Could Rangers make incredible £52M player January signing?


Rangers are no strangers to sensational signings. Fans will remember the colossal captures of Brian Laudrup, Paul Gascoigne, Joey Barton, and Basile Boli to name just four of the incredible names Rangers have managed to bring to Govan, and even the names of Senderos and Kranjcar are still pretty impressive.

Rangers fans could use a real lift, and there is one player that is a realistic signing in January, even if only a loan, who is a big name down south and who Director of Football Mark Allen certainly can use his contacts for:

Manchester City’s Benjamin Mendy.

A left back by trade, Mendy has not has his injury issues to seek, and has literally just returned from a spell on the sidelines. The 23 year old French international has only managed a handful of appearances at the Etihad since arriving in the summer, and is miles off match fitness, only getting back to kicking within the past few days.

Could ex-City Academy head Mark Allen persuade Pep Guardiola at City that the tough SPL could be the perfect rehabilitation centre for Mendy to regain his proper match sharpness?

Mendy cost City around £52M, but to say Pep has not had value for that is an understatement – the knee injury he sustained in September has utterly curtailed his first season in England and the unfancied Fabian Delph has filled in – but as part of an incredible City team, may just have cemented his place given his contribution to a record-breaking 14-match winning streak.

Even a £52M signing is not guaranteed to get his place back on current form.

Hence, could Rangers pick up his services for the second half of the season as a result of Mark Allen’s excellent connections in England, and show us just how much of an asset he can be to us?

Rangers need a bit of a pick me up in many ways. This could be an excellent one.


  1. Hi Pep – it's Mark, remember me? I know Bernard's in your CL squad, and was outstanding before he was injured, and you paid £52m for him, and pay him wages of £150k a week – but, all that aside, I was just wondering if you'd fancy lending him to Rangers for half the season? We'd be willing to pay his train fare up here so it wouldn't be a dead loss for you. Hello, Pep, Pep? I think we've been cut off…..

  2. Could be but its as likely to happen as me winning the Euromillions jackpot tomorrow night. His £100k a week wages would be ever so slightly beyond our ability to pay. Pure pie in the sky but IF my numbers do come up, I'll buy Dave King out, pay off HMRC, the facepainter and everyone else; bring the REAL RANGERS out of liquidation and throw a fortune at our team and stop 10iar. Sorry, getting carried away with myself – must be going around but we are allowed to dream!

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    • “The Real Rangers” from liquidation, once in liquidation there’s no escape the “Real Rangers” are gone! Extinct, dead as a fucking dodo! But at least you can see the wrong that they done.

  3. Who would pick up the invoice for this lad.. Please do some analysis on the rumour doing the rounds that Rangers now seeking 'invoice financing' from wherever they can. King is not paying up only days after saying he will..

    come on ibrox noise – get the real news here…not 'rumours' that rangers will pick up a £52 Million player – this is smoke hiding the massive problem of cash flow and near admin 2

  4. IN Please get a grip as you're only giving That lot more ammunition to poke fun at us….watp Helicopter 2005😇

    PS.if it did happen then I'll eat ma Tablet???

  5. Never mind pie in the sky, I great 3 LB's in the squad.
    Starting early with the whisky or what.

    Moult choosing Preston over Rangers is being reported ffs. hope that's got as much weight as this!!

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