Ex-Real Madrid star on a free – what you waiting for Rangers?


If Rangers need anything right now, it is top quality players. We know we are weak in the boardroom and management, but presently we cannot alter that.

However, with the January window upon us, and our meagre squad looking more subpar by the day, Rangers need to make a bit of a statement with their second signing over the winter (on top of Declan John) and having been freed only two days ago, Lassana Diarra could be a stunning capture within Rangers’ capabilities.

The 32-year old French international is just heading towards the end of his career but with at least a few years left to deliver, and teams have started to be linked with a fantastic free agent.

The defensive midfield titan may have some injury concerns, but that has not stopped a host of names being interested, and if Rangers want to give our fans a boost by snapping up a big name who can produce at the highest level, Diarra could be a brilliant signing.

The former Real Madrid, Arsenal and Chelsea star really is an achievable target – as long as he is willing to accept a wage in line with Rangers’ budget. Whether he is or not is unknown, but fans need something of a realistic boost and having a current French international with a Spanish league title to his name would be a fine fillip and give midfield the kind of marquee name it needs going forward.

Rangers fans are desperate to see something real next month – an influx of quality and players we either know, or can believe in. Diarra fits both, and as a free agent it would be some coup – if we can snap up Bruno Alves, this is not beyond us either.

Nevertheless, he is available now, and Mark Allen and Graeme Murty would be wise to talk to the man to see if something can be done quickly.

It would be a good start to 2018 when one is needed.


  1. Now your talking, that's the kind of player we should be getting and 4 more like him.
    Pena's wages would pay for him if he returns to Mexico.
    We need a clear out in the next 2 windows and players like IN have identified coming in.
    Hope we get 4 new and 2 on loan from Mark Allan.
    Still gutted we never got Moult!!

  2. Not sure about this one,reason being alves also in his 30s hasn't done it for me
    this season so far and yes he has been out injured? but overall has been a major disappointment and would rather he came to an agreement to leave and free up the wages that he's on and apart from that Andy hallidays coming back?�� watp

  3. Get real IN, you're promoting the signing of a player close to or past his sell-buy date in the same enthusiastic manner as you did with Krankjar and Alves and where has that got us? True we need an influx of players with creativity and bite but do we need guys like these? If we've learned anything from the woeful perfomances of recent past itis that there are players closer to home who can do a decent job for us.

  4. In what way is he better than Alves? Over 30, big wages, no resale, takes a jersey from a young improving player who has a future.
    Why would we drop McCrorie?

  5. We need players who can improve the team both in short and longer term. That's been one of our major problems, no long term plan. None at all.

  6. Why would he want to come to Rangers? If he has anything about him he will end up at a far higher level. It's time IN got sensible about who could be signed.

  7. Meanwhile the EastEnders rake in another $8 million for an ex player and $20-30 million for Dembele and who cares. WE are maybe, surprise surprise gonnae get 'cross your fingers and hope to die' Joe DOOdoo. cannae wait, just cannae wait.

  8. Diarra is in the end of the road, the board should bet on young scottish promises instead. I'm french and i follow rangers since 2002. I'm not a football specialist and i would not pretend to be a true blue fan BUT… i'm actually thinking of a man who could be a real hit as a rangers coach : Marcelo Bielsa. The man is free, he just left his last job few weeks ago after a bad spell in Lille ( it wasn't really his fault, the board is pretty bad there ). Marcelo Bielsa has coach Argentina international team and huge clubs such as Athletic Bilbao and Marseilles. He had incredible skills and the man is made of steel, a pure argentinian – he would not be scared by the massive challenge that is Rangers. He's been incredible in the south of france. Like every genius, he's a bit of a weirdo – but he's the hell of a coach.

  9. Rangers should start doing what that lot from the east have been doing over the past few years
    Buying cheap then making massive £££

    Wanyama, Forster, Van Dijk, Dembele
    Need I Say More?

    • Celtic have had a lot of flop buys as well, its not all success, they also started that process close to 10years ago. Do gers fans have the patience to build for future (youth with sell on value) its hit & miss & takes time

  10. Ffs. Get real. His age aside we cannot afford his wages. I think we should be bring through some of the younger lads and then spending the money on 1-2 proven pros. Not 33 yr olds like him and bent. We're letting the bargain players slip away lewis Morgan, moult, let's see what happens with McLean and walker(not the greatest of players) but are in the top end of the free buys bracket. Certainly better than we have. On walker do we have a winger that chipped in wi 15 goals and however may assists. There are players out there, it does make you question what the fk our DoF and scouting system is actually doing. I mean look at the boy hibs got on loan from Man City and we get the invisible player from the same club and Allen is supposed to have all the contacts there. How can lesser teams than us be consistently be picking up better harder working players for buttons and we keep signing players with"potential". If they have that much potential then how come no other teams of our stature are even looking at them never mind chasing them. Any thoughts on wot we're gonna do when we sell morelas and tav in Jan, cos any bid near 750 will get snapped up….do we have a list of players available and ready at short notice to step in or is it the normal attitude from the board of sticking their heads in the sand and hoping for the best.

    • Agree with most U say but our DOF hasn't had a window yet, he's got to be given 2 windows.
      He also handed the board a manager's list 2 days after Pedro loaded his Caravan.
      E-chef will tell U the boards the problem.
      I don't think the boards trying to fuk us off, I think its just plain old incompetence!!

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