Graeme Murty makes Rangers managerial revelation


Graeme Murty has today made a startling revelation, one which may hint more than a touch at Rangers’ current impressive form and results.

Speaking to the official site, Murty admitted he has been regularly discussing Rangers and management with the Grand Master of them all, Walter Smith, which more than a touch appeared in full throttle during Rangers ‘classic’ Walter style Easter Road three pointer.

If we read between the lines of what Murty has said, it seems to us he and Walter are together coaching Rangers right now, with Murty doing the ground and leg work, in concert with Walter’s sage counsel.

It certainly explains why Rangers have managed six wins from eight since Murty took charge, with more impressive form than we have managed for a year.

Indeed, on the past eight matches in isolation, Rangers are only two points behind Celtic, with Rangers’ two losses against Hamilton and Dundee bettered only by the Parkhead side being held twice, and Rangers are not only second in the table on merit, but second on pure form too.

It goes to show the sheer mastery and wisdom of Walter, where previously such displays would result in patchy form, to see six wins of eight restoring a bit of the classic Rangers grit and will to win.

Murty is evidently open to learning from Rangers’ 9IAR hero, and has humbly admitted he would be a fool not to listen to the best advice a football manager could get in the game today.

The only comparable advice is of course that of another Bluenose in the form of Sir Alex.

But it is fantastic to know that the legend that is Walter very much still influences the football side of Rangers, and as far as we are concerned, Walter with Murty is a combination which evidently is working rather well right now.

Long may it continue.


  1. Your views are possibly unfair. GM has to say he’s taking advice or chatting with the great and the good. That’s PR. He may we’ll be ploughing his own furrow. Walter’s too long in the tooth to play the Svengali game, and as for Alex forget it. He’s not had time for us, ever since unfairly carrying the can for an exit out of Europe while still in his number 9 shirt. He saves his advice for seminars and books. DM is on his own here and if he succeeds it will be to his credit. The win against Hibs was a fluke, but despite that DM is showing great promise. All managers have to start from a beginnning, we should get off his back. He’s doing what I would do, and I’d be furious reading this.

  2. It’s just a case of someone knowing the club and that’s about it. Warburton and Pedro didn’t listen to anyone. They knew everything or so they thought. Jj was brought in in the summer to help Pedro understand the club, which looks as though he didn’t or Just didn’t listen. I’ve seen far to many photos or Murty and Jj together to not think that it’s a good managerial partnership that’s helping and not just the one man anymore. And yes I wouldn’t have been suprised if Murty and smith have been talking over some ideas. I said the other day that bring smith or sounness or some other old guard back in some capacity would be good for Murty to help him progress as a top class manager

  3. Have to disagree that you have stated we are second on merit and with "pure form". Come on be realistic, we had 2 flashes of brilliance on goal and man of the match Fodders!! The rest was absolute dross and it was pure luck we got the points. Albeit it was worth seeing ginger nut greet and we were due a bit of luck, but we were terrible on Wednesday.
    Therefore, we need to play 100% better against St Johnstone today or we will get pumped if they have their shooting boots on. Not confident today if we play like that again!!!

  4. If it Sir Walter Smith input that is making our team play better with wins then what went wrong murty should never have said thinks

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