Could Rangers chief be out of a job next month?


With Rangers definitely losing out on Louis Moult next month, with the striker opting for Preston North End, Director of Football Mark Allen is coming under increased pressure to justify his position.

The ex-Man City Academy head appears to have done absolutely nothing with regards to boosting Rangers’ infrastructure or scouting system, with nothing highlighting this further than the failure to secure Moult, and the disaster that has been Aaron Nemane.

With all his contacts at the Etihad, the best Allen appeared to be able to do was bring a kid who has barely managed 30 minutes at Ibrox, while Hibernian got the impressive Brandon Barker who destroyed Rangers’ defence last night and Celtic continue to enjoy the performances of Patrick Roberts.

This has really started to wind up a great number of Rangers supporters, who feel they are being left behind and being given a raw deal in light of what other SPL clubs seem to be getting from the club where Allen is supposed to be able to get the cream of the young crop from.

What exactly has Allen being doing at Ibrox?

As the Director of Football or Head of Recruitment or whatever the hell he is supposed to be, there appears no evidence in the six months since his arrival that he has brought a single benefit to the club.

That Graeme Murty has eked out 6 wins from 8 is in spite of Allen, not because of, and the Sporting Director model is evidently not currently working at Auchenhowie in any shape or form.

Next month is massive for him. Whoever the manager may be, Allen is under the spotlight. It is his job to deal with transfers, and so far he has made a complete dog’s dinner of it.

Lest we forget, he had 6 weeks after his appointment to help with recruitment before the window shut last summer – the players who arrived after him were Morelos (Jonatan Johansson famously scouted that one), Pena, Herrera, Nemane and John. One success in there of four is horrendous.

The pressure on Allen in January to delivery good signings is massive. Do so, and he will justify his position.

Otherwise he might as well leave because frankly he is a waste of a wage.


  1. hopeless hopefully we clear about 8 out in january ,i would have thought .moult ,mlean and walker were certs for us as cost penniess ,there decent players ,would also go for mginn we need to start ruffling a few feathers up here .

  2. The only good thing about the moult situation is that he wont be playing against us,a big loss we slept again with this one, the directors or scouts we have obviously don't know a player when they see one,and right under their noses as well,i for one would have loved to have seen a moult/morelos partnership up front a few goals there methinks, ahhhwell.

  3. I hear what you say.However how about this story I picked up in Johannesburg today( yes Johannesburg). King is being investigated re his handling of takeover. He has had an offer for his shares from a huge new investor. The new investor did not want McInnes.Hence delay and making McInnes feel unwanted. No new players can be signed till we have a new manager regardless of what you say about Allen. Signing Mould for example might land us with player new manager doesn’t want. Regardless of DOF choosing players he would be stupid to do so without talking to manager. When DOF chooses player manager doesn’t fancy the manager freezes player out. It happens. I am not defending Allen. We just don’t know. I am in Cape Town tomorrow and will check with Bears there!

  4. It was only in October that Mark Allen put the new scouting team in place:

    "Andy Scoulding as chief scout, with the Englishman previously working at clubs such as Liverpool, Fulham and Valencia.

    And Bomber Brown, a legendary Rangers figure who starred in the club’s march to Nine In A Row, will head up scouting in the UK." (Daily Record)

    Some of the drivel written on this site is shameful and not constructive in the least – if anything it is the scouts you should be aiming your anger at as it is their job to put option on the table for Mark Allen to get over the line!

  5. And who appointed Allen? And Caixinha?
    It is Graeme Murty and good fortune that has saved the Board from their own naivety.
    Millions lost on spectators from the bench and 18 and 19 year olds thrown into the cauldron and winning four in a row when they cannot yet be match fit.
    Talk about a baptism of fire for the young lads. They are the future of Rangers, I just wish the fans would realise how young they are and Bates and Barjonas need games to get up to speed. We are asking a lot from these young boys and we have to show patience and encouragement.

  6. Is this not a further sign that there is no money? I would suggest that is also the reason why there is no new manager.

    I warned that king was giving empty promises to get by the AGM.

    Mr king prove me wrong, I would be delighted if you did.

    • He cant prove your wrong mate… He is a parasite and not fit for purpose. The quicker the fans get this "Rangers men" mentality running things out there head the better…. Much prefer to have people who are competent and know what they are doing running our club than "incompetent Rangers men".
      Oh and not having a liar at the helm would help too!!

  7. The clock is ticking not only for mark Allen but for the entire board. With each passing day. They become to the support increasingly incompetent. So if there are no quality singing coming in b4 the end of this transfer window. (WE RIOT)

  8. I don't get this! How does anybody know that we were even interested in Moult. Mark Allen is being castigated for not taking action when he might not have been interested in signing Moult in the first place.

    • Robbie Wilson. You are spot on.

      Sorry guys. You must be running out of ideas on ENTHUSING fans.

      Hiws about Graeme Murtys figjt against all odds

      The Guy has changed our season from utter shite to mmm. Could we?

    • Yes, agree with you Robbie, Mark Allen needs a chance in the January and summer windows at least before we judge. Time will tell!

  9. Good grief the lack of patience is unreal. 6 months is not enough time to set up a full system and get that system to start producing.

  10. It's high time we understand what our director of football does for his money as far as I can see nothing he is probably the reason we are still searching for a manager now we a loosing key players to lower league oppositions what does that say about molts ambition though to go from scotish premier league to championship who are likely to achieve nothing time dave king relieves mark Allen of his responsibilities before we loose other key personel to lesser opposition or worse our oldest rivals don't forget they want Lewis Morgan from St mirren johe mginn from hibs as a club we deserve to be served better it would seek he only wants to bring in players he has delt with if he had his way we would have ended up with either Alan pardew or Steve McCLaren come on Dave sort it out before the fans turn on you

    • Can I ask what you base your reasoning on blaming Allen for the managerial position and the reason for losing players to lower league teams??

  11. Unbelievable levels of negativity and gloom.
    Just get behind the bloody team, from players to tea lady. They're all trying their best for our club and all they get is sniping.

    I'm sticking to watching my boys now. Looking to share Rangers chat online is like working for the fucking Samaritans.

    Catch you all on 55.

  12. This site prints some decent articles but it unfortunately lets itself down with the utter pish thats been printed above.
    Moult, Walker McClean etc are all decent player and would no doubt do a job for Rangers, but they are fan scouted choices as well as the previous managers choices, the same guy that spunked 11million quid on what we currently have.
    If our club is ever going to have any sort of longevity and lasting success it needs to fundamently change they way we have previously been operating and its going to require paitence from the fans.
    Paintence for the new scouting and recruitment system to bed in so the correct player can be identified, players with the skills and attributes that can fit into and play within a developed philosophy and playing style.
    Paintence With the implementation of a playing style and philosophy that is implemented from the academy to the first team.
    Paitence so that we hire the right manager that buys into our playing philosophy.
    We cant afford to tear everything up and start again everyime we get a new manager, there has to be a playing style and philosophy the club is based on, one that revolves around a solid defensive base,attacking football and possession with purpose.
    Youth development has to be at the core of everything we do from now on.
    We all want to stop 10 in a row, but its not that important in the grand scheme of things, setting the foundations for years of continued succes is far more important and it will require PAITENCE.

  13. Doug well said.

    Until someone points out the job on a page for a DOF then how can we judge? Ift he DOF signs players then does that give the new manager a bye…if a new manager signs duds is the DOF worthless? I think ibrox noise has to compare results against kpis. Honestly ffs get behind ur players. I never believed murty was a manager but isnt this where we ask walter to help him MAKE his own decisions. Bring some tough legends back in. Most of all im sick of the board leaving us fans as target practice if they dont pay a bill.

  14. Ok lets face facts. How do we 'lose' a player we dont have? A player who we know is a thug but if played for us would be physical….nonsense.
    We are now in this media loop of oooh this persons good we should sign him….moult mclean walker etc….might be decent but our standards are slipping.
    Ffs everyones laughing at us cos we cannot appoint a manager and whoever put out that response about McInnes should be sacked.

  15. You are going on like Louis Moult is the best player in Scotland. Everyone calm down. As proven by wins over Aberdeen and Hibs, with plenty of injuries, we have a decent squad. We don't need to be wasting money on more squad players. 3 or 4 first 11 players would be a much wiser way to spend the money. As it would be to invest it on a manager.

    Mark Allen has put together a scouting network and is instrumental in developing the training and youth facilities.

    With respects to player recruitment his job is not to select the players. It is to provide a list of potential targets for where the manager sees necessary to invest. And also to provide a list of our academy players who will fill those roles to ensure we are not wasting money.

    Look I'm not saying he is doing a good or bad job. But he is judged by a board who will determine if he is worth his wage.

    • Nobody is saying moult is the best player in the league but he is up there,when u play against him u know u have been in a game,good target man strong in the air and on the deck and scores goals aka mark hately,what were trying to say here is that there are players out of contract we could have for not a lot of money, how much have we spent on the mexicans.

  16. Boys, we need to give a big shout out to GM! He’s done a great job with the players we have right now. Decent man and we are in second place (Europa at least). If however Mark Allen has targeted and is able to sign some players better than what we have in the window, I’m sure being the gentleman that GM is he would be all over a new manager. I’m not against GM as manager as he doing a stellar job with the boys. Go Gers!

  17. We are entitled to our opinion we need to see some progress on reviving in the club to be able to get behind them. If king has not got the available funds we need to seek investment to improve the team and the club I'm sorry I don't have faith in murty that everyone else has he changes the team far to often which contributed to us loosing to hamilton I'd rather have bomber brown in charge till the end of the season .

  18. Allan Gloster Wyatt, i agree in part with your reply to MarkD87.

    All are entitled to an opinion, and Mr MarkD87, in my opinion has glued it.

    Whereby, in my humble opinion, you have 'slightly' missed the required criteria for SUPPORT of a team you 'love'?

    Can i call you AGW? Thanks AGW, you don't sit on the plopplop pan and create a list of Essential Criteria and once all boxes have been ticked, dust off that goid old scarf, barely worn and sit back in your armchair and ask your Carer if she can please turn the football on.
    That's a football critic. A fussy one at that, not taking into consideration , well, the recent past. Oh yeah, and reality.

    No No AWG, not that Reality. That's a Bruce Forsyth programme, he's with the late bait, Soggy Sands, Pan Breed.

    That covers your first errr, grumble , I diddley D AWG.

    You don't want Graeme Murty. Cool. That's your opinion, your both entitled to your opinions, GAW. AWG. A cup of fucking T

    Ho diddley D
    A cup.of fucking Tea

    Mr, I moved Rangers up grom 4th to 2nd in 6 weeks, MURTY

    Winning 4 on the Bounce. Thus Far MURTY

    Half the team came from Breed Heed. He flunked

    Half the team came from Blaxing Saddles, Pedrozoomers Revenge.

    He didn't heed no stinking badges.

    GRAEME MURTY. Has been LISTENING quietly to fans , CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. If valid fully or in part, utilised said CC, AWG, where appropriate.

    He has succeeded where others, including Sir Alisdair McCoist, failed. Quietly.

    He has NOT been persuaded by the Bullshit of if you're nearer Gods age than Billy McKays and you have a foreign Numb de Plumb.

    No GRAEME MURTY The Silent Assessor, has tried out different ideas, tactics,formations, unused assets (youth) and by Jimminy Cricket GAW, what a BREATH if FRESH AIR.

    No, not brilliant or even Semi Brillo to watch.

    No. Not all tactics or players have worked YET.

    But "i will tell you this Boy"

    It's so much BETTER

    No guarantee for 'Proven' players to go straight back into the next starting line up. Hence, no inspiration or aspirations
    The TEAM has to work to get back in.
    A CHALLENGE for NY Place? Oh oh. Must do better or go to Nottm Forest oh oh fuck that.

    Merry Christmas ABC

  19. How the hell do we know or not know what Mark Allen has or has not done or tried to do? How do we know he wasnt told to leave him? How do we know Moult hadnt already knocked us back? How can we pick Mark Allen out as not doing his job?
    What we DO KNOW is that the board itself hasnt got a clue? Broken promises! Act like idiots! Incompetent! Remember they hired Mark Allen, so if he is crap they are responsible. They hired Pedro! They made the bollocks of the McInnes pursuit. Want me to go on?
    The quicker us bears take off the blue nose specs and see that the "rangers men" running our club are not fit for purpose and start aiming there rifles at the real, overall problem the better!!

  20. Graham Cathcart. Your contribution is more quantifiable and logical than the original question

    'Rangers Men' are they?

    I was slaughtered by 2 'Bears' and i am not sorry, i use the term Bear very very loosely for
    1. Craig Houston
    2. Chris Graham.

    At the time we were AT OUR LOWEST. 2012. There was justifiably angst among all Glasgow Rangers fans.
    Angry exchanges followed never ending theory after theory among thousands, 10s of thousands of Good Worried Rangers supporters.

    For whatever reason, apart from self gratification and vanity, instead of Unity amongst us all to have some group take our concerns to the then hierarchy at The Big Hoose. We ended up with Rangers First plus half a dizen others.
    2 of which had 2 Head Boys Houston and Graham.

    Like yourselves, many including me asked simple questions of these '???' as many wanted answers as to 1. why a boycott by fans at an important away game was benefiting the team/club/paying public
    2. Who elected YOU
    3. You don't represent US. Why are you on STV telling everyone you do?
    4. Why don't your fans groups combine with RangersFirst to have better synchronization and strength in numbers plus UNITED Fans.?

    Most of us were and still are blocked by these Chaps.

    I personally was blocked because i asked of
    1. Houston. 'You posted you are thinking about standing as a Locally Elected Member (Councillor, not Tadger -member)
    What makes you qualified apart from you wouldn't answer your constituents?" Blocked
    2. Graham. I asked why he continues to talk/meet with those in place at Ibrox and NOT ask the questions and return with answers your Fans Group are wabting answered? And
    You're in it for you and you alone. Aren't you?

    The latter Kwiss Toffer ended up inside the Big House. THANK FUCK he lasted a few days as an OFFICIAL Rangers employee.
    Is this an example of Rangers Men at ground level?

    How nany Murrays is it possible for the likes of Craig and Chris to persuade fans to vote to run our Club.
    The current incumbent Paul 2 time Murray. Along with David 2 time King fucked up along with Sir Ironside tge first time and we are where we are because if the whole stinking lot.
    I remember the crowds of really fantastic rangers fans. All ages, all 3 sexes, differing ethnic groupings believing, many probably STILL believing that these 2 RANGERS MEN will pull out all the stops, find or fund all the hundreds of millions over the course to put us back to the top.
    BEFORE 10 in a Row.

    I wonder if we had a poll when Portuguese Pedro was in situ

    Will Your Glesga Cousins get 10 in a row?
    Yes or No.

    With non blue tinted honesty. What would YOUR ANSWER be?

    Personally, i would have said Pre GRAEME MURTY. I love my Club. But i was not confident.

    On 3 fronts.

    Pedro was/is a TIT. No control of the dressing room.
    No tactics of note
    Filled the squad with extras from Pancho Villa. The Sequel.
    Had a terrible disciplinary process. 'I don't like you. LOANED OUT.
    Most of all. The shitest press conference preparation since Well. Craug Houston and Chris Graham lol.

    King? Honestly? I think he wants his £18,000,000 balance back.

    We would have benefited more with Kennedy and Graeme Souness. Or the American chap Miller opinion.

    The ONE thing that MIGHT persuade me that King/Murray have a clue and give a toss is Appoint Graeme Murty as Manager.

    The difference FROM THE SAME PLAYERS from 4/5th 6 weeks ago, to dreaming of being 2 TWO points behind the twats across the pond (clyde) is something i never saw coming as fast

    January could help

    We'll see

    That's my ink finished.

    Could go a chicken supper

  21. How can you possibly blame Mark Allen for losing out on Moult?? He always stated he wanted to return down south for family reasons and had no intention of signing a contract up here with anyone. I know from guys involved in Motherwell that there was an offer on the table from Rangers since last summer for Moult. Give Allen a change. We already have a new scouting department in place and our youth teams are now playing against the best talent in Europe. Who do you think organised that??

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