How can Rangers manage two from two?

 Article by: Richard, for Ibrox Noise

Wednesday’s win will give the Rangers players a major boost after a couple of embarrassing results and if we beat Aberdeen this Sunday, we will go second in the league. I want us to line up for this away game with a change of strategy. Jose Mourinho would choose a side that would be very difficult to beat, so that he could achieve a draw at least, but would expect to win all three points by hitting his opponents hard on the break.

Murty could give McInnes a double whammy by making another change to his team to bamboozle this average Aberdeen team and teach them another lesson – don’t underestimate the mighty Glasgow Rangers.

You never know what kind of performance you are going to get from this current pool of players as they move swiftly between playing poor football at Dens to a brilliant display in only four days. Using the confidence gained at Ibrox earlier this week, let’s give them another headache to try and work out in this hugely important six pointer game.

I am suggesting playing the young, tall David Bates alongside 19-year-old-rookie centre half Ross McCrorie as our two holding midfield players up at Pittodrie. This would give our team extra height to defend free kicks and corners and also help us to control the very important midfield department where most games are won or lost.

    Tavernier, Alves, Wilson, John
                Bates, McCrorie
          Jack        Holt      Miller

If we have a complete stranglehold of the midfield area, Aberdeen don’t have the quality of players to open us up and that is why they cannot beat Celtic when they meet. We have Tavernier and John pouring forward at every opportunity to help Jack, Holt, Miller, Pena (?) and Morelos (if fit) score the goals. 

If the defence are again in control with Alves and Wilson playing well and giving nothing away in central defence and Bates and McCrorie bottling up the midfield and allowing both John and Tavernier to drive forward effectively to cause trouble for Aberdeen down the wings, it should be good football to watch again this Sunday at Pittodrie.

If any of the starting players are having an off day, we still have Alnwick, Pena, Windass, Candeias, Kranjcar, Cardoso and Herrera to bring on.


  1. I've seen absolutely nothing from Bates to suggest he is good enough for any 1st team role far less an important midfield one. He is like Bambi on ice, except not as good on the ball as the baby-faced deer. I think you're barking up the wrong tree with this. I like the idea just not the player.

  2. Are you serious Bates bottling up the midfield!and Miller in a left midfield role it was between him and Windass as to who was our least effective player on Wednesday one definite change Miller out and Morelos in if fit

  3. I can see what your trying to do, however, Bates is a no no for me. Unfortunately we don't know how to break from box to box! We would hammer out the traps, only for the midfielder/striker to hold the ball, pass it back the way which lets the opposition return and re-group in defence. It's infuriating when they do this. We just can't break and score. Mostly due to our players not bursting a gut in numbers to support the breaking player or the inability to make the killer pass.
    I'd play the same way as Wednesday, but put Candeas in for Windass and Morelos (if fit) in for Miller, making Alves our Captain.
    We have been in this position so many times whereby we get a good result, only to feck up in the next game. Aberdeen will come out fighting and will be winding up, kicking and biting our players, therefore the Referee needs to be on the ball as most of them will give us nothing! It will be a different game but if we apply ourselves like we did on Wed, then we should be okay. Feet firmly on the ground though!!

  4. sheep will need to play well to beat us as players are right up for it now .think 2, 1 to gers if any one dropped should be miller .murty interveiw on rangers channel pure class

  5. Not for me your giving the woolly backs far far to much respect, they don't deserve or merit such.

    Jack Wilson Alves John

    Tavi Barjonas Candieas


    Defo Windass out, in the same breath Miller has been consistently the worst player on the park. He couldn't trap a 100KG anvil with a parachute❗❗❗

  6. Bates….NO WAY!

    Watched him in the 1st leg against Progres….for his height he never won an arial challenge all night…..He's certainly not ready and very doubtful he ever will be!

  7. Why change anything? Yeah we're away from ibrox, but Wednesday night was by far and away the best performance of the season so far. I'd start the same team and Pena, if given a proper run in the position he was on Wed, might result in a right good player.

  8. It doesn’t mater who we get,We will never stop 10 in a row. We are 5 or 6 year behind Celtic. There squad is far superior too ours. Not one of our players would get in there squad. Unless Rodgers leaves we are in for more misery in the next 5 years.

  9. Sorry guys but my moto is you never change a winning team !! Same 11 for Sunday and if we get a result it could kick start our season in my opinion !! And just a thought a think the best thing we can do as a support for the rest of this season is lower our expectation and try to take the pressure off the team/squad for the rest of the season and see how the do, i think we are good enough for a strong 2nd place and that should be our target for now !! You need to crawl before you can walk as the saying goes..

  10. No! Don’t strive for second place FFS! Get as close to them as possible. A couple of injuries to them can derail their season and also they will be in Europa. If we get a couple of new solid players in January you never know. Onwards and upwards boys and girls.