What now for Rangers?


It does now seem the Graeme Murty honeymoon is over. The increasing support the Rangers academy coach got thanks to two fine wins and a two week break of not actually playing appears to have extinguished and the interim coach has significantly fallen away in the pecking order.

Quite honestly we are ok with this. There is a growing feeling had Rangers won yesterday and won well, Murty would have been a borderline stick on to get the job. And some fans might have been content with that. But what would such an appointment have said about Rangers’ ambition? It is no slight on Murty to argue he simply is not a Rangers manager. Until yesterday, he had been frankly outstanding as the caretaker, saying (more or less) the right things to the media and getting the results and even performances on the pitch.

But yesterday the goodwill probably ran out as a profligate Rangers failed to capitalise on chances created and the majority of players struggled to deliver anything like they had the previous two matches.

Jason Holt being booked inside half an hour showed the different feeling yesterday had over the previous Murty games; and while it was a Ross McCrorie error which led to the goal, it was not 0-1 Rangers lost by, it was 0-2.

Murty did not really have major reason to change it from the Partick win, but the selection of Lee Hodson at left back was a grave error. Regular readers will know we do like the Northern Irish international, but only at right back, and we know his limitations there too.

At left back? He has been mostly poor, and yesterday was no different. Now, many would argue Murty’s hands were tied – no Declan John (ill) or Lee Wallace (recovering from injury) but Myles Beerman could well have been an option to use, rather than Hodson who has shown repeatedly he struggles on the opposite flank.

And the stats from the match back up Rangers’ struggles. Outplayed by their supposedly inferior opposition, they had the minority of possession, and only managed four shots on target in the whole match. Hamilton only managed two, but guess what – both led to goals.

Murty also, and we do not like criticising the man, made a major morale blunder in his full time comments. On McCrorie all seems well when he said:

“He is a young player, and players make mistakes. I’m not going to castigate someone just for making one mistake – he needs to learn from it.”

Very fair and supportive initially. But then sadly he did castigate him in the comment immediately afterwards:

“I can’t believe he actually made that decision, but it’s a decision we have to move on with.”

Not the best comment to make about a young player – and this is the guy who is the youth coach?

We do have time for Murty, he stepped in and has steadied the ship but unfortunately he will be remembered as the coach who lost to Hamilton at Ibrox for the first time in a generation – and that is a bit unfair.

But we know now we need a real manager in. Unfortunately we have absolutely no idea who or when this will happen.

Are we wrong? Do you guys still want Murty? It was 58/42 in favour last time

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  1. After this weekends results what have we learned.

    1. Murty is a good guy who represents our club well but he's not the manager.

    2. McInnes has now lost twice to Motherwell – he not the man we need. Also he would cost at least £1m and another £1m in wages….seriously that would be stupid.
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    3. If we had a manger who knows Scottish football during the Pedro era we would have bought Moult and we would be in the cup final next weekend.

    4. Right now we need someone who can steady the ship and get us to 2nd, beat septic at least once this season and win us the Scottish cup. That man is Alex McLeish.

    5. Our board have broken their promise to be open and transparent as they are not informing us of what is going on at our club ….because they don't want the press to know! Really!

    6. The biggest concern our board appear to have no clear vision of how to take us forward. They have now thought their own incompetance created a situation that requires some radical thinking like David Holmes did when he appointed Souness. They are paying Rogers £2.5m a year…and he has banked them over £40m in CL money and won a treble. We are kidding ourselves if we think Derek McInnes can be that guy. I only put McLeish forward because right now he can stop the rot and steady the ship but we need some serious thinking outside the box. Yes money will be required but that's not our concern as fans, the board bought the business and invested and made a balls up so far, it's down to them to invest to save their initial investment.

    We need someone with vision at the helm like we have with David Holmes back in the day. The CEO doesn't seem up to it, Martin Bain ( only a suggestion as he is doing a good job, although he did try and hire McInnes ) should be brought back from Sunderland and given the power and authority to do what David Holmes did other wise we will see 10, 12, 14 …in a row.

  2. It's time for the board to either make a decision and find the cash to make it work, or for an open share issue so that outside investors can reshape the club.

    I have said for two years that this board has neither the cash nor the ideas to take this club forward.

    The defeat yesterday wasn't murtys fault but I hope it has put the nonsense calls to bed. We need an experienced manager with a strong vision.

    • How can they do a public share issue when not listed – it's an expensive process. Can't get listed because there is no NOMAD. Can't get a NOMAD because King is a convicted criminal.

      It'll take 10+ years to rebuild, but that can only start once King is away.

    • It's more than possible, King needs to step down then that problem is resolved.

      There will need to be other changes to meet standards of good financial governance- but we should welcome these.

      It's worth remembering that King has screwed over every fan that has bought shares as under current process they are effectively worthless.

      Disgusts me that the fans who blindly follow king ignore this.

    • Would try not to get too emotional over the share point mate. Remember, its not like we bought shares in the club itself.

  3. Murty was never a serious contender for the job. Maybe in 10 years time he will have the knowledge and experience to manage Rangers but to consider him for the job at this point in his career would have been just plain stupid. No disrespect to the guy and he has done himself proud on both occasions he's been thrown into the job but he's not nearly ready for such a big challenge. Hopefully he can play a big part in advising the next manager and making the transition period easier.

    It does piss me off how so many people can be so fickle on here though. Win a couple of games and our managers are geniuses, lose one and they become useless.

    And by the way we weren't outplayed by Hamilton yesterday, not even close to it. True the stats give them more possession, although it didn't feel like it but we had 17 shots to their 4 and a corner count of 13 to 0 in our favour doesn't add up to us being outplayed. Unfortunately though we were bettered in the one stat that counts.

  4. It's time for the board to either make a decision and find the cash to make it work, or for an open share issue so that outside investors can reshape the club.

    I have said for two years that this board has neither the cash nor the ideas to take this club forward.

    The defeat yesterday wasn't murtys fault but I hope it has put the nonsense calls to bed. We need an experienced manager with a strong vision.

    • The share scenario is a complicated one unfortunatley because Green and the other fuckers made themselves a lot of Money at the club's expense I include Mr McCoist in this All King and the three bears did was take the control back they and a couple of people in Hong Kong have loaned the club 15 Million interest free !!! We need an investor who will just invest ….nobody is there sorry !!!!! A share issue would raise cash but not be a forward plan The football needs to be fixed ..or the income will disappear.

    • Echef has always had axe to grind withe board especially King ..but without his money we would have been out of business again ….Get real please

    • Can't have a share issue without passing the resolution at next AGM. It narrowly failed twice now so hopefully 3rd time luck. Then some serious funds can be raised…spend it wisely…

    • …get real yourself Billb. No need to try to make it personal.

      A tactic employed by people who are too small minded to accept that other people have different views. How sad.

      You can go an cheer king while he bleeds the club dry and Celtic disappear over the horizon.

      How was the club any worse off under Ashley?

  5. I had wanted mcinnes but am now having 2nd thoughts. This appt will determime if 10iar happens & am now looking at cv of guys like mcleish GVB & prudhollme. Board must make a decision & start bein open with the fans. Get this wrong & board may not recover.

  6. We need owners who have serious cash to inject into the club. While I was delighted at the beginning that king and Co swept in and took control. It's clear now that there is no real serious money and vision from them. It's time for them to sell up and ship out.

  7. Feel this article is really negating towards murts and now even criticising his skills with the youth? It was ibrox noise that was pushing Murty forward asking the big question, "should he be the manager"? It's a clear no he's a youth coach yesterday we got caught out by poor finishing errors at the back and tactical naivety when chasing g the game, none of what's happened is really his fault but a core to the Gers team just aren't good enough simple as that, the team seem to control Rangers at the moment and not the manager. The board seem divided on the next appointment hence why there hasn't been an appointment yet. IMO the board are increasingly putting pressure on themselves I didn't want Pedro after the Warbs project didn't work and it looks like they're going down the same road again I fear this will set us back light-years!! Sorry not much positivity but Hamilton just beat us a 91 year record also still remembering g the defeats to Aberdeen and Sellick at Ibrox were all in pain and common sense is not prevailing!!

  8. totally agree with you about the comments he made about McCrorrie totally uncalled for he wasn't the only one miller referred to it as well poor call using a young guys mistake as an excuse for that team not being anywhere near good enough to wear the Rangers jersey never mind beating hammilton

  9. New manager coming in must bring in fire power, middle to front and wings is obviously not supplying the strikers aswell we must replace both wings with better quality windass not got the fight for a rangers player n candias for me is a good enough sub not a starter n up front wen yur main striker is firing blanks at rangers we shud b able to call on at least a couple more of equal quality but it's not ther, very poor player recruitment in the summer is costing us now better players for a lot less money wer available but Pedro chose his m8 n they are not good enough. Yur penas n Herreras shuda been loaned to us for a year with option to buy n if that cudnt b agreed it should have been left alone. The board made a massive mistake in selecting an Unknown manager n then letting him sign unknowing players, a wee bit of research wuda have seen that Pena liked benders n Herrera is not a proper striker so in my opinion the board will now need to carry the can n get wat we really need.


    Scottish businessman David Cunningham “Dave” King has an estimated net worth of $930 million (£600m); his wealth remains undisclosed. He was listed inside a South African very rich list in 2012. The South African based businessman is the chairman of Rangers International Football Club PLC, a holding company that owns and handle Rangers Football Club.

    Dave King has got plenty money stashed away the problem is getting him to splash it out, as it's been said he's forked out a fair bit this summer but the boards appointment was another massive mistake.
    King needs to appoint a De Boer/GVB type and hand him a £30m war chest or were fuked!
    Mr King time to visit the Kayman Islands if your heart is really in it!!

  11. Why Alex McLeish has not been paraded as the new manager is baffling! The guy wants the job, knows what it takes to manage Rangers, won't put up with any bullshit with either attitude or fitness levels and he would guarantee an improvement with no compensation to pay. The guy can manage this club no doubt… And instill the mindset required to be part of a Rangers team.
    Before anyone starts on his previous with regard to transfers etc…..yes there were a few failures but also some successes don't forget…. Mark Allen is expected to contribute to player recruitment???
    I know not everyone will agree but I for one would be delighted to see him back and to seeing and listening to someone with the xperience to turnaround this shambles. The squad we gave are more than capable of getting second and giving the unwashed a tougher test…watp

    • I agree 100% he would stop the rot. We would win on Friday and beat Aberdeen in at least one if not both matches. He is a totally safe pair of hand and I like you have no idea why these lunatics on the board gave Pedro ( every time I hear that name ) the job before McLiesh. If they had give him the job we would be in a cup final next week and Moult would be playing for Ranages.

  12. Think its time we addressed the real problem which is Dave king/board members,
    these guys are responsible/and its their duty to bring proper investment into the club and take us forward and if it doesn't happen soon then I'm afraid it will be 10 for Them and more!!!Am not going to slag any players/murty because we as Rangers fans already know that the club is too big for them and yes on paper/at Ibrox we should be beating Hamilton but realistically we have mediocre players just like them and other lower teams, its time for king/co to take us forward or get someone else in who will… Over to you Dave king
    PS. Am now going to watch Helicopter Sunday Again? �� Watp ������������

  13. Anyone wonder where we would be just now if Bill Miller wasn't told where to go by some fans with their "we don't want you here" banners. I bet in a MUCH better place than we are now??

  14. The simple answer to funding is to crowdfund via our global supported base and all put in 250.00 a piece, then our war chest is there, it is stupidity sitting and waiting for this board to cough up money and soft loans, they are old school, it doesnt work that way anymore, and there are far better ways for us as fans to create a war chest without giving others control, and to ultimately gain control and appoint the correct people on the right money to take us forward.As fans, we can crowdfund to buy players, and anything else we want to do, quite why no one is doing it or has put it forward as a suggestion to move the club forward is beyond my comprehension at least

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