Four-player SPFL swoop – are Rangers at risk of losing them all?


With the confirmation of Graeme Murty to remain in the Rangers hotseat till January at the earliest, Rangers’ January transfer plans have been thrown into absolute disarray.

Previously it had been envisaged that Aberdeen’s Kenny McLean, Motherwell’s Louis Moult, St Mirren’s Lewis Morgan and Hearts’ Jamie Walker were all prime targets and likely to make switches to Govan come the new year.

With Murty now remaining interim coach, those plans now appear at best on hold and at worst shelved entirely.

In many cases, given McLean’s disappointing displays against Rangers recently, some might not be overly bothered by the potential loss of him, and some are not overly keen now on Walker especially with the sterling form of Declan John and the current renaissance of Josh Windass, but Moult and Morgan really were regarded as high priority with Rangers’ attack and central midfield perhaps needing some perking up.

Admittedly Morgan is being targeted by Celtic and Forest too, but nevertheless Rangers with a new boss would have been candidates.

But with Rangers now effectively having no manager and it basically being up in the air as to when we will actually acquire one, there can be no signings until such a fundamental issue is cleared up.

Sure, some signings can indeed be made by the board without any approval from a manager, but few players will want to switch to a team who do not have a manager.

It is yet another disappointing knock on effect of what has been a truly dreadful spell off the pitch for Rangers, and we have next to no idea what the board are going to conjure up about it.


  1. Start thinking about the real questions here – last year there was a £7m loss and this year is set to be a whopper. In addition to that £4m is needed to be found in order to keep the lights on, but that figure is before Caixinha's payoff and any compensation to secure a new manager.

    You need to start being realistic. There is no money. None.

    Ask the right question – what's King's end game…

    • You probably said that a few months ago too but they found £10m to back Pedro in the summer. The biggest factor in the losses was paying £3m to break Sports Direct and they will get far more back from that over next year or two. Also some of this debt will be converted to equity so not a concern. Next season with retail income and hopeful Europa Group Stage appearance we will break even.

      Money will be found and I'm told is already in place. Maybe not as much as we need to tackle Celtic but enough to secure 2nd comfortably.

  2. Lewis Morgan is only one I would be sad to miss out on.

    If Moult signed for us he would spend more time suspended than playing, as he would be refereed as a Rangers player

  3. I would take walker/moult in a heartbeat,don't know much about morgan,mclean does not become a bad player because he did not play well in two games i would have him as well,if you look at the video clips of walker he's the nearest thing you will get to ian durrant late runs into the box and a good ratio of goals from midfield.

  4. Obviously Money Was The Issue,Rangers Don,t Have It Otherwise They Would Have Gone After Derek Mc Innes Before This

  5. Is King being clever by giving the job to Murty short-term? He is covering up the fact that there is no money for January by making sure that no-one will sign for Rangers whilst there is no permanent manager in place. This stops him looker even more stupid than he already does.

  6. No guarantee any of these players would cut it at the famous.
    If any Moult, would do a job and give us different options to what we have.

  7. No guarantee any of the players mentioned would cut it at the famous.
    Moult would give us different options to what we have.

  8. WHAT money,they are all free contracts,& if they sign & their clubs know all is lost then they might be able to get them right away for a reduced fee.which we can afford now because we don’t need to pay Aberdeen compensation
    I don’t know why everyone is so unhappy it’s a win win outcome for us.
    If murts can keep us on celtics tails till January & gets thejob permanent then we might be an exciting prospect for these players.

  9. I'd take along those players and chuck in Naismith who isn't getting games at Norwich now. Trouble is if a new manager (with at least an 18 month deal) is in place then we won't attract players. Even if Murty gets it until summer, we'd have wasted another transfer window.

    Choose someone steady and do it now. Murty, Wright, McLeish – all would be steady and capable of achieving 2nd this year and giving us foundations to kick on next year

  10. It's all very well having a go at Dave King but if he wasn't there when we needed him then rangers would not a be here remember green and Whyte it's not really that long and Murray also done King for 20 million most people would not have came back also it's bottle merchant McInnes who knocked job back

  11. How any fan can believe a word King says is beyond me!! He made out the Sports Direct deal was a clear cut case of him chasing Big Mike out of town with his tale between his legs……he even went as far to state that BIg MIke was wise to cut-and-run otherwise HE would be facing a hefty law-suit!! NO MENTION of the £3 million payoff!! There’s a reason he was called a ‘glib and shameless liar’!!! I fear the fans are too terrified at the prospect of what mess King is creating, and-despite his promise of transparency when he took over- is feeding us all a line (or few)!! I honestly think the resident board have lost faith and patience (not to mention several million £) with him! THEY are the ones keeping the lights on while HE does f**k knows what in SA! I swear the man is an ego-maniac, only too happy to take all the plaudits for ‘saving the club’ and ride in to the rescue, but quick to distance himself from an ‘failures’ or mos-management!! For example, he was quick to comment on how well he had backed Pedro, but then completely distances himself from his appointment as soon as it went belly-up! Will we ever REALLY know what’s going on? IS the truth SO awful that we must cling to the lies because the truth is SO much worse than we can handle?

  12. Big questions for me over what exactly is Mark Allen doing to justify his salary. We all thought it was the wrong way round when we appointed a manager before a DoF. Well now we have no manager and Mark Allen should be knocking down the Board's door to get it sorted ASAP. Meanwhile as DoF he should be able to sanction player transfers. Isn't that the idea of a DoF – so that we don't have to rip it up and start again everytime the manager changes. Rangers need to sort this sorry mess and fast. Another wasted season looming otherwise.
    Final thing – whoever wrote and/or sanctioned that statement should be sacked!

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