Celtic in prime slot to steal two of Rangers’ big transfer targets


Reports this morning claim Celtic are in pole position to nab two of Rangers’ big January transfer targets, targets which would definitely be an enhancement to Rangers’ squad.

We discussed in a previous entry how Rangers were in danger of missing out of all four big January targets (Walker and McLean) but this morning Celtic appear to have stepped up their interest in St Mirren’s Lewis Morgan and Motherwell’s Louis Moult.

Both were significantly on ex-manager Pedro Caixinha’s radar, and the speculation surrounding them has remained firm, but with Celtic having the financial muscle and Champions League qualifiers (and possibly group stage) to boast of, Rangers will have their work cut out to convince either of them to switch to Govan instead.

Naturally any negotiations have the carrot of a much stronger chance of first team football at Ibrox than at Parkhead, plus likely entrance to Europa League qualifiers, but equally Rangers do not have a manager in place to give a prospective player their vision for the future, which is usually standard practise in player transfers.

Hopefully Rangers have someone in place by early January so that players like Moult and Morgan can be persuaded by them, otherwise there is a very real possibility these two may be seduced by Celtic’s position instead.


  1. Money talks in football. An extra 100 quid a week took Brown to Celtic when Rangers were after him too.
    We must give our young lads their chance. No other option. The boat should be pushed out for Moult. But sadly I think we had our only chance in July and missed it.
    Plus McKay is now a top performer in the Championship. Sold for peanuts.
    Something far, far wrong at Ibrox.
    Clear out required on and of the pitch.

    • No question money talks. But we must live within our means.I disagree re McKay. I have watched Forest a few times this year. He was nothing special. But board must back manager. We don’t know what went on behind scenes in summer. January two years ago Warburton was given money. We are still bearing cost. Same in summer with Pedro. Finishing 2nd is what it is about this season. I worry more about Hibs than Aberdeen. Pointless buying players for sake of it.

    • Moult is the error of many player errors this season.

      McKay SHOULD have gone, because he wanted to But what a giveaway price.

      BUT immediately that £500k should have gone to buy Moult and Cadden.

      King ?? Not for me. I DO NOT TRUST HIM or MURRAY

  2. A fair article and I can’t disagree with what is written, however there are point to ponder over. With all probability we will end up signing McLean and Walker for free at the end of the season or for a nominal fee at the winter break. Both Hearts and Aberdeen would have to be stupid not to let both players go cheaply rather than no fee at all.
    The other two targets are different, with both Moult and Morgan on the Rangers radar. Both players have this scenario to consider; Moult might get a bigger wage packet but become a squad player if he decides to go to the east end of Glasgow or come to us for a smaller salary, but be almost guaranteed of a first team place. Similarly, Morgan would be unlikely to be even considered to be included in their first team squad at all and end up as another Scott Allan or Christie, currently at Aberdeen.
    The whole situation might be totally debunked as it is highly unlikely that any player would be bought or sold in the forthcoming transfer window, unless a new manager has been appointed in that time or Murty I say given sanction to do so, which unfortunately renders the article null and boil.

    • Unless he's hiding something, McLean looked amateur against us. Not to mention he put in dirty tackles not many Bluenoses would against childhood heroes

  3. King may know how to balance the books and manage business interests but he obviously does not know how to manage a football club. He really should step aside and appoint a first class director to manage RFC.

  4. Another 2 players that would sit in celtic reserves just to prevent rangers getting them. They would at least have a chance at Rangers, just look what happened to scott alan.

    • Took the words out of my pie supper.

      NOT better than what Celtic have. THUS i don't want either if we are to beat those better players

  5. Moult wouldn't get a game for the unwashed. I would love to see them being put under a bit of pressure. We would be a least 5 points in front if we hadn't lost or drawn with the diddy teams.

    • Why do we keep saying these players wouldn’t get a game for Celtic but we are happy to put them in our 1st team. Are we trying to compete with them or are we happy to play second fiddle to an average team.

  6. Its high time we stopped crying over what happened during the summer we sold our soul cheap its time we looked forward and forget about the player whose heart was not in rangers if he had the club in his heart he would still be their we must keep our youngsters However it maybe time to let some others to go for the sake of youth . We also need to get a manager who will work with our director of football we need someone who knows Scotish football I would be inclined to stick with former players of the club ie Barry, Stuart, Gino, Dick Advocat , Gramme souness OR King Walter its high time the support were asked who they want to manage the team this time .

    • Ferguson would be rotten. Advocat and Souness need money to do anything.

      Walter… Walter is a fossil who needs money. You want to be ambitious? Go out and get Alex Neil.

    • look Spaceghost you may think Fergie is rotten but any manager who comes in to ibrox right now will need money to sort the team out what has neil achieved nothing with Hamilton and even less with Norwich Walter may be a Fosil in your eyes but the team need stability and winning week in week out and not with a manager who keeps changing the team for every match murty is a short term fix to a longterm problem we need investors to help to resolve the problem as we stand at the moment we wont get a credible manager so opting for one you no is as good as its going to get i would say bring back ally but id be shot down for that so you tell me the solution be realistic

    • Seriously? Allan Gloster Wyatt .

      Can you imagine it.

      Hardhat Houston… Ahm gawna hae a boycoat coz i miss ma buddy Andy Holliday

      Kwiss 'i wiz oannra board fur nearly 3 minutes' Gwayum

      'Houston, you are a pwoblem' 'i want better spoken men than that, Bearsden Bears whawhawha' annat

      Seriously though, come THAT day we'd need a fixed free poll every game to satisfy the paying public.

      Btw. When did the Blue Order or Other mob actually create an atmosphere at Ibrox.

      Apart from the obvious, Thier fucking lazy, the players will never get a lift from that crowd today.

      Can of course be justifiably debated tgat the crowd will sing when then team play well. And GM has stepped results up for sure.

      But come on. That support is bordering on the farcical

      Not nice to hear Troops. But true nonetheless

    • Btw Anyone really old like me.

      Remember the atmosphere at home v Dynamo Kiev?

      We HAD to win 2-0. We're playing Kiev ffs. No chance.

      But in the coldest most dreech night, midweek, straight after listening to customers do yer tits in, starving no time for dinner, traffic horrendous, glesga Kaffliks council closed all main roads ciz the papes disny qualify. B U T.

      The SUPPORT fucking deafening and determined NOT to give up and not to let thier team think they have.

      Rangers shagged thier Russuan hats off thier vodka infested nappers and the whole team said??? It WAS THAT SUPPORT not us that beat them.

      Compare it to the greeting face glory hinters of today

      Not nice to hear

      But true

      Youtube the kiev game and turn up the volume. Your neighbours will call Noisebusters

      Play a recording of the games a
      Pre the Murty Magnificent Marauders and the same people will chap yer door tp make sure you're alright. Kinda silent annat naw

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