Who is actually running Rangers?


Since the days of Martin Bain (remember him) Rangers have not actually had a functioning CEO.

Many seem to believe Managing Director Stewart Robertson is Rangers’ CEO these days, but not only is he not actually on Rangers’ main board, and absolutely not Rangers’ CEO in any capacity, he also has no executive power over it either (it must be remembered only one executive director exists in any capacity at Ibrox, and that is the chairman, Dave King).

Robertson is MD of the Limited side of the club, and more than a few mentions of him have cropped up in recent days, specifically his absolute silence since fanfaring Pedro Caixinha earlier this year as the ‘outstanding choice’ of the candidates to replace then-manager departed, Mark Warburton.

Since then, Rangers’ MD has been conspicuous by his complete absence, with no interviews or apparent statements to reassure fans, not only during Caixinha’s ill-fated regime, but following his dismissal either.

It was not a particularly understood appointment either; Robertson’s, that is. A former Motherwell director, Robertson’s CV is essentially investment consultancy and a brief spell on the SPFL board in 2010.

For this man to be given the reins at Ibrox was certainly puzzling, given he was not experienced at a level anyone could consider akin to the pressure of delivering at Ibrox, but he was installed as the ‘boss’ in Govan, without actually having executive power over the plc board.

And since this managerial debacle has dominated headlines, as Rangers’ representative, he has been 100% absent and delivered nothing publicly. He has not put his head on the chopping block in the slightest, electing instead to keep a low profile.

Naturally, Thursday’s AGM will force him to put his head above the parapet and that will make for interesting viewing, and maybe, just maybe, he can explain just why Pedro Caixinha was an ‘outstanding candidate’ while telling us we are going to appoint a half decent manager to replace him.

It is sad that the most public figure during the past month has been Graeme Murty – a youth coach who has been cut a great deal of slack. Even managing to get some goodwill towards getting the job earlier on, he is now very much a figure of sympathy, as fans are clearly aware the guy is out his depth and trying to cope.

This very much reminds yours truly of Ally McCoist essentially representing Rangers single handedly in 2012 during our dark, dark days. He had the great Sandy for company but sadly we lost him too soon and it was left to McCoist to cop all the flak and represent the club and the fans.

Murty is, on a lesser level, having to do the same, and it really is not fair on him.

It is frankly ludicrous how little the board has actually delivered in terms of transparency, communication, and general interaction with the fanbase.

And that begins with Robertson, whose job is supposed to be the day to day running of the club.

Instead we used to get King in on his horse, trolling Scottish football with gallery-pleasing bluster before sauntering back off to South Africa. Now we do not even get that.

But at the end of the day, these guys are the custodians for now, whether we like it or not.

And we pray this dire current debacle is turned around soon.


  1. There is so much silence coming from Ibrox its almost as if they are building up for some bombshell to be dropped at the AGM. things cannot go on as they are so with only 2 days away will there be something dramatic to come out of the AGM?
    All the work to loosen Sports Direct grip on the merchandise was done behind the scenes with no one knowing.
    who knows, maybe i am just getting desperate and clinging to a minute shred of light, Thursday will tell.

    • Me thinks thursday will be the day the fans will be asked to stump up more money and will be told the soft loans need paid back before the new year starts,i hope i am wrong,and that they tell us who our new man manager is and that every thing is ticking along as it should be i would be happy then.

  2. There seems to be a bit of contradiction in the article.
    If Stewart Robertson actually is in place without the power to perform the role normally afforded such a position is the question for the AGM not why this happened and whoever decided such explain why?
    So basically King has one more question to answer.
    This may be how things were done in a pay the right person business environment in SA but does not cut it in the UK.
    Reckon half the problem is King still thinks along such business practices as being normal.
    Curious to know if King ever actually run a functioning profitable business in the UK? With proper scrutiny etc

  3. PS to my previous post despite all the transparency rhetoric the first thing King done was to remove the club from the stock exchange thus cutting out all the regulatory safeguards to protect investors(fans) such provides.

  4. We are all used to this shambles now let's be honest. All of us Rangers fans have had to deal with for years now is one joke after another. Trouble, trouble, trouble.

  5. Look first thing we must sort out its our club a club without fans is nothing,the fans bring in over over £20 million each year before a ball gets kicked from season tickets,we should know who is running the club and much more.

  6. Before mark Allen was appointed DOF.somebody at rangers was reponsible for recruitment and I think all fingers point to Robertson. Now we have a DOF surely he has to have at least 80% input on the next manager as part of his remit to oversee recruitment. And if that's not the case what's the point in having him there at all.

  7. it's sickens me to say it, but when you look back at how mc Cann turned them round despite being laughed at and watching lawell exploit is power for their benefit and compare it to what's happened to our great club it makes you realise how one club is being run by people who care and know how to and the other pretending to. struth would turn in his grave at these imposters as custodians.

  8. God knows why his time is coming to an end he can't maintain his performance he only seems to manage 1 game a month which is no use to us we need players who are able to perform 100% week in week out and if the players don't have the capacity to fight in every match when we fall behind shouldn't be at the club no matter who they are we have got to be first to every ball in every match the players must have belief in themselves and find that winning mentality as for the new manager who ever it maybe stamp your authority on the team right from the outset by dropping players who don't perform or don't want to be at the club and the board need to find finances for the club and the team we must start winning for the club and the fans and prospective investors and let's forget about the past once and for all.

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