English side set to beat Rangers (and Celtic) to big January target


Reports this morning claim prime January target Louis Moult has effectively turned down Rangers in preference of English side Preston North-End.

While Celtic were also said to be in for the forward, the claims are being made that the 25-year old would prefer a return to England than remaining in the SPL, switching to Alex Neil’s men with a reported wage increase of 10 times, which may even be beyond what Celtic would offer him.

It would be a big blow for Rangers to lose out on Moult, who many see as a natural successor to Kenny Miller, and his scoring endeavours this season have clearly caught Neil’s eye with a deal being lined up.

But the fact Moult would go to Preston over Ibrox (or indeed Parkhead) does kind of show the colour of money, and how the lure of England’s second division is a tonne stronger than any temptation of the SPL.

Rangers might be a much bigger club than Preston, but with what is on offer down south along with Rangers’ managerial shambles, Moult may prefer to return home.


    • Because the size of the club is related to more than just the size of the TV deal that country has negotiated. The latter is about population, and the international perception of the football players and teams.
      When Preston have won half as many trophies and have half as many fans, they will be approaching the ballpark.
      Pity about Moult if true

  1. It is all about money long ago when players become folk heroes at a club now it all comes down to how much wages they get and they will not stay a life time with there club even now when we bring young lads on they will all end up going some where else.
    If the SPFL got the same deal as EPL where teams get 10s of millions each year then even our small clubs would have big players with big names on the pitch it is sad that football went down that road we play for the oldest cups in the world and that means nothing.

  2. Wouldn't be just worrying about Moult.
    If fuking PNE can offer more than us Leeds want D John so he could be gone in January, Also if Morelos hits form and someone comes in with a 4M bid for him he could be offski in January also.
    That board BETTER get there shit together and fuking fast.
    We're a fuking joke right now,

    Not a happy Bear me!!

  3. Moult might do a job at Rangers but my suspicion is that he will find the "closer scrutiny" harder to deal with than he is used to. He's found his level at Motherwell and is a key part of their team. Couldn't blame him if he went to PNE – better wages and higher footballing standard than SPL, but I think we'll see him back up here on loan in Jan 2019.

  4. It's all ifs and buts. All media speculation with the intention to promote a reaction from all sets of fans so they can write tomorrows newspaper!
    I'm sure Mark Allen is on the ball and has our targets in the burner for January and next summer. Watch this space!

  5. Robbie,

    My understanding is that Declan John is on a season loan, so Cardiff can't sell him without our permission. But I would look to get him signed up on January 1st, same as Moult if we can.
    Don't see Morelos going for $3 million, would cost us as much to replace him.

  6. Scots.
    They can cash in January and move him on in the summer, he is there player after all, hopefully he wants to stay with us and refuses terms!!
    Wouldn't like a offer of £4M going in front of our daft board they know fuk all about football and might see profit as good business for the club not knowing he's a ace in the pack!!

    Was so looking forward to Moult & Morelos I'm totally gutted me!!

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