Is it time for the board to go?


We have had over 12 hours to digest the latest level of farce from Ibrox, and to call it one is probably modest.

We went from ‘Derek McInnes has been appointed manager’ from those ITK to ‘Graeme Murty will stay on till mid-January at the least’.

To put it mildly, 2017 has been an absolutely shambolic year in the history of this proud club. Naturally it has not sunk to the genuinely wretched levels of hell we experienced in 2012, but it certainly has been well up there with the darker days we experienced in the early to mid-80s, and some would argue has surpassed them.

And to put it frankly Rangers’ board is the only source of blame here. While we will not hold the appointment of Mark Warburton against them too much given what stock he appeared to be coming with, it ultimately ended up a disaster in the SPL and following his resignation, Rangers have made blunder after blunder after blunder.

We give credit of course to the severing of the Sports Direct retail partnership, but over a near two and a half year tenure in Govan, that appears to be the only thing this board got right.

If it was not appointing Pedro, it was atrocious statement after statement. If it was not taking six weeks over McInnes, it was being knocked back by him. If it was not being knocked back by him, it was failing to have a plan B and announcing Graeme Murty till January.

It is just painful to watch the incompetency of this Rangers hierarchy again and again.

Dave King and his pals have taken us as far as they can and it seems time for a fresh regime that can genuinely take us forward.

Think about it – everything negative that has happened since they took over – imagine the absolute meltdown and rage, not to mention protests and chants of sack the board there would have been under the previous regime? If this was Llambias and Somers, and it once was, fans would be mounting protests and launching season ticket threats.

King appears to be getting cut a little more slack because he saved us. Whether he saved us or not is beside the point – he and his mates on the board are simply not fit to take Rangers back to where we belong and that is what matters.

There is now a real feeling of hopelessness – sure, we did not really want McInnes, and in that sense on a personal note Ibrox Noise is glad it did not work out, but it does still leave us utterly rudderless and unclear what the future holds.

We are a little worried now, and cannot envisage a bright tomorrow under this present regime.

And a word for poor Graeme Murty – every match recently ‘has been his last’ and he genuinely bowed out at Pittodrie as if it was his final. Now the poor sod is wheeled back out and will continue on with the seniors. God knows where his head must be at right now.

But regardless, we see no clear path now forward for Rangers; they all get blocked off and every time we sense a little hope, it is cruelly swiped from us.


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  1. Yes it is time for the board to go and i would love to see fan ownership where most of all the money is used on players and club run by there fans we are a huge club and we could do this none playing staff on £250.000 plus a year a thing of the past fans do not take huge wages to do the jobs,best way forward me thinks.

  2. What an over reaction. A manger turned us down. He’s not the 1st and won’t be the last. If we were losing every game I would be worrying but we’re doing ok with out a manager atm, say good bye to the board and say good by to our club. They are the ones funding it atm, some people need to get there heads out the sands. Our club doesn’t have te money to stay afloat. So let’s get rid of the only people who are willing to put money into it.

    • If this board genuinely wanted to challenge celtic for top spot. They need to invest heavily with there own cash and I mean the 30 million that king promised from his own fortune that he is supposed to have. Then there are the other money men share holders who I'm sure if pooled together could come up with another 30 million. Instead of these pathetic soft loans. There all bluffers and they need to go.

    • Totally agree there has been a total over reaction.McInnes will be the man who did not have the ambition or precense to lead us and he will be forgotten soon enough

  3. I genuinely hope when mike Ashley sells Newcastle he comes back in for rangers, where else are we going to get someone with his money, he pumped millions on to Newcastle we just need a fraction of that, who would really care if he changed the name of the stadium or sold our tops, if he stops Celtic no one will care

    • He put the minimum in he could get away with, while getting the maximum for Sports Direct in advertising and commercials.
      "…and who would care if he changed the name of the stadium…"? We're not yet that desperate mate.

    • Mike Ashley had his chance he never put any big money in the pot he just took it out,no one can put big money in on any club in Scotland there is no money to be made,i tell you fans do not take money from there club and nearly every penny the club makes is put out on the field 50 thousand plus fans can do it right.

    • The thing about ashley was he couldn't invest anymore cause he wouldn't be allowed cause he is the owner of Newcastle and it's against the rules to have dual if he sells Newcastle for the 400 million he wants. Then he is free to purchase control of rangers. And I'm sure 100 million pumped into us wouldn't go a miss.

  4. No, its not. Yes they took far to long to come to this point and in my option they chose the wrong man. However, by turning us down McInnes proves me right…he's simply not big enough to manage Rangers.
    The board and us have had a very lucky escape.

    The board have financially backed the last two managers ( yes they were the wrong men as well) so I can't see why they should go.

  5. I'm disappointed in the board and taking six weeks to ask for DM and quite rightly so he said no. But, who else is willing to keep Rangers going? No One is, so until someone else with money comes along its business as normal. WE all need a lift from a good result on saturday

  6. We should stick with the board, without them we could have folded. As it happens we are more attractive to buy now as a result of their efforts, they've given us a long term future. Murray left us in a toxic state, no one of repute wanted to touch. I give them three strikes of the ball. The Warburton appointment looked good at the time, we were not to know that he lacked the wherewithal for the job. So first strike: the Pedro appointment was bizarre and predictable. Second strike: they dithered for 6 weeks (with no plan B) before approaching McKinnes. I'm happy with Graeme Murty till Xmas, there's a chance he will grow into the job. Make Bruno captain, and put the onus on the squad, to play like we know they can…

  7. I'm not really bothered by D McI saying no – it shows a lack of ambition and bottle, so it's probably the best result for everyone. Much more concerning is the lack of class by the Board in the statement that followed. Sour-grapes, arrogance and the attempted belittling of someone that they had previously spent six weeks identifying as the top candidate, is not the Rangers way. This lack of humility and integrity by King and his passive and supine stooges will cost us dear.

    • Excellent comment. What really disappoints me is the lack of class in the way they carry out the business of the club. Publicly it seems to be antagonistic to the Press and that isn't the Rangers way. It's just so unnecessary. A friendly smile goes a long way. A scowl pushes people away.
      It just doesn't inspire confidence in players or fans alike.
      Public communications is something that really must be improved and improved drastically.

  8. haemorrhaging money every season. Mystery loans to keep lights on. Clandestine rather than transparent. Subjective contentious PR shenanigans. Glib and shameful lies. Dilution of fan ownership to pay back mystery loans. Zero accountability. Struggling to cover current players salaries. Selling best young assets at bargain prices. Court case after court has involving King. tells courts he is penniless but tells the Rangers fans there is money to spend. I genuinely feel for Rangers fans who love their club. But this board manipulated their way into power through promises that they have not lived up to. Can they be trusted to be openly truthful or is everything they spout subjectively false. King is awaiting a court judgement into his manipulation of the share price of rangers. He is a 41 time convicted criminal in SA. Warburton claims he was sacked and thats another courtroom drama that involves King. A south african judge claims he is a Glib and shameful liar. Not to be trusted on anything he openly says. Can anyone put their hand on their heart and say King is a trustworthy man. Even the Ashley deal was subjectively stated in such a way that it makes it look like ashely got bad end of the deal. But look again at the financials involved. How much of his own money has he actually put into club. Rangers are back in the merge. The MSM aren't doing their jobs properly just like in 2011. The club have a going concern warning from auditors that requires massive cash influx to pay bills as they fall due. King claims he is penniless in highest court in the land. No financiers of reputation will touch King while the court rulings could financially cold shoulder King. I genuinely begin to wonder if the rumour that Pedro got job was he could bring Qatari loans to buy some players. And nobody but nobody is investigateng any of the transparency issues. Scottish football needs a strong Rangers with strong foundations and transparency sustainability and accountability. Without a proper billionaire willing to right off his own wealth the current structures at Rangers are at best extreme high risk. Anyway rant over. It would be nice if Rangers fans faced the board with proper questions about their own club. And refused to settle for mendacious statements that border on bipolar. How much does it cost per season to put a team on the pitch good enough to win the title. How much income to we generate per season currently. Who is going to cover the shortfall if any? What are the detailed plans to sort the mess out. No more subjective garbage. Facts on the paper. No more conga loans masquerading as convertible equity. Straight facts. No more posturing. No more messing around the reality. Rangers used to be the envy of the world when it came to finical astuteness and Struth like hard work. It can have all those days back through hard hard work and a proper long term plan of action. Short term fixes requires sugar daddies with cash to burn. Glib and shameless liars should not be anywhere near Rangers boardroom. Spivs and conmen need not apply. High risk with other peoples money destroys value at an alarming rate. And I'm not convinced King is the man to fix the club. The board are not the club. To suggest you lose the board you lose the club is garbage. If King is best hope Rangers have then its in a deeper hole than anyone could ever have imagined.

    • U do know king has been offered to over turn his convictions, the judge that said that is now serving time for taking bribes from kings compeditiors during that trial. Plus one of kings conpanys biggest client is the sa tax authority do they obviously trust him.
      The difference is a lot of his money is in sa which makes it difficult to use out of the country

    • The judge who labeled him glib and shameless was Judge Brian Southwood. According to link

      I think if the court was found corrupt in South Africa in such high profile case there would be lots of news references online. Any links I haven't been able to verify your assertions

      I have also never heard of any South african business men having issues getting their cash out of south africa. Is it just King who has these problems due to his convictions or is there some law that South african wealth must stay in South africa?

  9. Sack The Board … It's time we got an owner that actually has the cash to take us back to where we should be.

  10. Yes Thomas. Honesty and truth = Class and integrity. Hard to find in Rangers way of doing business these days. Some fans even boast of not being liked. Sad reflection on our club. We could start with a personable and likeable PR officer.

  11. Someone else would need to stump up a lot of money to get rid of the board. We can't live with them but can't live without them at the moment so it's more important we try to support them as hard as it is…

  12. If someone with a ton of money wanted us they would just do it. The fact is no one right now would buy Rangers. We are still going because of Dave King and Co. lighten up and let them get on with it. Sure it would be lovely to have a billionaire come in on his/her white horse but it’s not happening at this time. Need to steady the ship first. What’s great is to see the passion of the Rangers fans contributing to this site and know that this great team will never die. We are Rangers!

  13. Sorry to put it this bluntly:

    Intelligent fans say yes, the others ask what the issue is.

    But guessing you will censor that too.

    • I apologise, that was a bit nasty and condescending of me. Was just a bit angry with all the brainless responses above that deny there is even a problem.

      I'm normally sharp with those who don't respect others opinions so will give myself a row.

      However I stand by the overall sentiment, the club is in desperate trouble with no leadership from the board. The statement issued is without doubt the worst statement the club has ever released. It plays to bitter and childish fans. Any decent fan should be embarrassed.

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