£3.5M bid submitted for Rangers’ forward?

£3.5M bid submitted for Rangers’ forward?

Breaking reports tonight have claimed that English sides are circling around Rangers’ winger Josh Windass and a bid has been submitted already for his services.

As yet the courting club has not been identified, but there are claims Windass’ escape clause in his contract has been met with a £3.5M figure, which, if true, suggests the attacker will be the first to leave come next month.

Unless, that is, Graeme Murty sees him as vital enough that the board can afford to reject any bid for him.

Even if the alleged release clause is met, the player still has to want to leave, and in Windass’ case, assuming the target club is enticing enough, it is likely he would, if his father’s claims about abuse from the Govan stands towards his son is anything to go by.

The ex Accrington man has never really lived up to the expectation around him, and Rangers fans probably would not be heartbroken to see him leave.

We will see if there is legs in this story, folks.

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  1. well if anyone out there wants to pay £3.5M for Windass we should (a) check the local nuthouses to see if anyone has escaped; and (b) if not, tell them it's Buy One Get One Free and give them Herrera as well.

    • As MANY who SUPPORT our players have said, it's time Rangers Fans, especially at IBROX stop embarrassing themselves.

      Windass AND Murty have endured disgusting abuse.

      I don't know how the hell ANYONE expects any player or coach to bounce with confidence and pride in our Club if the FANS
      1. Bombard them with more abuse than opposition fans do
      2. Don't know how to create an atmosphere any better than grounds like Third Lanark.
      Yes. Its a cemetery

      Fucking intimidated?

      Opposition NAW

      Yer Own Team? AYE

  2. The treatment he has had from the nasty section of the support shames the club.

    Lots of pathetic losers who have achieved nothing in life giving abuse to a player for trying his best.

    Criticism is one thing, this lad has had outright abuse.

    I wish we could get rid of these people as their spiteful childishness is a constant embarrassment to all decent rangers fans.

    Be supporters, the players are an average bunch they need help not heckling

    If you must make spiteful comments save it for King who is bleeding club dry.

  3. As a winger, he is not good enough. In the hole behind one or two strikers, he is very good.
    But if this story has legs and he wants to go, then I think we can replace him and turn a profit. Which has to be our aim for the foreseeable future

  4. If there's any truth that any club wants to pay us £3.5million for josh windass,then we must sell him!Simple as that!!I can't believe for a minute that we would get that fee for windass!!Superb if true!He has to be sold for that sort of dough!!

  5. Winger? Really? Expectation – he was signed from Accrington Stanley, not Atletico Madrid, so how much expectation could there have been? The reality seems to be that a manager saw a player in the lower reaches of the EFL who he felt might have been good enough to do a job in the SPL. After all, it's a tried and tested route for the English lads in recent years. He's got talent but to date, lacks consistency – that said, his latest manager realises he isn't a winger, has played him offf the number 9 and he has had his most productive spell at the club. If that has been enough to generate the alleged bid, then a business decision needs to be made that doesn't weaken the squad or the finances…….

  6. E-chef, well said. The abuse Josh has taken is embarrassing and disgraceful, he's NOT a winger yet is mostly always played there. Put him behind the striker(s) and he is a decent player. At least he always tries his heart out and puts in a decent shift – how many of our players can we say that about this season?

  7. OMG who's going to pay that for Windass I'm not having that it can't be true, If it is how much for Tavi 8M!??
    More intrested in who were trying to sign, not long now window open soon.
    Mark Allan over to U big man, got a mate from Manchester and he says UR the real deal, need 2 cracking windows out of U!!!!

  8. Another site is saying Wigan have tabled a £200,000 bid so one of the stories is nonsense. I know which one I believe. Windass is not up to it. He has been better recently and is a decent squad player but nowhere near enough to be a Rangers first team starter. That's not abuse, that's a fact. He's being paid a lot of money for very little return so we are entitled to question him. Mind you there are plenty of others doing equally bad or worse who are on the gravy train – Hodson, Pena, Herrera being 3 of the worst players I've ever seen in Rangers shirts

    • Hodson one of the worst players I have ever seen full stop he's pish,
      WTF were we thinking even looking at him never mind handing him a fuking pen!!!

  9. No one will meet that price for him,he is a good player playing in Scotland for the top team but the going price for players not playing and scoring in Europe is around £1 million to £1.5 million i say snap it up if true.

  10. One report says £3.5 million – another this morning says we have rejected a bid of £200,000 from Wigan. The latter seems more likely. Why would any potential buyer start the bidding at £3.5 million. For me Windass has potential but lacks consistency, and maybe just the belief to wear the Rangers jersey. If we can push the price to anything from £1m upwards we should sell.

  11. Your having a laugh or on something…3.5m for him..save the best joke of the year right at the end of it��������

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