“A Big Mac and a bloody nose please”


 Article by: Richard, for Ibrox Noise

David Bates came in after months of not playing and did so well replacing Alves at short notice that he picked up the champagne as man of the match playing centre back throughout the game. Well done young Bates!

Murty gave McInnes a double bloody nose with two fabulous wins in a row winning both matches in a week with excellent attacking play and decent defending by our players. Now that we have caught up and overtaken Aberdeen, let’s keep it that way by winning three in a row for the first time in a long time.

I took some criticism by suggesting trying young David Bates in the holding role playing beside McCrorie, but to be honest, I didn’t think it was a daft idea, especially the way he played yesterday. Sometimes you have to think out of the box to gain success. Holt has loads of energy, but let’s face facts, he cannot tackle a fish supper and his passing is never accurate enough for me.

I thought the effort was excellent, but the passing at times was pitiful. Every man stuck to his job and did it to the best of their ability. Ryan Jack would have been Rangers’ man of the match if he hadn’t been red carded for an unlucky but honest tackle that injured May and forced him to go off after some treatment.

It was a hugely important six pointer game for us that was exciting, littered with niggly bookings and full of poor passing by both sides. Aberdeen are a very ordinary team who are clearly nowhere near good enough to challenge Celtic for the title.

Wes Foderingham should have saved Aberdeen’s very well taken free kick to bring the game back to a dangerous situation at 1 – 2, as he got a full hand to the ball but didn’t push it away. I still say he is too small to be a Rangers goalkeeper at 6’ 1” – not in this day of age – when all good sides have a very tall keeper.

Furthermore, Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea plus other big English Premiership teams play with three at the back and they are head and shoulders above us. I keep harping on that we are not good enough defenders to only play with two centre backs. We continue to be vulnerable at corners and free kicks because we don’t have enough tall players currently in our team.

Windass scored the eventual match winner and it was his fourth goal in the last six games to fully merit his starting place in the team but Carlos Pena was back to looking awfully slow at Pittodrie. Miller didn’t have his best match, but he works so hard filling spaces and helping the team perform.

Let’s enjoy being in second place and hopefully putting some distance between ourselves and Aberdeen.


  1. I agree with 3 at the back. you could argue that murty's new formation allows for that adaptability. mccrorie could easily step back into defence to become 3 at the back with Tav and John making it 4/5 across the middle depending on who's up front. I would personally like to see Murty get more games to see if he can keep this working, look how well a change in formation worked for Chelsea last season. unfortunately we're now likely to get a new gaffer who will start trying out their own ideas, that would have been good a few weeks ago, but now? the team looks in a lot better place, do we want to rock this boat?

  2. Some of the players getting stick Like Bates and Windass has been terrible. Bates came out of the youth team and straight away was getting slated. Think the fans need to be a bit more patient. This season has been a stinker but we could be 2nd during Xmas and think most of us would have taken than in the summer.

  3. Brilliant 2 results now we need to kick on, I prey to God it's not McInnes that gets the nod, IMO he's not much better than Pedro ffs!!
    Barry all over the papers edging for a job, no thanks to that also!!
    Going in the right direction just get the Manager nailed on!!

  4. Ryan Jack did not merit red card. Straight forward played ball. Ref looking for excuse to send him off. No doubt to get revenge for his mates having seen Jack having 2 reds rescinded already this season. SFA unlikely to rescind this one for political reasons. They won’t want to upset refs again. Refs have their egos to protect.

    • The boy is a clown Alan Calder,He went in to hurt Stevie May,Anyone who has played the game knows that Jack's tackle was dangerous and could have broken Mays leg.Its not the 70's Alan.

    • Have to agree Alan. Willie Collum gave the beggars a penalty against motherwell to protect their unbeaten run and sent off Jack to let aberdeen back into the game. Collums intent to send off Jack was on the cards when he gave a stern talking to earlier in the game for nothing! He was itching for Jack to put in a tackle to send him off!
      Rangers will always play against 12 players in every game this season!

    • Big Jim 1872 away and don’t give me that shite! You don’t rate Jack at all do you? Pretty certain it was you that said he’s pish and isn’t Rangers class yes? Also saying that the Lego eater Brown has had him in his back pocket every time they’ve played yeh.. 4 red cards and 2 of those have been turned over as shit calls.. May pulled out and as he realised he wasn’t winning the ball ffs.. By that time Jack was committed in the tackle to late to pull out and even more so why should he ? Selective memories for you I think mate! Souness was no shrinking violet Steaua Bucharest ring any bells? Neil Simpson we all know how that panned out yet you say Jack is a dirty player… Aye right 😂😂

  5. Really solid performance yesterday , Jack was correctly sent off for endangering his opponent , not that he meant it at all as it began as a fair challenge which Mair did not enter into. Until then he was the best man on the park. Young Mc Corrie was superb again he is going to be a great Ranger and a Great Captain one day. Pena for me has had his chance he is totally unfit . It would be better to play Kranjaar than Pena. Fotheringham is a liability … we need a more solid keeper one who commands. Well done Murty and JJ Thank You. Aberdeen are a poor team with no cohesion or class. As for the manager unfortunately I can see only McInnes ( not my choice) as the No 1 candidate. Dave King said British and currently in a Job … so let's see, but we need that appointment now when we have the momentum to perhaps get a little closer to putting us back where we belong … WATP GSTQ