What is going on at Ibrox?


As Rangers’ managerial hunt enters its 26th day, it is safe to say fans are more than a touch frustrated now with what appears to be a completely incoherent strategy, not to mention unwanted leaks.

Last night we thought we had good news with the emergence of Tommy Wright as third favourite; sure, the guy might not be everyone’s first pick, but he is a lot of fans’ preference and having him join Alex McLeish and Frank de Boer at the top of the pile was a welcome boost and appeared to be giving us options.

Unfortunately the day after, silence; except ex-winger Andrei Kanchelskis smearing Eck and tabloids claiming Bruno Alves and Graeme Murty had a bust up.

It is leading to a very disillusioned fanbase right now – in short, we do not know if we are coming or going.

The manager merry go round went ballistic in England this morning with about 25 names linked to the newly-vacant West Brom gig, including plenty of those linked to Ibrox including McInnes, Allardyce and Pearson, while other contenders like Michael O’Neill and Giovanni Van Bronckhorst rule themselves out either by actions or words.

It just all creates a sense of ‘where the hell are we going?’.

What kind of a Rangers are we trying to build right now? And can the board deliver one we recognise as proper Rangers standard?

There is an undeniable scepticism about the suits now – they did a good job to take control of the club back from those who were unsuitable, and the restoration of the retail department was an absolute plus, but many fans feel they have taken Rangers as far as they are capable of going with us.

We appear to be living off soft loans (apparently coming from King’s own shell group set up for Rangers) which is absolutely useless as a way to run a football club but then these guys took over from a board which did exactly the same thing – all the Easdales did was put in soft loans. Has much actually changed beyond the retail deal?

And after two horrendous post-2012 appointments in a row, there is a feeling of distrust that they are even able to get the right manager either.

And even if they manage the impossible and find him, it is yet another ‘rip up and start again’ – the fourth (Ally (2012), Warburton (2015), Pedro (2017), new guy (2018?) in five years.

It is no way to move forward and is not the Rangers we supporters deserve.

Where the heck do we go from here?

Your guess is as good as ours.


  1. No permanent manager will be appointed until the PCP purchase of NUFC is confirmed, the deal the board struck with Ashley was to make him look good as doing the right thing by the fans until a later date, do you really think he would have let rangers out that deal for nothing in return – think about it –

  2. Patience Required.

    I love how the Club are just completely ignoring all the pure drivel being spouted by the media, How would they look if they had responded to all that pish being aired??
    Silence is always deafening ask our Queen!!

    Bruno never fell out with nobody more pish by the media trying to blacken the name of our great club.

    When our new Manager is walking in the front door of Ibrox to sign his contract then and only then shall we know who for sure is filling the Hot seat.

    Just get it Nailed On 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  3. As public enemy once said ….Don't believe the hype!!
    I have some faith in our DOF, he comes from good stock and did a great job at Man City. We are not the heavy weight club we once were but we will get there….nobody said it's be easy!
    Most of the newspapers just need to sell copies. We have to make the best of the current situation and as fans challenge our board to rebuild this club. Stronger and Better learning from the past. These are difficult times it's not as if we are fighting off investors. Scottish football is not as attractive as it once was. I live in England now and all I hear is …its a one horse race! Currently it is but that will change because nothing stays the same! Chin up fellow Gers. The future looks red white and BLUE!!

  4. The most difficult part of ownership and management is recruitment. No intelligent person advertises that they have applied for a new job and no intelligent employer advertises who has applied. Until decision made.
    Re Bruno: If he refused to sit on bench then Murty lied. Both should then go. If he was fit he should have played. Playing a young guy( who already gave away a stupid penalty ) ahead of an expensive and much better player is also stupid by Murty. Whatever Murty is not a candidate.
    Re investment. Commercial deals are often confidential. The board may be restrained from telling us. I was in Ibrox shop a few weeks ago and guy running it told me Ashley is nothing like how press portray him. The correct way of funding Club is through shareholding. As I understand it Ashley sold shares to fan group. Board should now be in position to look for a share issue. But this is not time to do it. Next June seems like right time to me especially if we have manager in place and even better 2nd place secured. We should of course invest in a couple in January but if I am right next summer could be big leap forward. Board does not have it easy but losing in Luxenburg could never have been foreseen. And finally. Of course we want to encourage youngsters but: 1. 5-1 loss to Celtic started with young Beerman giving away stupid penalty. He and Bates were out their depth that day. 2. Loss in Luxembourg . Bates gave away 2nd goal. 3. Hamilton. McCrorie – another blunder.

  5. Not sure where the inference on Ashley is he will not reinvest in Rangers . Add far as the share issue it will happen but will not raise what we need …Plan going forward . New Kit Deal New Shirt Sponsor…Budget on what we can afford…Mark Allen Recruitment Plan …WATP

    • Mate.
      Wouldn't surprise me 1 little bit if he buys the club from King as soon as Ashley sells NUFC.
      As I've said before and it's been mentioned since,
      All very strange the way things wrapped up over the shirt deal.
      Strange One!!

  6. Ashley is getting out of football, he has now got a foothold in America with his retail business,sure he makes money from football kits etc,but players wages and transfer fees and agents cuts must eat into any money coming from retail. Ashley is no mug he knows when to move on and not getting his fingers burnt or hassle from money draining football clubs.

  7. Nothing changes Do Rangers ever do things the easy way, not as far back as i can remember, i am sure there is many things going on behind the big doors, whoever comes in as our manager we all have an opinion, i only hope we get it correct. And he takes the club forward on the pitch.

  8. Robert Mugabe is the latest name linked with the Ibrox hotseat following the termination of his contract in Zimbabwe. Installed as 3/1 joint 2nd favourite at some bookies….

  9. Cool down guys. The reason the board is taking their time is hopefully to get it right and not let down the fans expectations again.

    • Well if we do get a old over the hill manager then we going down this road for the last time with the board we have now,can we not pay aberdeen the money they want we get two players and manager for that money come on get him.

    • We have a team of good players and few who where great players but are just going over the hill,but so have about five or six other teams we play week in week out,and Selltic are only the best team of good players,now Blue Blue give me a team of great players then me you and many more could be there manager if they like you, great players look after them self and want to play and win every game with there team mates.

  10. Our size as a club and expectations are killing us . Due to the rest of scottish football being also rans apart from them our fan base can't accept being a also ran club .
    Had we progressed as expected and warbs been able to hold onto 2nd and then a decent manager being appointed instead of Pedro recruiting 2 or 3 players for the 12 million that has been wasted on the rubbish pedro bought we would be on course .poor crucial decisions are debilitating the club and halting progress, if the wrong choice is made again I don't think we will get back to the top again

    • Who was to say by the end of that season that warbs would not have got second and he may have followed it up this season and with £12 million to spend may have got a cup and only been three or five points off Selltic,all water under the bridge now,if we are going move forward we must do it as one,first thing we must do is let the next manager run down his contract there will be ups and downs but that is with players two we must sort out who we keep and who goes every year we must do that if a a player is not good for the team sell him three this is going take time we have wasted two seasons maybe more but we must understand we have not got £50 million for players and £12 million for there wages so instant change is not going happen we take our time lets set our sights on second and a cup or two for the next two seasons and then see how far we have come we can not keep sacking managers within six months.

  11. Rangers sellable assets £5m ,if we are lucky , Celtics sellable assets £70m ,Ibrox needs £15m of work needs done after years of neglect. Parkhead , I drive past it every night and it hurts me to say it is Scotlands best stadium by miles, Rangers turnover £31m , Celtics turnover £90m. Unless someone comes up with £100m we will be chasing second for the forseeable future

    • You find that with new managers but give him a two seasons then take his average you can not judge a new manager on a few games

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