Are Rangers preparing sensational return of Scotland international?

Are Rangers preparing sensational return of Scotland international?

So here we go again! Another transfer window and the name Steven Naismith crops up.

Last time around, there was debate on here and elsewhere over whether Rangers could or would sign up ‘the deserters’. Norwich were disposing of Kyle Lafferty and Steven Whittaker’s services, and in conjunction with Naismith’s plaudits about Rangers there was much conversation about whether Rangers were interested in this trio.

As it turned out, of course, Lafferty went to Hearts and Whittaker to Hibs, but Naismith remained at Carrow Road and has now made it clear he is looking for a departure given his opportunities at the club have dwindled to very few under new manager Daniel Farke.

This time rather than being vague about coming back to Ibrox, Naismith could not have been more explicit that he wants to make the move north to Govan, and the truth is Rangers are in such a bad way that a great amount of the animosity towards his diabolical departure has frankly gone.

He said of the idea:

“I wouldn’t say I have unfinished business with Rangers because we were successful and won a lot of trophies when I was there. Unfortunately, the way I left wasn’t great. I still watch all their games on TV and still speak to all the players and staff I know at the club. I love hearing how things are going. I still support Rangers and I want them to do well. Moving forward, coming back to Scotland there would be clubs I’d prefer to play with. Fortunately, when I come back to Scotland it’s not going to be about finances. It’ll be about what I think is the right fit for me. That’ll be the main thing. First of all, you need people at the clubs to want you and you need to see what options are available. A return to Rangers would appeal. I’ve spoken in the past about Kilmarnock and Rangers and being appreciative for what they did for me as a player. I would look at those clubs and see if they were options to start with.”

Do we at Ibrox Noise want him back? Yes. Simple as that. He is far better than any option we have in attack, and we know exactly what he can bring. He is still at an age where he can offer a great deal, and we are too old and ugly to give a damn about his stupid, ill-advised mistakes of the past.

We disliked him intensely once, but things change. We just do not care any more. We want the best Rangers we can get, and Eduardo Herrera and Josh Windass just do not cut it.

Naismith understands this club – he knows the pressure and expectation, and while there are some in the support who will never forgive or forget, we are overlooking either emotion.

We have got to a point where our Rangers are so bad that we need the best players we can get. If Naismith can give us more than we have, and he surely will, it is a deal we must seriously consider.

If it does happen, we would appeal to his detractors in the support, once upon a time including ourselves, to be bigger than that and support him as a Ranger and support him for the good of the club.

But it would have to happen first.

And we hope it does.

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  1. would be an excellent signing. knows the club, works hard, still has a bit of pace and can play anywhere across the forward line. get him signed!

  2. Simple as this NO now fuk off U RAT U have made your bed lay in it.
    Wouldn't have him anywhere near the club even if we were paid 1M to take him back.
    Would rather have Neil Lennon at the club than a traitor!!!

  3. If he is intent in coming back to scotland, then it should be to us . Time to move on from all that bitter and twisted pish .
    Other fans don't seem to have the silly small mindedness we seem to have when it comes to players and managers . The boy's a bluenose ffs. Get it done Rangers forgive and forget and move on.

    • No Cares that naismith left. What people care about is him leaving for nothing. After all the injuries we nursed him through, he shafted us. Steve Davies signed on and left for 400k. A pittance but we got something, that's a bluenose. Naismith might offer us something in the short term but he is massively injury prone and I fear we will be paying his hospital bills again.

  4. He was playing the Killie card too in what was reported. Are we supposed to share him now that he’s finished at Norwich?
    Is there a fitness issue causing his lack of games? It would leave a really bad taste in my mouth because of the way he left but I might have my arm twisted if he came back on a pay per game basis with King paying him.

  5. Now if it came to Neil Lennon or Steven Naismith there is only one choice and for anyone to even contemplate Lennon anywhere near us is insane Naismith is better than a lot of the crap we have just now Another player we should look at bringing back is Emmerson Hyndman at Bournemouth he is surplus to requirements there just now and is the type of midfield play maker we are crying out for

  6. Like you I am not one for traitors. I am not the forgiving kind, but if there was a way of him helping us, then I would consider it.
    It would have to be a pay as you play deal. He has had injuries and is out of form. People saying he is better than we have got are thinking of the old Naismith, not the current one. So his wages would have to reflect the fact that he is coming here to "do us a favour" and "repay a debt", not "boost a pension"
    Given all that, I could swallow my revulsion if it helped the club.
    But I will never forgive or forget.
    Cannot and will never be considered in the same breathe as those who stayed like Jig or Wallace, or those who did the decent thing like the Americans and Romanians FFS who owed us nothing but did the right thing. Or McCoist who proved to be a shit manager, but at least he stood up when we needed him
    Naismith had time and space to decide to be a hero. He chose money, he chose cowardice. Like those named above, he will never be forgotten. But not for the same reasons.

  7. He's said he made a mistake and he's been saying it for years now. It takes a big character (and certainly bigger than most of those at the club at the present time) to admit when you've got it wrong.
    So what's the problem?

  8. Would definitely have him back asap please, we need to move on from the past and bring players who know the club and what it means to be successful and I would also like to say to fellow gers fans that we need to stick together as once again we have another ex sceptic player wanting titles stripped and he even mentions 2 last day league deciders….Helicopters Forever… Get Over It ��

    watp ������������

  9. I'd take him back no problem. We took Kenny Miller back after he played for Celtic and look how much he helped us. I know Naismith turned his back on us but that was years ago and anything that'll help us is a good thing, surely.

  10. Naismith would be an excellent signing: end off! Not only does he know the club, the demands the fans make but, skill-wise he is still able to play in many positions – although my preference would be as a a number 10 behind Morelos. He's only 31 and, in a couple of years, perhaps sooner, I can see him playing the same deep lying role that Rooney is now relishing at Everton. Please Rangers get off your butt and do the deal!!!

  11. EVERY single player that DESERTED us in 2012 can fuk off, I don't care what anyone says on here I shall never forgive nor forget and I have moved on, in the same breath the RAT PACK are the past.

    Get the ex Swansea manager paraded Friday afternoon, he defo will challenge Brenda.
    Board don't fuk about he's by far the best since Pedro moved on🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  12. You's should all be a shamed with yourselves. What happened to the principles that this club were built on?”I’m not leaving Rangers,I’m leaving Sevco”That’s what he said when he left. I know we are struggling at the moment but come on guys. This is a guy who will sit in the stand more than be on the pitch. We don’t need another expensive dud like Dorrans or Alves. Let’s get some young scottish talent in like Morgan or Walker. Next thing you’s will all be wanting Scott Allen back too. Hypocrites!!

    • Jim.
      I'm with U, get a new manager with plent top young talent like McCorie along with a few QUALITY old heads to keep them on the path.
      Onward & Upwards》》》》》⚽️🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧⚽️

  13. If the best John Brown and our new scouting department can come up with is a player who is injury prone, left under a cloud and has been issuing come and get me pleas for months then that is a worry. I Certainly dont wont him back but understand why some supporters do when you watch some of the crop of players.
    All I would say is watch That press conference again and tell me he deserves a return?

  14. He will want top buck some thing he could not get any more down south but if he comes then ok,i get that same old feeling that when we put down £plenty money then the Selltic are going put down even more they are watching our ever move more so than ever.

  15. He's the wrong side of 30 so has no sell on value, also he is now quite injury prone. We may get a decent season or 2 out of him, however, if we need to pay a transfer fee we should look else where for someone younger with sell on value. I'd also like us to have him on a pay as you play, he did state that it wasn't about money and that he has made his millions.

  16. Robbie Williams 😀😀😀🎅🎅🎅🎉🎉🎉🌴🌴🌴🎄🎄🎄 Merry Christmas

    There are much better than The Ratpack anyway.


    Watch this space

  17. Brian.
    Wish I had Williams money mate.
    I there's people inside Ibrox hurting the club and there that thick they don't even know it, that's fuking worse!!

    Sorry for the rant mate I will never forgive them.

    Merry Christmas to U & UR family also pal, hopefully UR pressie will come against the soap dodgers 😎🇬🇧

  18. Who to Sign
    J.Walker, L.Morgan, K. McLean & J.McGinn
    & A Striker and A Keeper

    Who We Should Have Signed
    L. Moult!

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