Is Derek McInnes ready to give us our Rangers back?

Is Derek McInnes ready to give us our Rangers back?

We got a bit of stick earlier over this thorny ‘compensation’ issue. The case was made that if McInnes resigns, Rangers will have to pay compensation to Aberdeen regardless – we were accused of naivety. Thing is, we (nor the rest of you) do not know the terms of McInnes’ current deal. His resignation does not categorically mean a breach of contract, nor does it mean the opposite.

We are pretty sure our bald-headed chum from earlier this year resigned, despite claiming he had not – did we receive compensation from Nottingham Forest when he hooked up there a month later? That was a rhetorical question, incidentally.

However, regardless of all this, it now does seem inevitable that by whatever method, whether the board played this well or badly, Derek McInnes will be appointed Rangers manager before the end of the week.

So now we must look to the future, and what we envisage under our new manager.

Can we expect the kind of grandiose improvement we got in 2007 under Walter? Will McInnes struggle? Will he keep us on our current modest improvement path?

The truth is we do not know. We do not know how good a manager Derek McInnes will be for us. We know his faults and we know some of his strengths, but as Rangers fans, we have not really laid a microscope over the fortunes of Aberdeen in recent years – we know they have generally been the second best team in Scotland with a fraction of Celtic’s budget, and we know McInnes won them their first League Cup for roughly 20 years. He also got St Johnstone promoted in 2008.

So we know vaguely what McInnes will bring to the table – but the only way we can know if he is the right stuff for us is by what he delivers at Ibrox.

Unlike Caixinha, who was a comical and ill-advised appointment from before the word go, McInnes does not terrify us. We do not fear him becoming manager – but we do wonder if he can handle the magnificent pressure of being Rangers boss.

He knows the pressure at Ibrox from his playing days, but in the 90s and 00s we were good. Very good. He was a winner with us, and knows how bad losing was. This is a different time, and he will now be the manager. How will he tolerate the incredible scrutiny he will be under and the staggering pressure to win when his head is the one on the chopping block.

We just do not know.

We have higher hopes this man can handle it than we did Warburton or Caixinha – he knows the league, the club, and the pressure. He will not underestimate it. But guesstimating is a different animal to experience, and only once Derek McInnes has been Rangers manager for a spell will we have any idea if he is the right man.

The board took an age over this, and have now settled on their target. They will get him. The question is if they were right.

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  1. We are 7 point adrift from the unwashed plus they have a game in hand. If mcinnes can keep us in second and push the unwashed all the way till end off season. That wouldn't be to bad. I have reservation's about docherty his number 2 it just doesn't fit right but I hope I'm love murty to stay in the dugout as mcinnes number 2.

  2. He might not be a Walter (yet) but he will be 100 times better than a Pedro. However, as they say, Rome wasnt built in a day. And we now need to give McInnes years and not months to sort things out and cease this managerial merry-go-round. The good news is Murty has proven their is a solid foundation in place and all going well he will build on this. 3rd time lucky and all that. How about a Scottish Cup and a defeat of Celtic (or two) to lay the groundwork for next season.

    One thing that needs answers but we may never get is why this wasnt sorted during the international break. Just think the difference things would have been now with wins against Hamilton and Dundee. I cannot for the life of me understand why the Board would have thought it more prudent or morally appropriate or whatever they were thinking to wait until the Aberdeen games were over. Or was there already a gentlemans agreement in place 🕵️‍♀️

  3. We will all support him if he gets the job but I have not seen an Aberdeen footballing performance that says to me he will make us better. Yes they have finished second to Celtic twice, won one cup and beaten finalists in two others but we beat them handsomely with Mark Warburton in charge. I don't see any signs in Aberdeens play over the last four years where they have played good attractive free flowing football. They have been an agressive hard to beat direct team, bypassing the midfield to front runners. With Warburton we saw immediately in our passing game that players were being coached, unfortunately we didn't have a decent defense. I want us to keep playing good football with enough aggression to win the ball back and keep it tight at the back.

  4. You are right…we just don't know if he can handle it. Personally I have gone on record many times saying I don't think he can. You see is interview after the selic match, that didn't look like a man who could beat Brenda with the players fro Barcelona in his team. Look at him on Sunday, that was the face of a man who had been beaten 5-1 by a very good U20's coach…he looked crest fallen to me. That seems to be is standard position. I have seen nothing in hime that suggest he will not be flattened by the weight of the job. After the second defeat this page will fill with people pointing out how his record is not one of a winner like we need. We have won the last 5 out of 6 visits to Aberdeen…and they have finished 2nd more because of the poor management of Warburton and Pedro than by his efforts with Aberdeen – in my opinion.

    I really think we will be back looking for the REAL Rangers manager in at least 12 months time…again!

  5. board are wrong for the third time .they have had the right man under there nose all along murty .what a shambles .more celtic minded people on board surely the board know the fans want nothing to do with celtic minded people at our club .

  6. Time for us all to get behind DM. We're only a couple of players away from having a decent team and watching our friends from the east being over run by an average Belgian team last night tells me we're not a million miles off their pace.

  7. Look he's in uncharted watesr but he is one of US FFS.

    I mode on the park and in the stands till the death!

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