Absolute farce as McInnes says ‘no thanks’…

Absolute farce as McInnes says ‘no thanks’…

So Derek McInnes will NOT now become the new Rangers manager.

All those sources claiming it was a done deal look very silly indeed, arguably including ourselves, albeit we went with assumption rather than believing based on information we had received.

To say Rangers’ managerial hunt has now officially collapsed into absolute chaos is the understatement of the year and the board, having put all their eggs into the McInnes basket, now find themselves in a bit of a pickle.

Readers will know McInnes was not our first choice – we went on record to say that, but would support him anyway – but we can honestly say we are pleased he will not be the manager.

We are just horrified at how comically embarrassingly this shambles has played out. Rangers’ board rather ill-advisedly played this one through the media, and it has come back to bite them as their poster boy turned them down.

Now whoever we get is second choice, and is aware the board did not want them as the prime candidate.

For the record, we still want Tommy Wright, Neil McCann or Michael O’Neill, but right now Alex McLeish and Graeme Murty are the top two favourites.

And guess what – we do not have a bloody clue what is coming next.

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  1. Its time to forget mcinnes his loss the club isn't right for him if he can't walk away from the dons rangers need the next manager gives 100% to the club and by that I mean putting the club first I don't think murty is the right choice as permanent we need someone who has the club in their blood get Walter back out of retirement or bring in Tony pulis with barry Ferguson as his number 2 but don't give murty the job full time he keeps chopping and changing his line up to often we need a winning team
    Which is settled with our best players that are on form not favorites we need a team fighting for each other come on boys .

  2. I never wanted DM. He has found his level with a provincial club. No doubt he will live to regret his decision. What a chance he had to become a legend but instead is happy to be second best.

  3. Question number 1. Derek, are you able to work with a Director of Football? Answer: No. Ok interview over. Move along. Nothing to see here. We are changing people.

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