news every other day sniping about his Ibrox experience, discussing how bad it was and how negative it was, while even trying to smear the club as a whole.

It is in incredibly poor taste and the only reason we are bothering with this article is to try to get the message to him that we are a little fed up of his attacks on Rangers and he is starting to become an enemy of the club with such verbose nonsense. We will not sit idly by as an ex-employee tries to drag our good name through the mud.

We do not want that. We do not want any ex-manager or player to become an ‘enemy’. Some fans do see some ex-Rangers as such – they dislike what they have said in the media and their legend often gets tarnished.

But barely two months on, Pedro still has not let up with the bitterness. From calling his new club a bigger challenge than Rangers, to saying the whole thing was a ‘negative experience’, he has shown his true nature of pettiness up and made the whole ugly affair become even uglier.

Rangers made a mistake appointing him, we know this, but while we at Ibrox Noise and many in the fanbase frequently criticised Pedro’s management and knew he was the wrong appointment, we never attacked his character. We never attacked the person that he is.

For him to still be pitching insults at Rangers over six weeks on is getting old already. Whether it relates to his pre-Rangers Celtic affiliations is unclear, but the man needs to show a bit more class. Even Joey Barton only ever behaved towards us with dignity when he left, despite growing up a Celtic fan. It did not work out for the ex-Burnley man, but he showed decency since he left and such things are not forgotten.

It is about time Caixinha grew up, moved on, got on with his life at his new club, and stopped hurling unpleasantries our way.



  1. The thing about pedro was he never quite new when to shut his mouth. To announcing the squad 3 days early. To vampires lusting for the taste of blood to the dogs barking at caravans. The guy was a complete tWat. He seemed a very confrontational man. Who I think would cause a row in a empty house. His tenure ended and he was papped out the door. What is the first thing he does when he gets a new job tells the club's most senior player he is no longer wanted straight away getting off on the wrong foot. Guid riddance to bad rubbish as far as I'm concerned.

    • It’s a pity you didn’t say all this when he was our manager,Scott!!Looking back you thought he was brilliant and we should have gave him more time.

    • I don't think I ever said he was brilliant. I wasn't against him from the beginning I was prepared to give him the benifit of the doubt. By your comment you must have been against him from the get go.I know as well as the next man that it's a results driven profession and he lost his job quit rightly so.

  2. I did think Pedro did need more time,like any new manager he needs time Pedro never got that,our next manager who ever he is will not get much more time than Pedro got that is a put off the job for some known you can not get beat more than twice and draw three times you must beat Selltic or your out of a job,it is the demands of Rangers fans and could stop good managers coming here.

    • I have to disagree about the need to beat Celtic. There was no such immediate pressure though we all love it. However the results against the hun were actually worse overall than the previous two incumbents. We expected to get beaten, not thrashed. Also in Pedro’s case an expensive ineffective overhaul, an early European exit, unpredictable results, losing the dressing room, and a poor transfer strategy were all crucial. Instance getting rid of your second best player prematurely (Clint Hill) given the current budgetary considerations when the money should’ve been spent elsewhere in the team was just silly.

  3. Very good AULD YIN!!I was against Pedro from the start and I was proven right,To much of a gamble with the position we were in.Lets stop going over old ground and look forward,Who would you like to see coming in Scott?This next appointment will need to stop Celtic doing 10 in a row!!

    • As I said before it's a results driven profession and a huge gamble for anyone coming in. My preference would be someone like Neil warnock who is doing great at cardiff and he is a rangers fan.

    • Aye because he will leave them to come and manage this shambles.Get real Scott.He is going for promotion with Cardiff.

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