Have Rangers made the right choice of manager?

Have Rangers made the right choice of manager?

This week it is almost inevitable that Rangers will have a new manager, with Aberdeen’s Derek McInnes still in pole position while Dundee’s Neil McCann surprisingly pushes him in second.

Most press and general speculation seems to have decided it will be McInnes, and if it is to be the ex-Rangers midfielder, is he the right choice?

There is a case for him, and there is a case against. We shall start with the case for.

Quite simply, over the past four years, his Aberdeen team have been the most robust second best team in Scotland and they have had the most consistent win rate outwith Celtic with a roughly 58% success level. Last season they had a 9 point lead over Rangers, the year before it was a 6 point lead over Hearts, and in 2015 a 10 point lead over Inverness.

Various sides have finished third in these seasons, but Aberdeen have constantly been second. It is like calling Pochettino a failure because Spurs have been second for the past two seasons. Instead, they have actually been the most consistent performer in England.

He has also won big – for every argument that claims McInnes has not ‘won anything’, it is as if 2014’s League Cup triumph is a literal irrelevance. He also got St Johnstone promoted from the then First Division as champions in 2008.

There is also a claim he has ‘not laid a glove on Celtic’ – well that is simply untrue. Derek McInnes’ Aberdeen have beaten Celtic more in the past three years than Rangers have, including a fixture where they were down to 10 men.

The fact is Celtic have far greater resources and naturally they are the benchmark in this country. To secure any measure of success in Scotland right now is next to impossible and yet McInnes has managed it.

He is also a Rangers man, knows pre-admin pressure and post-admin expectations, and what it takes in the SPL.

However, there is a case against McInnes.

His handling of the entire saga has gone from cryptic, to outright negative. He has been critical of both the media and Rangers recently, which suggests he might struggle to handle the pressure at Ibrox if he is struggling with the media attention as it stands now. Is he the right man to withstand the torrent of pressure that will come his way? If recent media performances are anything to go by, no. But we do not want to judge entirely.

Secondly there is that huge nagging doubt that he is actually a good enough manager to take Rangers back to where we belong. Is Derek McInnes a strong and capable enough manager to make Rangers the best in Scotland again? That is something only time would tell, and naturally he will get bigger resources to deploy than he did at Aberdeen – so the budget will go up. But this is a manager who has never had to deal with expectation on Rangers’ level as the top man. We simply do not know if his CV from Aberdeen indicates his appropriateness for Rangers.

There is also a feeling of anti-climax. By and large a majority do seem to want McInnes. He would not be an unpopular appointment, but nevertheless six weeks to appoint the guy who was favourite from the word go seems slightly absurd.

Aberdeen fans have also made criticism of his management themselves, stating every so often he goes into ‘experiment’ mode where he tries a barmy new formation or system that rarely works. Rangers are not a club to experiment at, so that would be something he could not indulge at Ibrox.

There is also a slightly derelict argument about his backroom staff being ‘Celtic minded’ – well so was Kenny MacDowall when Walter brought him in and that era at Ibrox was legendary! So that is a non-point for us.


You would have to say the case pro-McInnes is a bit stronger than the anti-one. We at Ibrox Noise do have our doubts about his credentials, but he (and indeed whoever gets appointed if not him) will get a free pass till early March before we pass judgement. If he wins us over instantly, great! But if things do not go well before January, we will sit on the fence till he has made a few of his own signings.

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  1. McInnes is not the perfect manager to appoint. In another era. Another time we'd be looking at the De Boer's and Bronckhorst's but our current financial status means that he is the best for the job with the money we have to offer.

    Importantly we also have to walk before we can run. This Rangers team needs stability and building before bigger name appointments can be considered.

    McInnes has done an excellent job at Aberdeen with the limited finances he's had available. Now your asking him to do that same job at Rangers with approx., three times the money. We've already seen the effect of that in the last two games.

    Lets just hope that if he is the chosen one he doesn't undo all the good work that Murty has just put in place!!

  2. Hope our DOF Mark has a few better options than that after 6 weeks ffs!?
    Will be very disappointed if that's it after all this time, just can't see that being all we can attract and I think MA is way better than that.
    Should find out this week and I'm looking for a nice surprise not another sub standard appointment!!
    Mr Allan nice Xmas pressie please!!

    • It would be embarrassing if it was DM after all this carry on… If I had my choice it would be Gio but don’t think we could afford him or his signings right now.. For that I’d opt for Murty but it’s going to drag on I bet for another 2 wk

  3. I would be happy with McInnes in the current circumstances, as he's the best affordable option available. He's experienced in the SPL, competent in how he prepares his teams, decent tactically and I believe he's a very good man manager, getting the best out of what hes got. Do I think this will be enough to stop ceptic doing 10iar? No, I don't. But I don't think any of the candidates could pull this off, without a great deal of money being thrown at the problem. As supporters we have to understand this and align our expectations accordingly. Until the board get the finger out of their collective asshole and start re-building the Rangers brand(which lets be honest, has taken a hammering since 2012) and get more from our commercial activities and sponsorships etc, we cannot expect any more than finishing second, and maybe win the odd cup. In football money talks loudest and unfortunately our finances have never been lower. It will take time and hard work for the BOARD to address this. So far there's been plenty of talk, but little in the way of positive news, other than getting that twat Ashley out of the building

  4. The important thing at this stage is just to get it sorted and appoint a manager to take us forward in steady increments. If we are not going to turn the clock back and ask Walter to take the reigns temporarily or McLeish – then for me McInnes is the obvious choice – and that's what we need right now after two failed experiments – the obvious! I think McInnes very pointedly aimed his criticism not at Rangers per se – but at the Board and how they have handled the situation – and in this he is spot on. The Board should have made their move during the international break and certainly before the double header with Aberdeen. They put McInnes in a no win situation. If he had inflicted two Aberdeen wins on us he would have killed Rangers season – as it happens two defeats has us questioning his credentials. intolerable situation to be placed in. Even now why the delay. Why not have spoken to McInnes o immediately after the match if that's who they want or first is morning. The doubt now must be whether he feels wanted or not? Who is the Boards back up plan – McCann – Rangers legend but a rookie manager – a non-starter. Surely McLeish or McCall if McInnes turns it down.

  5. dont fancy mcinnes rangers have played aberdeen off the park twice with half a team .looks to be fixed rangers team why change it .give murty until end season then make a decision .save us a fortune

  6. I feel the need to post this as so many people can't seem to grasp this. Rangers need a manager. Yes everyone would have liked a quick appointment. However, considering the gap to Celtic, financial constraints on the Club and the last 2 shite appointments they have every right to take their time. Its an important call. Now, if the Club DID publicly announce preferred candidates, some of whom may have been under contract with current clubs, they would have been slated for trying to poach or unsettle those candidates. Not one word has came out the Club as to who their preferred candidates were. They done it right. Now, and this is what makes my piss boil, the Media and bookmakers dived in suggesting anyone and everyone they wanted to without any encouragement from Rangers. So if other Clubs are annoyed at how long it has taken and claim their Managers are being unsettled…..take your wrath out on the Media/Bookmakers and not Rangers. Oh, and for the record not once has Derek McInnes said he was pissed at Rangers!!! Listem to what he says ffs!!

  7. It’s a hard one. He will prob be given more money in January than what he’s spent in 4 years at Aberdeen. He’s never been tested at a higher level. Only time can tell

  8. Right man for the time being.

    We need someone who can win us 9 games out of 10 against SPFL teams (except Celtic) which guarantees 2nd and pushes us close to Celtic. The league then becomes a four game shootout with Celtic.

    Remember he has done 9 wins in a row with the Dons before so surely he can repeat it and improve it with more money…

  9. D MacInnes has been the go to talked about front runner since Pedro departure. Neil McCann has now suddenly appeared on the scene. It doesn't go that because they both played for Rangers that this qualifies them to bring success, no it doesn't because it's a gigantic unforgiving managerial post. Having said that, if this is the way the board are going then in my opinion I would have McCann.
    But I also feel that Murty who has displayed incredible displays of stature and humility during the short term in charge more than capable to sit in the office at the top of the marble staircase.
    I know opinions can be expressed that he's only ever been at youth level, but he's shown when he went basically with Pedro's system until becoming unstuck in the defeats against Hamilton/Dundee (didn't want to tweak too much) he was bold and took bull by the horns and changed the system to a diamond midfield BRAVO. His whole demeanor displays a most likeable intelligent individual with tactical nous who literally loves the club and as he states he gets an amazing buzz driving into work as Rangers manager. I would be absolutely delighted if it was announced he was to be Glasgow Rangers manager. Finance is what has to be borne in mind until there's worthwhile investment. Until then, Mr Murty, considering present financial situation is the perfect candidate.

  10. If McInnes had been first choice the deal would have been done by now and I like many others don't see McInnes as being good enough to take us forward. So its almost six weeks since Pedro left, we have had an AGM in which a future share issue was approved. What if there is a large investor waiting in the wings to invest in Rangers who have their own idea as to who the manager should be but that investment can not be revealed at this stage. Just a thought

  11. Thank you coldosan1969….excellent piece. I totally agree with you. Club are constantly put in an impossible position by the media….no surprise there, and at last someone agrees with me. At no point to my knowledge has Derek ever had a pop at Rangers. The media circus and length of time it has all gone on …yes, but I have never heard him criticise either the club or the board. We beat Aberdeen on Wednesday and Sunday because we have better players than them too, not because McKinnes is an inferior tactician to Graeme Murty as has been suggested by certain media outlets. Murty has been a credit to himself and the club throughout though. Well done mate!

  12. Watching that Ginger fucker Jackson I’d love to know who his Rangers insider is – Traynor for even money…If it is to be DM then what a disgraceful situation to put DM in full stop… It also shows how underhanded the Board have been by telling Traynor to leak the info to unsettle Aberdeen.. If that’s the case then I’d love to see DM tell the Board to go get Daffy Ducked…Murty for me though 🔴⚪️🔵

    • Two weeks ago everyone was wanting Murty out. “We need to get a manager in” people we saying on this board. Two decent results then Murty should stay!!Bawbag,Make your mind up ffs,Are we just going on a two by two game basis. If you think Murty is the man you can’t think much of our club. We should be aiming higher if we are going to stop 10 in a row.Do you think Murty will stop 10 in a row?Looking forward to hearing your answer.



    • Think you will find Big Jim that I’ve supported Murty for his chance since he started his second spell ( not given the job but trial run ). It would be less of risk to do that. I didn’t come on here and say he has no chance after the 2 defeats like some others..No compensation for Murty – more money for squad – players are working for him. Think most Rangers fans would be happy with 2nd this season and closer to Celtic being realistic ( while hoping to win it ). Only 7 points behind Celtic as it stands and sitting 2nd it’s all to play for and still in the hunt. I also stated give Murty till Christmas if still doing well let him run till end of the season no harm done. No large sums of money invested either and gives more time for DOF & Board to look at other options if needed. I think next season will be crucial for whoever is in charge wither it’s DM – Gio – Murty – McCann whoever.. The DOF and new scouting team will have had a head start hopefully on who and what’s required for next season.. Opinions are like arseholes everybody has one and I’m an arsehole.. Money and good recruitment will stop 10 in a row

    • Keep smoking BawBag, We can’t just say give him to Christmas and if he does ok give him to the end of the season. We need stability. If you thought Murty was that good give him a 3 year deal.You are saying no harm done but it’s a waste of time we don’t have.That’s 2 transfer windows missed for a new manager. Money and good recruitment is not something that you just pull out of the air.

    • Stability don’t make me laugh.. Murty has been caretaker for the last 6 wks and he’s getting better as time passes..
      King said it himself anybody that’s brought in to Manage or Coach is a risk period.. There is no guarantees that DM Gio or Walter could even win the league next season but you must know better mate! If stability was an issue then the Manager or Coach should’ve been sorted behind the scenes before sacking Ped end of… Look how many games Celtic have drawn this season so far.. We’re not a million miles away from them look how many games they’ve drawn so far..You’re right money and good recruitment take time and effort.. It’s a marathon not a sprint and building for the future.

  13. He knows the club pre & post admin?
    Do you not mean he knew rangers before they got liquidated & now knows that it's the same fans with the same expectations for the new 5 year old club

  14. Stated on here a good few times over the last 6 weeks or so,that i'd prefer graeme murty as opposed to derek mcinnes,as the new rangers manager.Don't get me wrong,if indeed derek mcinnes does become the 17th manager,in glasgow rangers history,then i'll back him to the hilt,like i've done with every previous rangers manager!I just think murty certainly is a good coach and has something about him!He has tactical nous and has our players responding and playing for him!I'd give murty the job until the end of the season and if he continues to do well,i'd give him a 12 month rolling contract,year by year,obviously depending on how well the team is doing!!

  15. If we don't appoint someone this week it has to be for investment reasons, whether it be waiting to see what's happening at Newcastle, investors from Hong Kong or the board just smoking a bong (More Likely)

    If nothing happens this week something is up behind the scenes for sure
    Surely with every day that passes DM is not even on the radar God knows!!!

  16. Simply no! – 1 trophy out of maybe a possible 12 and failed to get by Euro qualifier round 3 no matter who your with( Let alone a team of Aberdeens size who's toughest opponent in last 4 years have been Celtic). Our board have had Mcinnes in their sights from day dot and it seems without looking seriously elsewhere and are no being held to ransom by Aberdeen who have outsmarted our board!. A manager brought in to play second fiddle behind Celtic will never do for me!and make no mistake, thats exactly what he is. Playing second fiddle and getting a euro place seems to be enough to keep our board happy! Keep hearing this nonsense look what he done with barely any budget….first of all.

    A) – Barely any budget, but barely any competition either!
    B) – 1 trophy out of a possible 12 maybe and he only won that after Celtic were already knocked out and he scrapped by two teams on pens to lift it.
    C – They have bottled EVERY single pressure situation they have ever faced! he's faced Ranger and Celtic 26 times and won 6. This season he's been cuffed off Celtic, cuffed off us twice and I think cuffed of Motherwell twice?

    Sorry not for me..

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