Are Rangers ready for Tony Pulis?


The increasing speculation surrounding ex-Stoke boss Tony Pulis only intensified recently when he gushed about how great and big Rangers are.

The 59-year old former Crystal Palace manager is currently out of work having suffered a dismal spell at West Brom, but Rangers fans seem intrigued at the notion of him as manager.

And apparently it is a mutual admiration society:

“Rangers is massive. That is one of the great clubs of British football, one of the great clubs.”

Pulis pulling no punches with his praise of Rangers, and it has led to imaginations wandering at the chances of him taking the reins in Govan.

Do we want him? He is a well-known organiser of modest resources and has an incredibly solid track record with teams in the top flight of English football, while having gained a high level of respect in the sport.

If Rangers need one thing, it is a better deployment of the resources we have, and a better organised squad.

That record at West Brom though is a huge stain on his managerial record, but it is worth pointing out the side still have not won in six even since Alan Pardew took over.

Another note of caution is Pulis’ own admiration of Rangers – he points out how huge we are, but alas in his managerial career no club he has managed has ever come close to how massive Rangers are, and whether he could handle the pressure of the expectation to win every match and challenge for titles rather than staving off relegation with modest sized teams is another matter.

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  1. I think u are forgetting something,pulis has been working in the toughest league in the world and he's done ok,the spl are not on the same planet as that league,i don't think that guy would suffer any prima donna's or shirkers in his sides, and we have plenty of them playing for us now.

  2. Surely not Tony Pulis. We will never catch Celtic with him as manager. What has he won? I would rather have McLeish than Pulis. But I still would give it to Murty till the end of the season.

    • McLeish clearly isn't being considered otherwise would have been approached (mind you never know with our board).

      Pulis has kept palace, West Brom and stoke in EPL where otherwise they would have got relegated. His team's are solid and organises- but we should not be blind to the fact both stoke and West Brom fans did not like his style of football.

      Personally I think he is best candidate mentioned so far but I have serious doubts his interest will remain after speaking to our board. The chaos and lack of cash will put him off.

    • I take it u never watched that debacle on saturday if murty is there to the end of the season we will end up in the middle of the league,and you will be playing to empty stands into the bargain.

    • I am not sure we would never catch Celtic with him. In my mind Celtic have been poor last 5 or 6 years. But look at what they have had to compete with. Rangers , relegated Disgracefully. Hearts relegated following poor ownership, Hibs relegated unluckily, Dundee Utd. Relegated. Only Aberdeen sort of competing. Can’t blame Celtic but look at them in Europe. Useless. But our ambition must be to get into Champions league and compete. Celtic were torn apart yesterday. I am sure Pulis would see us take them on. I feel board are trying to plan 2and3 years ahead. But who s owould be such a coach. I don’t know. It’s good that Hearts and Hibs are doing better. If we want to be successful in Europe we need proper completion at home. To have Only Celtic to worry about is not healthy. I have a mate who is a Celtic fan. He tore up his 5 season tickets when Rangers were relegated. The Rangers match was only one worth watching. He was right. Celtic games for last six years have been boring beyond belief. So maybe Pulis is short term answer. But Club is being built root and branch. Our players are average. But so are Celtics. Olly/ c calls it well.

    • I think he would do an amazing job for us though I doubt we could afford him. Managing in the spl is a massive down grade that I would liken to Scott sinclair. The spl is just too easy for a player of his quality but the English premier league is just too hard though he showed glimpses when he was younger. Tony pulis would find managing in Scotland easy compared to west Brom. He would need to win the league in 2 years though or his reputation would be tarnished.

  3. Pulis Manager and Murty assistant…. Pulis to put us on a firm foundation and teach Murty the ropes. Then Murty to replace him in due course…. McLeish… He would be almost my last choice lol

    • Agree 100% with everything you say, particularly concerning McLeish. I wouldn't touch him with the proverbial barge pole!

  4. We need a manager it's not fair on Murty to manage the current crop, Pulis would at least be able to work the market and has his contacts in football, King & DOF must be held responsible for the wows & players

  5. This looks like a knee jerk reaction. After recent results and consistent inconsistency we absolutely need someone to sort out the shirkers and Pulis would do that, as would McLeish. I'm sure he would secure second place, as would McLeish. Could he take us any further? I personally doubt it. Plus he has a reputation for playing awful football though some will argue and agree that winning football is better than losing football. The truth is every candidate mentioned, including McInnes, is flawed in some way and at some point we are going to have to take a gamble on someone and get behind him. Sad thing is they are there for the taking and we are currently not in a position to do so.

  6. Our board aint got a clue how to run this club, I feel sorry for Murty having to step up into that role again with players not worthy of wearing the shirt.

    We need a tactician onboard who can operate in the January transfer window & turn this club around, DeBoer now to prepare a team ready to gun ceptic down next season.

  7. i would take tony pulis in a heartbeat, a man who has worked wonders with lower teams in the premier league in england, keeping stoke an wba comfortably in the league is no mean feat, my only concern is that you can’t entice a man like pulis and then tie his hands behind his back, he will have contacts all over the english leagues and be able to entice experienced professionals to the club, i am sick of us going to england and loaning players who are no where near first team level, has been bringing players like nemane up and paying his wages been good business? i fear the pulis story has been leaked to try and appease fans that are sick to the back teeth of the tripe we are watching, are the board good enough or rich enough to lead us?? i fear not!

  8. I but give him a year with 2 years extension option, 2 windows should find out if he's up to it, as it's been said we could do with him as soon as possible as Murty is not the answer, he's a development coach no more no less.
    We need a tactically better coach and real soon!!

  9. To get rangers back up there at the top , I think Tony's pulis would be a good manager yes he has been in one of the best leagues in the world. And he had man unit man city Chelsea Liverpool arsenal. He would be good be good for us .

  10. Pullis is a very decent shout. All his teams have been very organised – something we have lacked since Walter's days. He also doesn't suffer fools gladly: again something Messrs McCoist etc failed miserably at. I also take issue with the view that he failed at WBA. The results since Pardew replaced have been worse! In fact, in virtually every case, every manager who has followed him has not improved the team's fortunes. A case could be made that Hughes has done better at Stokebut again I would debate that. Of course, whilst the logic suggests Rangers should go or Pullis (and the fans, I believe, would endorse the appointment) our board will to absolutely nothing to seal yo Pullis and he'll end up back in the Premiership with a club he'll once again save from relegation! For Gods sake King, go get him……

  11. Can't make up my mind on this. We could definitely use his defensive organisation but is he capable of winning the title? The question should be is…Is Tony Pulis ready for Rangers? Ps don't be surprised if he ends up at Swansea!

  12. He’ll be in a league with a team capable of challenging at the top. A luxury he has never had before. I’d take him tomorrow

  13. Try and remember what big Brenda won before going to the soap dodging scum, absolute nothing, l would take Pullis in a heartbeat, McLeish will never be considered and only time he will be in Ibrox is when a stand in pundit, we all know Murty is doing his best but not a manager that the players fear like Uncle Walter or Souness, the board is the blame and have to go, King is a joke

  14. His track record suggests he goes in and reorganises a team and gets very quick improvements. After two seasons he struggles to take them to the next level and decline sets in.

    He's exactly what we need and even if it's only a season or two, he'd have us tough to beat and competitive again. I just hope the board put a young assistant in next to him so he can be groomed to take over (Murty or Fergie would be my shout)

  15. It looks to me like another mug is coming who plays his football like next week will do i hope its not him,he will not cope here i just know this.

  16. We are clearly a team tha has lost its way! We need someone who can come in and really sort out the defence tragedy that is Glasgow Rangers! Build a decent base wit a manager who has done that in arguably the best league in world with a number of different teams. Yes he has not won something – but name a rangers or celtic manager in the recent past that has won something in PL. If we could attract those winning managers we would have a 100mil + budget which is never going to happen. Time to be realistic and Tony Pulis is a good manager. Build a strong spine and hen bring in someone who can add that little bit extra – but we need someone to sort out this mess!

  17. So we're all settling for second-best again. We've already got a second-best team and want to compound it still with an also-ran who starts off brightly and ends up in the same position we are in today. Wake up Ger's fans. Being desperate doesn't mean we must appoint a manager at all cost. The right one will appear with patience.

  18. We need him asap EPL the toughest league in the world and he's the go to guy if you're struggling we are we need to act now and get him before another EPL club come and get him to save them.after a couple transfer Windows we would catch the manky mob there nothing special have never played with the pressure pulis would put them under we are the biggest club in Britain we need to star acting like it again

  19. Pullis wold be a great appointment. His sides are hard to beat and well organised.
    If we were hard to beat and organised we would be top of the league just now.
    Yes his teams don't play the most attractive football but neither did Sir Walter's.
    This club needs to win every week end of.

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